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My friend's had a pain in the neck ever since he got married, any ideas what could be the cause?

Additional Details
XOUT, isn't that a condition, usually found in people before marriage?

he went to the wrong wedding

He cannot go out like he used to, he's luvved up. Stop nagging him to be with the "lads".
He has a life now......OK, maybe won't last but he knows where you are- if you back off!!!

alex p
his wife?

Older Dad
I assume this is a serious question. Many things can cause the neck pain you describe, including sleeping on a new pillow, or in a different position. Does he/she work at or use a computer? Many times just repositioning the monitor or getting up and stretching can help. Ultimately your friend needs to start taking Motrin per label directions, doing some stretching exercises, and looking at what may be causing him/her stress in his or her life.

didn't know you had any freinds lol!!

His wife :))


Well it could be the wife, but most likely it's just stress and tension from the recent lifestyle change of getting married.

Orthodox Purushottam Kabra
Read my answer given to a friend who had neck pain for four months. If your friend can do it he may feel better, I hope.

It may be contagious. Does his wife have a pain in her ****?

honestly it coul dbe as simple as stress if it were the wife he would hav egotten the pain earlier like brfore he got married but the pressure that now he has a "family" to support not just himself might be whats triggering the pains in the neck just treat him or have him treat himself to a nice body massage

YES he shouldn't have married her

perhaps you could lend him some of your acupuncture 'pins'
it seems 2 work 4 you


The Wife, I bet he has an ear ache and empty wallet too.

lilian c
the wife????????????????????????????????????…

how long has he been married? it could be a pulled muscle in the next from being in bed with his wife like she rolled onto him or something. i dunno.

He doesn't have it bad YET.Wait till the pain goes elseware.

Mother in law ?

Could be from sleeping on a crappy pillow as well as everyday stress. Get a real pillow don't be cheap.

you answered your question, "married"!!! just kidding, maybe he pinched a nerve or just has bad muscle cramps, he should go to the doctor to have it checked out if he is really worried

The normal causes of a pain in the neck after getting married. (1) Well normally can be contributed to the fact that the female waits for the victim to fall a sleep. Then she carefully places her hands on the unknowing males forehead and places her knee's in his back and gently pulls back on the head. (2) The loving wife applies a choke hold on him while he sleeping. (3) It is caused by the over whelming stress of knowing that he has given up all freedoms, and is now bound for life to hell incarnate. There are a few other possible theories. Ones you can learn only by experience.

england 4ever
ha ha ha , nice one mate , my mate had the same problem , but seems to have got better since the missus ran off with the milk man , take care ....

the wife??

David B
Unless she's hot like Lou Jones it could be the wife. Most likely its the stress of going through such an emotional event.

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