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Knee pain, please help!!!!!!!?
I have torn legiments in my knees, been seeing doc, physical therpy and orotho docs. I felt something tear 2 days ago as I was walking up steps, now knee cap shifts and something underneath is *loose*, I can feel it. I cant put ANY pressure on leg AT ALL. Went to ER and they said I have arthritis, and sent me home. What do I do? Been laying in bed unable to move.
Additional Details
Ive had mris done, and cortozone shots are not an option for me, I take blood Thinners for my heart. Ive been using Biofreeze.

you probably have fluid build up and need it drained. possibly surgery in the long run. you really need to contact an orthopedic. don't go back to the er.

never put heat on anything that is warm or swollen. you need ice and a doctor. you may need surgery

mabey you can try biofreeze it may help sorry if it dosnt help

Call your doctor, and tell them what happened. Hopefully, they'll get you in soon.

If you just can't wait (which I would understand, considering laying in bed all day is torture), then go back to the ER, and tell them that you want them to check it out better than they did the first time.

If they put up any kind of a fight, get b*chy, and say that you will not leave until they REALLY look at it.

jessie h
What you're experiencing is a "floating" patella, you're most likely feeling fluid that has surrounded the torn ligaments.

Cole M
call the doctor and ask them if u need sergery on your legs b/c it happend to my friend and he is all better after the sergery if it doesn't work email me back at [email protected]

get reated for artheritis asapppppppp...

Uh...ever heard of an MRI?

John C
Make another appt. with your Dr. and stay off it in the meantime. Ice/heat should be fine.

get a hot pack from a conveinience store like wal mart

If you can't put any pressure on it at all, you need to call someone and have them take you to a hospital. Good luck, I really hope you turn out Ok.

A cortisone shot helped mine a lot! Have the docs not mentioned that?

Becky V
Go back to the ortho doc and tell him you need an MRI to see specifically what the heck is going on in the knee.
Mean while don't forget to ice it. Good Luck.

I am no Dr. but , you could have torn the miniscus.Sp.?

You should really get another X-ray. If you cannot bear any weight on you knee, that means it's probably more than arthritis. Think about getting a second opinion just to be safe. Also, if there's any swelling, make sure you apply an ice pack and keep your knee elevated.


Doe B
you need to strengthen the muscles lay in bed and do some Jane Fonda exercises lay on your side and left your leg straight up and down 10 times massage with heat my daughter is a PT and this is what treatment she gave me it took 5 days and it was painful but the results are WONDERFUL no more pain

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