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Ouch! And it hurts really bad!?
Okay. I am in the seventh grade, 12 3/4 in age. I am a little above average when it comes to eating healthy, and I exercise a lot. For the past couple of days, I've noticed a pain in the left side of my body right below my stomach area whenever i bend backwards or lie on my stomach. It kind of feels like it's pulling, like a muscle sore. But there are no muscles there, right? I'm worried about what is causing this. Could it be associated with my period (which by the way, is nearly over?) The pain has not lessened any or gotten more painful since it started. Any doctors out there, please help me! Thanks!

jared l
it's probably a tumor, thats how my horse fish died

try and see youre doctor they mite know you never know

Łive♫ Ł♥ve ♪ Łaugh☺ Łearn ♦ gr☼w
that sounds like your small intestine. maybe you have an ulcer or something. but, it could very possibly be your period too. if it is an ulcer, it will probably be a peptic one though. heres an article on ulcers: http://www.healthscout.com/ency/68/119/main.html

Music is for life
probably woman problems.
i was gonna say gas but then when you said stuff about muscles i kinda figured it was maybe a stomach cramp.

KATIE [anti jonas & cyrus]
12 and 3/4 LMFAO
just say 12
UHHHHMMMM, k how the f*ck are we supposed to know whats wrong with you... like seriously we dont have you right in front of us and not all of us are doctors.
so get your *** off the computer and go get actual help

Yes., there are muscles everywhere so you couldve pulled a muscle..

i had a pain in that spot the docter thought it was apendix but it ended up being a puss bubble that poped from stress

omg this happened to me too! when i was hiding from the nazzi's in fact. I had peter stick his hand in my butt and it completely fixed it. GOOD LUCK!

nancy d
its probably ure period, you'll be fine

Catastrophe Chynna.
the same thihng has happened to me. Im fourteen and exercise pretty much all the time. By time my period comes around my lower side begins to hurt super bad. I went to the doctor for this and they
couldnt figure out what was wrong. They gave me an ultra sound to look into my stomach but they didnt find anything. They just told me to take midol and or Tylenol. of course you may have something different but just wait until your period is over and see if it goes away. Then when you start your period back up the pain will come back. What I did to stop this was start taking birth control pills for fewer periods.

actually there ARE muscles there.

The pain could be muscular, or it could be cramping (possibly period related), or it could be gas. Since you're still young it could also possibly be growing pains.

If it gets worse or doesn't go away in a day or so you should go see a doctor.

i doubt it has to do with your period. there are muscles all over your body. most likely you pulled that muscle somehow and just have to wait it out untill it isnt achey any more. if you are seriously concerned, consult a doctor

Isa H
you didn't sleep right it will go away in 1-2 days.

i heard that it is quite important to eat sugar once in a while.

appendix, hernia, or cramps...do u drink enough water?

its probbly your period coming

If it still hurts in a couple of days, consult a doctor.

Yes, there are muscles there, and it could very well be a pulled muscle. Try taking a warm bath, or put a heating pad on it, along with some pain reliever. Does it feel like period cramps? Sometimes before/after your period your belly can feel kind of sore, if that dosent help, or clear up in a week or less, i would suggest going to your doctor, though it dosent sound very serious. Good luck!

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