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I <3 My Hamster Smokey!
Ok IM DEAD SCARED OF NEEDLES!!!!!! And i have to get a freakin tetnus shot next week. What can i use numb my ?
Arm? Or get rid of this deadly fear. Last time they tried to inject something i was screaming like hell and im pretty sure the whole hospital could hear me. They always inject stuff realllly hard I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!! Im going in for a physical. And im sooo scared I CANT STOP CRYING! HELLLPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Additional Details

u probably have a phobia for needles u should try to be around them more maybe ull stop being so scared

try oral jell (the stuff you use for mouth sours).

I used to be the same way and then I went into healthcare and we get "stuck" all the time. Try to relax and think of it as a bee sting or ant bite. If it truly is causing you to panic, maybe you could get them to use a topical to numb the area first. You might even try hypnosis to help get you over this fear, just a thought.

Think back. You'll realize that the actual feel of the shot is not anywhere near what you fear; it's all the anticipation. For me it works best NOT to fixate on it, although at the very last second you won't be able to help it. But focusing on how scared you are (to the point where you are posing this question) is not helping you, and it's hurting you because it will force you to keep your mind on the fear. You aren't going to find any "solutions" to your fear here... and solving this problem for yourself is not going to happen before next week. So just work on getting past this one... don't think about it until the very last second because it won't help. After you read this, delete your question!

Good luck!

ask for the shot somewhere else other than you arm IE. hip ; it usually doesn't hurt as much

- hooroo !

Mr. Mike
go get tattoo'd, that should conquer your fear of needles.

Use Emla. It is a topical anesthetic applied to the skin about 2 hours before a needle stick. You need a prescription for it. See the link for more info.

try these links



but most important of all, talk to your own doctor about it

*don't forget to vote me the best answer, o.k.

Skeptically cautious
Best way to cope is to learn to focus on something else. Much like you hear of women going through child birth. Breathe in through your mouth, out through your nose. Stay focused on something in the room and keep your mind thinking of something special...the beach, a nice experience, etc. It really does work with practice. This is a form of meditation. Breathe deep. The pain is really all in your head so you can control this with your thoughts.

I hate needles. I try to relax and then I ask the nurse to tell me when they are going to stick me so I don't tense up which makes it hurt even more and then I do not watch because it makes me kinda queasy.

Some people have a need to see the needle this see,s to lessen the suprise of when the injection occurs. I always just held my breath and grit my teeth when they gave me the shot.

just dont worry about needles, every has shots and people dont die from them. remember that when they inject stuff it keeps you healthy.

look the other direction when she does the shot. and make your arm as un-stiff as you can because that way it will be less sore afterwards

There is a product called Emla which is used by nurses in childrens hospitals when they have to kids a needle. It is a little patch which you stick to your skin where the injection is going to go. In this case, on your outer upper arm where the muscle is. You put the patch on about 10 minutes before you go into see the doctor. He removes the patch, and does the deed. You (honestly) will not feel anything. I give injections all the time, and always use Emla beforehand. My patients are elderly people, and they say they don't feel anything at all.
Using an iPod to help calm you is also a good idea for the mental aspect of the thing. Injection phobia is a normal fear, and I'd certainly agree that soothing music can help to get you calm, and "in the mood" to go into the surgery in the first place !

dont worry!
i was so scared of them too, but i got over my fear in like one day, what i did was...
i have three dog, they scratch me up all the time so thin of it just as a little scratch!!!!!
k well hope i helped!

first of all, calm down and relax.

second, get someone that u love to go with u, say a bf or family member.

third, u know wat a squidgy ball is? if u do, bring one of those and release all your pain into it instead of out your mouth and into people's ears.

fourth, pray. with God, anything's possible.

and fifth, don't worry. pain's nothin compared to actually dying.

i'm still scared of needles, but i learned that u should never look down at it. no matter wat. don't.

try closing your eyes and squeeze that squidgy ball until it turns to powder!! lol and try planning something fun after your checkup like going out to eat or seeing a movie afterwards.
u'll have that to look forward to once it's over ;)

~good luck and don't be scared! i'm right behind u!
stay strong til the very end ^^

Do not pulse your arm. Relax and try to bite your tongue while getting the shot. It hurts allot, but it'll probably work and it'll help you focus on your tongue rather than the shot.

