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i have a really bad sore throat, it hurts when i swallow...anyone know any quick remedies to help sooth it??...

My neck hurts really bad when i move my head!?
Im only 14, when i turn my head it hurts so bad! like a sharp shooting pain in my neck and down into my arm! i don know whats wrong, this just started!! what is wrong with my neck!

Did u try having it popped or if that doesnt work go into the doctor

you probably pulled something but see a doctor to be on the safe side.

ashazz :)
might sound stupid but you might just have slept funny on it :)

a hot beanie usually helps or if i carries on after 4 -5 days then go see a doctor :)

go see a doc or school nurse.

im the same age as you and having the same problem. i get a one of my friends to like message my shoulders so it relaxes me then try like rolling your head a tiny tiny bit in a circular motion.
it works for me for at least a little bit.
but yha...
try it i mean like it cant hurt to try it right?...

Its sounds like a pinched nerve. I had something similar once. I just had to go to the chiropractor to get a slight adjustment. You only need to go once. Ask your doctor.

take an advil and go lay down...if the pain persists until tomorrow, see a doctor

elsa t
Go to a doctor and find out. Could be nothing, but better safe than sorry

The Queen Bee
u should get that checked out

Megan D
see a doctor

James M
Possibly stained a muscle doing something.

Hot water will loosen it up.

Sit in a jacuzzi if you have one.

Jon Benjamin
Mine does too. and i hate it. I could be from sleeping on it wrong or u could be developing scoliosis, that is what i have. a chiropractor can fix it

You probably need to see a chiropractor, sometimes necks go out of place like backs, they can do an adjustment

ask your doctor. you probably just busted a nerve in your neck.
go to web MD, that could help you

Hannah W
maybe you slept on it wrong. I've down that before if so it should be better by tommorow but I'd tell my mom or dad just to be safe

i don't know but it happened to me to my parents moved my head kinda hard and it felt a little better just move your head side to side fast and try to ignore the pain.it felt real better in a couple of hours

hope i could help

stop s'ing D

Amber B
There's a few things it could be, and you should see your doctor, who will probably refer you to a physio. It could be a pinched nerve, or your vertebrae could've slipped slightly out of place or be locked up. You could be overly mobile, or using your neck in a bad way that causes strain, like always having you head turned to see the teacher in class or hunching over your computer screen.

you probably slept wrong causing a strain in your neck should get better.

well if it just started then you might not have that much of a problem it might just be the fact that you slept wrong. what you sayiing has happened to me before and it hurt like hell. but all you should do is try to by some cream like icehot or get a heating pad rom the nurse or you can buy one too.

if it still hurts tell your mom to rub it that really help cuz your muscles are probably just all tences up.

hope i helped

You probably slept wrong. Give it a day or 2 and if it doesn't get better go to the doctor!

syl c.
Sounds like you may have a pinched nerve in your neck pain radiating down your arm. Remember, the nerves in our neck control our arm and the feeling in the arms. Check with your dr and get a more definitive diagnosis and have the dr. run tests on your neck such as x-rays, MRI. Good luck.

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