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 I've got a terrible headache...?
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 What happens if you take to many tylenol.?

Mulitiple painkillers...what are the risks?
My mother is on several painkillers for nueropothy, neck and back problems...I was wondering what the general risks are without knowing all the names of her medication...


James L

Sean G
A great buzz, or death. Better off drinking and buying a pack of smokes. At least this way it takes years to die and alcohol really cures everything.

addiction....only big one i can think of...be careful

Alice H

liver/kidney problems, may get an ulcer in stomach,my dad takes pills for pain and he has had these problems....

If a doctor has prescribed them, it is no harm.
She will be fine.

liver problems no matter what the meds

Well, the most common painkillers prescribed for such problems are loratabs, percocets, darvocet, tylenol 3, and oxycontin all of which are proven to be addictive. The risks include: addiction, damage to the liver, heart problems. All of the risks are very dangerous and the amount of medicine she is being prescribed should be reviewed and dicussed with her pharmacist and doctor(s) because it is uncommon for someone to be prescribed that many painkillers by one physician.

a minor case of death.

Cal E
Remember Heath Ledger?

She should have one doctor who prescribes all her medications and knows exactly how much she actually takes each day, including any extra doses and over-the-counter pills. Discuss this with her and make sure that's what she's doing. Then you can stop worrying.

Paikillers are generally very addictive. That is ALWAYS a concern that someone may become addicted to the medications and it happens often because the person taking them is in pain so, not only, do they not want to be in pain but there body is also craving the drug as well.

lisa b
Addiction, stomach problems, and when and if she comes off them, withdrawals.

Come on Fiazio, Elvis Presley wouldn't agree with your answer either here today if he weren't dead from all of those prescribe meds.

Well it could be possibly dangerous if those are all different kinds/brands of painkillers.

MAKE SURE you ask your doctor if its okay to make sure there are no adverse side effects.

Your Mother Trebec!
sounds like a great question for a pharmacist. or www.webmd.com or www.drkoop.com

but to I'd think the side effect is less pain...

Tim S
You risk having a great time!

If they are all prescribed by the same Dr. and she follows the instructions on how to take them then the risks are what they would normally be. Liver problems can occur from tylenol as well. If she is taking them safely and not in excess and needs them to live a decent life, than the benefits outweigh the risks.

I have a friend who takes morphine and percocet but I think he takes one type at one part of the day and the other a different time of the day.

For all of you that answer addiction as being one of the risks. I think when someone is severely in pain that is the least of their worries. If you have to take painkillers on a regular basis I think dependence is kind of a no brainer.

~ They call me HEWE ~
kidney failure

possible liver damage I think,becoming addicted to them too

Sometimes that is the best method to control pain. As long as they are all prescribed by the same doctor, who needs to be a specialist in pain management she should be okay.

Problems happen if she is seeing more than one doctor and getting pain meds from each. The other problem is if she takes either more or if she takes doses too soon. This results in over dosing,

When it come to pain meds it is better if they are controlled by some one besides the patient, like a spouse or other trusted adult because at times the pain is so bad the patient is tempted to overdose or take a dose too soon.

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