Grow up!!!!!! It's a needle not a shotgun.

It is only a small needle that is only about .3mm diameter. Your fear is not based on reality, and you are creating more pain for yourself right now just thinking about it.

The main reason that your last shot hurt so much was because of you. Your fear caused your body to go into a fight/flight mode and your muscles contracted and increased your sense of pain.

You need to learn to relax. The pinch of a needle is very minor. Try to think of the pain that might be caused by a bullet that only wounds you. That would be a lot worse. Put your difficulties into proper perspective, because you are making a really big deal out of something that is so little when there are a lot of other things that are much worse.

Think positive thoughts, and don't think about the needle. The more you worry about it the worse it will become. Let the nurse know that you are nervous about needles, and ask them if they can be careful while injecting. Bring a parent or a friend and hold their hand, do not watch them poke you and just try to ignore the little pinch of the needle.

number 1 relax dont worry about it dont evan think about it this is how i think i dont like them either and i havta them use a 15 inch needle to drain fluid out so this is what i think it will only hurt for a minute and it will be over so count 1 2 3 owwwwwwwwww and its over the more u tense the worse it will hurt hope this helps

When you are about to get the needle, listen to your I pod or just plug your ears with some music you like and you won`t feel a thing...
Show how brave you can be...........
Physicals are nothing...Think about the woman that is having a baby and you`ll forget everything.................Ha! Ha!

Eva S
tetnis is really not as bad as every1 says it is is. the needle isnt that big and if u just dont look and ask them 2 do it fast then u really wont feel a thing. ur arm wil be a bit sore for a few days, but its not nearly as bad as every1 tells u it is. i just got it last week. trust me, its fine if u dont look and they do it fast. good luck! : )

I am also very fearful of needles. What I do when I get a shot is I close my eyes and squeeze my arm very tightly. I also try to engage in a conversation with someone to get my mind off of the needle.

First, get over the attitude. I think tetanus would hurt worse. Relax, close your eyes so you don't see the needle or the actual injection. Close your eyes and just go with it. The anticipation is worse than the actual shot. They inject the stuff really hard because you are fighting them and they are afraid you are going to jump and make it even worse.

I used to be scared.. Still am actually. Was scared for 35 years.

You just have to grin and bear it - thats all you can do.

There are so many things riskier and more challenging than needles - if you think about it. For example these things worse than a needle,
- walking on the street - always a risk of getting hit by something
- driving a car - risks of severe pain
- riding a bicycle - severe lasting pain can occur
- roller skating - broken bones
- swimming - shark can bite you
- baking - you can get 3rd degree burns
- eating - you can have a razor blade in an apple
- the list goes on

So, needles really pale by comparison. A needle is a short and predictable pain - lasts about 5 seconds. It feels weird when the chemicals go on, or the blood comes out - but all the things in the above list are much more painful if they occur.

Therefore, grin and bear it.

first of all let the nurse know that you are afraid they will take that in consideration. also tell them to let you know when they are about to give the shot and close your eyes and start saying your abc's believe it or not it takes your mind off of the situation

1. Don't watch - Don't pay any attention what so ever to the burse/doctor giving you the injection.
2. Drink or eat something sweet within 30mins prior to injection to keep sugar levels up and your body calm.
3. Take an ipod or Mp3 to keep you enertained and focused elsewhere.
4. Take a friend/family member to talk to you and keep you occupied and take your focus off the needle.

Have someone there to talk to you while the doctor is about to do it, or while you're visiting them. Than way you can focus on something else while it's happening.

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