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 Do you suffer from cramp in your calves?
It's terrible so painful it's unbelieveable sometimes, a hot water bottle on the back of my leg worked last night but it's still twitching and trying to go in to spasm today, any ideas ...

 I hurt my ear with a q tip!?
I had it all the way down. the deepest it could go and then i forgot it was in there and accidently pushed it in. I'm nto sure if this is why but I feel dizzy nwo. this happened like 3 or 4 days ...

 I have been troubled with a pain for two days and would like to know if it requires medical attention.?
The pain is in an areaon the left side of my body (about 6 inches to the left of my belly button in a direct line, just below the rib cage). It feels like muscle pain as opposed to anything internal ...

 I've been drinking alot lately and now my stomach keeps hurting?
what could this be? should i be worried?
Additional Details
should i not drink tonight?...

 Headpains in a 16 year old?
Over the last couple of days i have been suffering from headaches. Every so often ill get what feels like a shooting pain in my head. It only lasts a second or two but will come on suddenly. Its ...

 Please tell me how to relief form constipation?

 I get a ton of headaches! what could this be from?
I get a lot of headaches. this week especially. i get tension headaches and migraines. I can usually tell the difference but this ones different then the both of them. my jaw started hurting when i ...

 what time do u get up in the morning?
me 5:30...

 why do I get cramps in my calf's after walking for 2 or 3 hours?
going on for some time ...

 Are you addicted to anythink?
Are you addicted to anything. or have you ever bin addicted to some ...

 I've got a terrible headache...?
I took a strong painkiller earlier but it hasn't helped in the slightest. I always get headaches like this when my period is due, a real thumping headache on the left side of my head that ...

 Which one hurts the most?
Which one hurts the most?
-Getting your eyebrows waxed
-Getting a shot
-Getting your ears pierced

Put them in order.
1)Hurts the most
2)In the middle<...

 What happens if you take to many tylenol.?

 Headaches. What's your cure?
I have migraines. They make me vomit, that "aura" of lights in my left eye, can't stand noise/smells/light. Have tried the strong pain meds but doctors are so reluctant to prescribe ...

 i sprained my ankle, does anyone know some good tips and things i should do?

 my calves hurt and i cant stand it!?
well i live in southern California and it ussualy isnt cold but lately it has been. well when i play baseball or excercise of any kind my calves will start to hurt i have no idea why..... the ...

I know I've already posted this, but I'm desperate.

My upper back (between my shoulder blades all the way to my mid back) is spasming. It's really painful, and I can't ...

 When I take deep breaths in my throat/chest hurts?
It's like it burns and hurts when i do it,It's in my whole chest and in my throat...what could it be?...

 what will happen if I chop up and sniff painkillers? this is a serious question?
I find myself in a bit of an addicted state and am wondering if sniffing these things is going to mess me up
Additional Details
I realize this is unhealthy and that I have a bit of a ...

 what is the worst pain youve ever been through?
im jus wandering what pain can really be, ive had pain like ive got shot in the hand and ive also accidentally cut myself REALLY deap but ive never had real bad pain. have you? was it physical or ...

My girlfriend is addicted to pain, anyway to pull her out of it?
We've only been together for at least 3 weeks and I know so much about my girlfriend. Such as her addiction to pain. Shes had a tough life and she would be considered by society as "emo". Shes been a self mutilator for 6 years straight now but has stopped for about 2 months because her parents took all of her razors and lighters away. I don't know what to do about it. Though she hasn't asked me to hurt her personally for her own pleasure I think I have contained her addiction by biting her on the neck when we fool around.

Any suggestions on how to keep this under control?

Btw were both 16.

spank her
start with the hand then use a hair brush or a crop

Dark_angel (:
get some ******* help

make her happy and encourage her. make sure she knows she has something good. encourage her to stop but dont be mean about it

[♥Cathy Lovee♥]丰
well she really needs professional help. talk it through with her and express your concern, and tell her it's not right to treat herself like that, no matter how tough her life has been. there's lots of online forums and support groups she can join, or she can call the kids help phone=)

she needs help imo.

rachael <3
wow. im so sorry to hear that. it sounds like it could be really serious.
i have no idea what you could do but i would suggest getting her professional help before something really bad happens...

Krystal M
You should never enable her in any way. It is like giving crack to and drug addict. You should maybe talk to her about actively seeing a counselor.

Tell her that "Everyone is gifted - but some people never open their package"

sean m
shes not hooked on pain its the endorphins and adrenaline shes hooked on internal drugs. dont let her have pain. its just like being addicted to alcahaul take it away and shell getused to not having it

bOw ♥ ChIcKa ♦ WoW ♣ wOw ♠
Boost her self esteem, even if it may seem like her self esteem is high it may not be. Compliment her a lot. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you like her personality, etc.

She has been emotionally hurt at a young age. She needs to feel pains because she needs to "feel" something, anything to make her feel alive.
This is a severe problem and can lead to death. She needs to see a therapist or psychiatrist that deals in such matters.

try to help her yourself since you may seem like the closest person to her right now since you said you know so much about her.
being addicted to pain isn't healthy,for the fact that she could do anything to induce pain.

tell her shes to beautiful to do that to her self

Squeezing ice cubes helps---
but being a little rough isn't bad---in moderation of course. Im sorry she has that problem.
But all you can do is be there for her. It is out of your control. I know, my friend suffers through the same issue. And trust me they don't get pleasure from it--they just want to feel anything, something. It very sad.

Well, you could tell her to grow up. You've been with this girl (not woman) for three weeks, you absolutely do not know anything about her other than what she tells you.

I suggest you find a new girlfriend, with more maturity.

I was emo until my life got a good lift by my GF try to SUPPORT her and keep her happy say good things to her about how she looks and give her a reason to have a good life and try to talk to her about it and why it is bad like how it can effect her and tell her it hearts you two and how it makes you feel.

Bob Marley's House Frau
If she's only 16 then she certainly must have had a rough childhood. I would say that you should meet her requests (or subtle suggestions) for pain infliction with sweet caresses and loving actions. It's a tough one my friend but stay strong and be kind.

She is getting a buzz/endorphin rush from the cutting and also she gets to be the center of attention "Look at me!! Im sad and emo. See me cut myself? Why arent you stopping me??.

Run. Get away from her. you dont need that crap

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