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My hat is pimp!
My wife hit the side of her head & now getting very sluggish, do I left her go to bed, now?
Look before any ignorant mofo try to label me, no, I am not an abusive person.
I accently pushed my wife off the bed & she hit the side of her head pretty bad. I gave her 2 Tylenols & some kinda tea. But she's getting sleepy, but is it really safe to left someone, who just hit their head, fall sleep or is it a myth? I tried calling some people, but they don't know.
P.S. No, I rather not take her to a hospital.

well if i were you id be careful...ask her how she feels and if her head hurts.Tylenol may cause some sleepiness so id just ask her if i were you

if its bleeding alot apply pressure and if or its is swelling put ice. but not alot. try to relax her. and be nice that always helps

Your preference about not taking her to the hospital is out of place. You should do what is required of you and take good care of the woman. A head injury which is causing grogginess is cause for urgent concern. You need to get off your laurels and take her to emergency. Before getting defensive about the cause of the accident, focus on the solution. Quit the arrogance and get the woman medical help.

Jennifer R
I guess I am ignorant, but sounds like abuse to me, take her to the hospital and next time hit a punching bad, not her..........................


No one is say your an abusive person but, she should get checked out, You never know whats going on!!!! If you don't want to take her to the hospital then you should keep her awake for at leased 2 hours!!!!!!!! If she is not any better then you REALLY NEED TO TAKE HER TO THE ER!! There is a thing called the golden hour at the ER. This means with in an hour of a person getting hurt they should be seen by an MD, You just never know what is wrong with her!! I hope all goes well!!!!

diana w
NOOO dont let her fall asleep! she can get a cucusion!

you should wakee her up every hour. she might need to see a doctor! she could have a concussion

Start The Fire
Just call the hospital and ask them what to do, if it gets worse than bring her to the hospital, seriously why not take her to the hospital? Unless your insurance is stupid. But it might be bad so just talk to a doctor or nurse on the phone, you dont want your wife to become seriously brain damaged.

she may be concussed. If that is the case then do not let her go to bed! Couldn't tell you the science, but i've been there and the docters wouldnt let me sleep.

Jeff Wisdom

Spanky Gazpacho DW
Well the excess fluid putting pressure on her brain can send her into a coma, clot and ultimately result in her death.

I think hospital is appropriate because they can monitor her and release the pressure quickly if they have to.... and hey it is easier for you to explain away as an accident while she is still alive.

You probably should take her to the hospital, it could be a slight concussion in that case, it would be dangerous to let her go to sleep, it is not just a myth. It would not be wise to take this lightly especially if she hit it pretty hard

Good luck to you.

Okay well it is better to take her to the hospital, seriously what if its serious. But my best advice is to NOT let her go to sleep. She could have a concussion(or how ever it is spelt) and its not good to sleep while having one. It's not myth...don't let her sleep for at least 48 hours if you aint going to take her to teh hospital to give her a check up otherwise it would usually be 24 hours.

If she is tired she probably has a concussion...it doesn't matter how she got the concussion, you should probably take her into the hospital because depending on how hard she hit her head, there could be some internal issues or bleeding and that would be bad if that went without medical attention....

Evelyn D
sorry, but she needs to go to the hospital. and definitely do not let her go to sleep or give her any more meds

if she has a skull fracture or internal bleeding in her head, it could be fatal, even if it didn't seem like too bad of an injury

play it safe, you will get in more trouble if something serious developes and you didn't take her to the ER

take her to the hospital if she has a concussion and goes to bed she might not wake up

Kelly M
If it concerns you take her to the hospital. if she hit her head bad enough she may need to go to the doctor and which case she shuldnt be going to sleep.
And why so defensive before anyone even answered?

its not a myth, you need to take her to hospital, its not safe to let someone go to sleep with a head injury, especially if they are feeling sluggish and feeling the effect of hitting their head, if there is a possibility of concussion, sleep can lead to death

