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Yes I am and Im going crazy
My 7-year-old says her ear hurts after putting a Q-tip in it. Has pain, decreased hearing, and a swushi sound
Should I be worried about a serious injury???

Ear infection...at least that's what is sounds like. Time for the Doctor....

try droping hydrogen peroxide in it to clean out infection , dont use q tips

sounds like 'otis externa' or a middle ear infection. she needs a doctor. he/she will likely prescribe an anti-biotic, probaly augmentin. good luck, ear infections are NO FUN!

Sounds like an inner ear infection! That how mine are. Sometimes a swishy sound followed by pounding PAIN. This is usually before it erupts. They are very PAINFUL! She needs to see a Doctor.

King John dragon-slayer
It always happens when you shove a q tip too far in. Hurts 10-20 minutes, but then you're back to normal. It's happened to me. It doesn't hurt until like 2 minutes, then hurts like crap. It all goes away though. I'm fourteen, and had this happen to me about 3 times. My parents never found out. I'm perfectly fine. Seriously, wait like 20 minutes to see if it still hurts.

Chocolate moustache (YUM)
GO TO THE DOC. She will feel better with drops. tell her l say feel better ;-)

Mr. Know It All
That doesn't sound too good. I would call the clinic.

Agree with previous answers.

Remember the old rule: " Never put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. Take away the Q-tips.

see a doctor!! never put anything in your ear smaller than your elbow(old ent specialist saying) q-tips are not to be put IN the ear just for wipeing the outer parts!!

Well, Q-tips are a bad idea. They don't remove the ear wax, they just push it into the ear and allow for bacteria and grit to get into the protected part of the ear. I would get her to a doctor as soon as possible. He should be able to make sure the wax is removed properly and check for any damage to the inner ear.

YES. Never every put anything bigger than your child's elbow into her ear.
Take her to doctor.

Have a Dr. take a look, it could be irritated...from now on...don't use Q tips.....

Take him to an urgent care.. the cotton could have lodged inside the ear, it isn't the first time that has happened. the worse it could be is an ear infection or ear drum puncture.

ear infection? go see a doctor.

Yes --- Get thee to an audiologist or ENT --- they can shine a light in and see if the tympanic membrane has been punctured ------ (this is why they clearly tell you to use the qtip on the exterior folds of the ear and never to insert it in to the ear canal)

Croatian Chick <3
don't get too worried. you should take her to the doctors to get it checked out.

maybe when she was cleaning her ear, she went to far in with the Q-tip. but if i were you, i'd take take her to the doctors just to make sure it's nothing too serious.

Alien Demo
Even though it s cheaper to ask here... you would get a more reliable response from a doctor!
dont let the life of a 7 year old girl in the hands of strangers!

Larry A
yes...it is possible that her eardrum was damaged. it could also be that a small piece of cotton from the tip got lodged next to the ear drum. Either way, you should seek treatment asap.

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