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Mild chest pain for 22year old woman?
I'm 22 and today around noon time i started getting mild chest pains. The pain was dull and felt deep in my chest. Before i got the pain...like 4 hours or so before...my left hand got extremely tingly for no reason. I've been sick off and on for about 3 months but the doc told me it was either a strong flu bug or a virus that i can't get rid of for more than a few days. I take vitamins every day to help out my immune system. But now i'm concerned about the chest pain....any ideas?
Additional Details
Don't worry ealallen i'm not going to sue anyone for diagnosing me. I'm just trying to get an outside opinion on what i should do...wait or have it checked out.

Forgot to add that since i got sick 3months ago i've lost about 15lbs...i'm 126lbs and 5'4''. I also just noticed that the veins in my hands are pushing up against my skin and now they are right at the surface. I normally have very very deep veins in my hands and arms. There isn't one person who's started an IV on me that got it on the first try....

im no expert but go to wrongdiagnosis.com to find out by your symptoms- its like a doctor at home!

Alex F
See a doctor and take advil, not to scare you but it could be radation or breast cancer so go to a doctor quickly

Take an aspirin and go to the doctor's immediately. It could be a precursor to a stroke.

jennifer h
Chest pain should always be taken seriously and immediate help should be sort. How ever the chances of heart trouble are very very low. Have you got a cold perhaps it's a bit of pleurisy. Or have you been lifting heavy objects perhaps it's a strain. once you have been to the doctors and been given the all ok try some excercise in the form of out walking daily or Yoga to help you un wind

See a doctor if it continues. Try some aspirin.

have u been stressed? You might have anxiety attacks due to stress which trigger chest pain and makes you feel like you're having a heart attack, this happened to me this year and I'm 23. You should have an EKG to see your heart condition, sometime you think you have something worst than what it actually is and makes you feel worst, go to the doctor or ER if your worried, good luck!

Go to the ER right now

emergency room now or maybe bayer aspring

this is not a place for medical advise and not responsbile for any actions resiulting in giving my opion

Gen•X•er (I love zombies!)
It could be just about anything but go to your doctor, that way you can rule out anything really bad!

just me
I would call your dr or dr on call. It may be a panic attack, but since your hand went tingly, best to get it checked out.

Melissa L
I get that also and the same thing with my arm also mine was tennis elbow and tendonitis in my wrist and also a panic attack. But in genral I would see the doctor and have him do a stress test

Couple of questions.....did it hurt more when you breathed? Did it get any better when you sat back? Did you feel weak or develop a headache?
I ask because I have these symptoms and it is called pericarditis....if you had any of the symptoms when your chest hurt then you should see your doctor.
Likewise, ANY time you have chest pains you should see your doctor.

Belize Missionary
take one adult aspirin. it helps to prevent blood clots. is your hand still tingly? does your chest still hurt? if so go directly to the er. do not pass go, do collect $500.00. just GO!

it could be several different things, but why chance it?

it could be gas. it could be thoracic outlet syndrome. it could be pluracy - which is an inflamation between your lungs and your rib cage.

i wonder if you have walking pnemonia? maybe it's time to get a second opinion.

William Baldwin
Have your heart checked out.

it could be stress, or acid reflux putting psi on your heart, try chewing a rollaid, but never rule out going to your Dr. and having him check you out.....let me know how you are doing!!

stress can sometimes cause this,go see a doctor just to be sure

Don't hesitate see a doctor now

Stress could be the enemy you have been so sick and can't shake this bug I suggest you go to the ER if this keeps up

♥ that one girl ♥
i experience the same thing every now and then and im 22 as well. my mom made me go to emergency room once because of it. turns out it was stress-related. other times its heart burn or gas. normally nothing to be worried about, but to be sure, maybe make a doc appt. fyi, the pains stopped for me after i graduated from college. turns out i was stressing myself out trying to get straight A's every semester. and i also got gray hairs. you might just be going thru stress from being ill and worrying about your health, which can actually make it worse.

It could be a heart attack. I know it's rare for someone your age but the symptoms fit.

Time for a second opinion and SOON. You could be having chest pains from the fact your body has been fighting your other problems and your stressing the heart. DO NOT ignore this, many times it's nothing that changing medications will help, but you have to have it checked out first. Women drop from heart attacks all the time because they ignore warnings.
Just becasue your only 22 don't think your too young, my sister had been having a lot of dental work and the toxins built up in her system. It cause and infection in the outer tissues of the heart and she had a heart attack at 17. Thankfully she had it where someone realized what it was and did CPR until the paramedics arrived. She was fine after treatment but she had a devil of a time getting insurance for a few years.

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