Dude, you need to take her to the hospital and get it checked out. She might have a concussion or something. Trust me, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Brandon R
listen if she had a cuncusion to the point where she shouldnt sleep she would have been puking her brains out and u wouldnt be able to stop her from sleeping. if she has a egg on her head then ice it, watch tv for lik an hour longer make sure she is still with it befor u go to bed and wake up like every hour to wake her and check on her. if its really bad though u might want to consider calling a help like or going to the hospital.

no offence dude not saying u whacked her but y would u rather not take her to the hospital i mean why take a chance if ur that worried about her u know.

good luck
not to be "that guy" but ive taken incredible hard shots to the head from ice, hard motocross impacts, night stand, baseball bat. and im still here and i have had plenty of concutions.

Austyn's Mommy
NO! It's not safe to let her go to sleep. She could have a concussion and to be honest she could have a internal bleeding in the skull. You need to seek some kind of medical help if she isn't getting better and DO NOT let her go to sleep!

‚ô• of Gold
but your only option is to take her to the hospital. Your wife may have a concusion, and if she does the last thing she needs to do is go to sleep and definitely do not give her anymore meds. why don't you want her to go to the hospital? if you are as worried as you seem then whatever it is, if you didn't hit her should come second to her health. if you did nothing wrong then there is no problem. do you have bad insurance or something? if you do then that still should not matter. your insurance problems should be the last thing on your mind. just take her to the hospital, to make sure it's nothing serious.

you used the word sluggish which indicates something thats not normal for that individual... anything that has to do with a head injury and something that's "not normal for the individual" should be examined by a doctor... there's a laundry list of possibles that could have outcomes of a bad headache or death if untreated... the call it yours..

keep her awake she may have a concussion

she shouldn't sleep because she may have an concussion and go into a coma.
Keep her up with a cold compress to her head.
call the ambulance plz!

Dont let her fall asleep, she'll slip into a coma and stay there for what could be a very long time, try to keep her up and ice the wound...no sleep...


hse should go to the ER - she has a concussion. she could DIE from that. or have a stroke. this is not time to be all "i don't want to take her to the hospital."

If you love her, and if you want her to not be an invalid, and you want her to live, you will get to an ER as fast as you can move.

Jelly Bean
You need to take her to the hospital because she sounds as if she has a concussion. Yes, it is dangerous for her to go to sleep with a head injury. The worst thing that can happen to her: a fractured skull/swelling of the brain or a blood clot forming in her brain which can become deadly.

you'd rather not??? excuse me, do you care about your wife??
anyway, don't let her go to sleep. if she has a concussion, then going to sleep could be fatal. KEEP HER AWAKE!!!!!

David M
The signs of a head injury can occur immediately or develop slowly over several hours. Even if the skull is not fractured, the brain can bang against the inside of the skull and be bruised. (This is called a concussion.) The head may look fine, but complications could result from bleeding inside the skull.

When encountering a person who just had a head injury, try to find out what happened. If he or she cannot tell you, look for clues and ask witnesses. In any serious head trauma, always assume the spinal cord is also injured.

The following symptoms suggest a more serious head injury -- other than a concussion or contusion -- and require emergency medical treatment:

Loss of consciousness, confusion, or drowsiness
Low breathing rate or drop in blood pressure
Fracture in the skull or face, facial bruising, swelling at the site of the injury, or scalp wound
Fluid drainage from nose, mouth, or ears (may be clear or bloody)
Severe headache
Initial improvement followed by worsening symptoms
Irritability (especially in children), personality changes, or unusual behavior
Restlessness, clumsiness, lack of coordination
Slurred speech or blurred vision
Inability to move one or more limbs
Stiff neck or vomiting
Pupil changes
Inability to hear, see, taste, or smell

Get medical help immediately if the person:

Becomes unusually drowsy
Develops a severe headache or stiff neck
Vomits more than once
Loses consciousness (even if brief)
Behaves abnormally

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