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matthew j
My ear is popping. It pops every 5 or 6 seconds to every 30 seconds, and is really annoying, what should I do?
It pops every 5 or 6 seconds to every 30 seconds, and is really annoying, what should I do? What is wrong?

stop counting

Elvis Icarus Abdul-Zim-Zum
Light a cue tip on fire and stick it in your ears.

OCPD is me!
i hate that it is so annoying i think i fell and hit my head and it stopped lol another thing i had is like i cant explain it but its like a creaking noise in ma head lmao sounds weird as am i

maybe you might have a ear infection try juss placing cotton balls in them and see if that helps

You'll be alright when the plane lands. lol.

I could be from listening to loud music on your headphones.
Also it could be your neck. You may need to see a Chiropracter.
They can also help answer the popping ear question better for you.
My dad had it a couple of yours ago and our chiropracter just needed to pop his neck back in place a bit.
It doesn't hurt. Just a quick snap, like snaping your finger to a beat but only once. :)

Here's a link for ears popping too often:

Hope this helps. :)

Good luck! ^^

Take care and Have a great day! ^^


save water shower together
are you yawning a lot??

tamara p
Well what i do is i YAWN or i hold my breath for like 20secs. I hope that helps:D

maybe try pushing air through your sinuses, take a breath in close you eyes and mouth and hold/close your nose and try push the air out your sinuses in your ears that might clear them up. or see a doctor.

Frank Lucas
put both fingers over your nostrels and blow out, dont blow too hard, but blow until they pop (if they dont pop and start to hurt when you blow then stop). Otherwise, if it keeps happening go to the doctor

someone is bad talking you

try a really big yawn or chew some gum

ear drops... they sell ear ache meds over the counter that can help you.

Yeah try yawning or call your doctor. Something could be wrong. Are You a kid? Well if so tell your parents?

Sweet Cherry [3.14]
are you sure it's not your jaw popping? This is caused by TMJ, and since your jaw is so close toyour ear, many people tend to think its the ear popping...

You may be congested and it is plugged up. If it doesn't go away within a week or so I would go to the doc because it could develop into an ear infection.

you may have an ear infection man...
or suffered some trauma to the ear drum...
either way ... go to a doctor to find out...

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