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My left foot hurts when i walk on it and its been hurting for three days wat could be wrong?
nobody has stepped on it and i didnt hurt it.

For goodness sake consult your doctor! not the oracle!

if its hurting by the heel it cold be a spur, calcium deposit or somethin. you have insoles?...get some, especially if you're on yer feet all day. your arches migh be falling.depends on where it hurts

** i Am hiS giRL **
go to the doctor. I'm not trying to freak you out but with this bacteria called the flesh eating bacteria, people start of with a pain somewhere then their flesh slowly decays away

Sterling D W
this could be what is called a stress fracture...you don't necessary have to hurt it sometimes you just step wrong.. a simple x-ray will tell you if it is a stress fracture...see your doctor.

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