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 I get a ton of headaches! what could this be from?
I get a lot of headaches. this week especially. i get tension headaches and migraines. I can usually tell the difference but this ones different then the both of them. my jaw started hurting when i ...

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me 5:30...

 why do I get cramps in my calf's after walking for 2 or 3 hours?
going on for some time ...

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Are you addicted to anything. or have you ever bin addicted to some ...

 I've got a terrible headache...?
I took a strong painkiller earlier but it hasn't helped in the slightest. I always get headaches like this when my period is due, a real thumping headache on the left side of my head that ...

 Which one hurts the most?
Which one hurts the most?
-Getting your eyebrows waxed
-Getting a shot
-Getting your ears pierced

Put them in order.
1)Hurts the most
2)In the middle<...

 What happens if you take to many tylenol.?

 Headaches. What's your cure?
I have migraines. They make me vomit, that "aura" of lights in my left eye, can't stand noise/smells/light. Have tried the strong pain meds but doctors are so reluctant to prescribe ...

 i sprained my ankle, does anyone know some good tips and things i should do?

 my calves hurt and i cant stand it!?
well i live in southern California and it ussualy isnt cold but lately it has been. well when i play baseball or excercise of any kind my calves will start to hurt i have no idea why..... the ...

I know I've already posted this, but I'm desperate.

My upper back (between my shoulder blades all the way to my mid back) is spasming. It's really painful, and I can't ...

 When I take deep breaths in my throat/chest hurts?
It's like it burns and hurts when i do it,It's in my whole chest and in my throat...what could it be?...

 what will happen if I chop up and sniff painkillers? this is a serious question?
I find myself in a bit of an addicted state and am wondering if sniffing these things is going to mess me up
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I realize this is unhealthy and that I have a bit of a ...

 what is the worst pain youve ever been through?
im jus wandering what pain can really be, ive had pain like ive got shot in the hand and ive also accidentally cut myself REALLY deap but ive never had real bad pain. have you? was it physical or ...

 has anyone took tramodol ?what are your experience's of it ? is it addictive ?

Additional Details
currently taking 150 mg 3 times a ...

 I'm thinking Gallbladder?
Does this sound like a gallbladder issue? I'm thinking it is, but not sure, have been told by doctor years ago that it was NOT my GB....Huh. What do y'all think....

1.steady, ...

 the best way to stop cramp once it's started in my calf muscle? thanks?

 what is happening and should i get this checked ? 10 pts for helping?
ok so a few days ago a big not very big but big enough mole appeared on my arm like my upper arm , but there was no problem or anything after that a few days ago i felt really tired like i have no ...

 In a lot of pain....please help!!!!?
I am sitting here in pain. My lower back is still killing me and now I am hurting in my abdomen on the left side. I do not want to go out to the hospital because they will just look at me and tell me ...

 What are some good ways to get rid of a headache?
Instead of aspirin, I was wondering if there were other different ways of getting rid of headache ? I heard chocolate milk helps, but it never worked for me, but I did try one of those Mountain Dew ...

Gianna R
My feet hurt really bad!?
I just got back from a party and my feet hurt so bad from the high heels... What should I do? Is it ok if I ask my bf for a foot massage?

Definitely many a man would love to rub your feet.

Also a nice tub of hot water before will do wonders.

Steve H
You can call me for your foot massage = )

[Oh! Its Catie]
ask him!

B. B
OMG i just had tht problem! i solved it by dancing and getting up and doing stuff! it works!

nimey mo
I agree, soaking them in hot or lukewarm water will ease the pain. Also try a massage, this is where your boyfriend could come in handy. :)

Soak your feet in coldcold water with ice cubes it will feel like its painful but when its done it feels great than put some lotion on your feet and put socks on than get a foot massage!

soak them in epson salt n hot water really helps, bout the massage be careful might lead to more lol

yes it is okay and soak them in hot water

If the pain remain until tomorrow after one night rest, then go see your family doctor.

hot water in a bath with your bf massaging them would be nice
they should feel fine by morning its happend to me alot also

answer mine? please.
thanks :)

yes, and ask him while hes at it if he will chew up some popcorn and smere it in between you toes!! it really does work i tried it but i stuck it up my nose.... shhhh dont tell anyone though!!! gooood luckkk!

if you return the favor probably

you must have a foot fetish. Just calm that down and im sure you'll be aight.

derrick a
why not

good luck, try rubbing your calf's

The best thing to is relax. they hurt from the tension of your shoes. Lay down and give them time to recoop you should be fine in the morning.

Go Cardinals ;)

ok so this sounds odd but there is this stuff called zen scuie and it made of herbs and it is a pain reliver and it helps soooooo much

you could get a tennis ball and roll your foot on that. it helps to break up calcium build up. it works and leaves your feet feeling alot better.

Take shoes off, leave clothes on. Lights on. Door open. Everything will be fine.

Go take a shower or bath....wash your feet, then ask for a foot massage...why not? It will make them feel better.

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