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 What pain killers do you take for a headache?
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Is there any reason I get a headache the same time each day?
I am a student and I get a headache durning the last three class periods of each day. Approximate time- 1:30-3:00. I take ibuprofen but it does nothing.

Headaches have many causes. One of them is low blood sugar. Are you going too long without eating? Is there a particular stress that occurs at that time? Do you dislike or have problems in the last 3 class periods?

It is because you are taking ibuprofen. It is called a "rebound headache." (Google it.) Stop taking it for a few days to weeks, and just endure the headaches, and they should stop. If they don't, it could be something else, like caffeine or sleep deprivation.

sarah e
you might want to check with your doctor. i'm no medical professional, but this sounds like one of the telltale symptoms of aids.

msm poz fo lyfe

it could be becasue its the end of your day and you probably werent properly getting enough to eat/drink right before. try packing a bottle of water and small snack for around noon and this might solve your problem.

Well, maybe you have a secret, maybe you're new to something, like a new job, or a new family member, that tension or something else triggers headache the same time every day?

Increase your water intake.It could be by that time of the day your body is dehydrated or sometimes the last lessons of the day become a drag. Keep candy with you incase your blood sugar drops but really it shouldn't. RN

Well to tell you each time you start getting these head hurt's go out side look up into your sky and see if you see and trails in the sky.
If you do that is most likely your issue...
The chemtrail's offer you a a wide range of effect's but one of the most effectice effect in the spray's they are spraying are The Positive IONS and negative IONS

What time do you eat lunch? It's very likely that if this time is right after or before lunch you blood sugar is doing funny things.

I would try this: Have a light mid morning snack, eat a smaller lunch, and then have a light snack half way between the time you eat lunch and normally eat your next meal.

Fruit and nuts are your best options.

could be cuz ur hungry or just studying to hard happens to me, dont take ibuprofen try two tylenol or two advil and drink it with milk, it works and it works faster when i do it this way, also if u have headaches a nice remedy is to chew 10 almonds everyday when u get headaches and it helps hope u feel better

Earth to Mars
I have heard of that happening before, it is part of a routine and basically you have to find the trigger, and modify it. Ask yourself what do I eat, drink, dose it happen after I read, is it after activity, maybe your environment. break things down, it will take time but I am sure it will work once you find the trigger.

It could be caffeine withdrawal. Drink tea, coffee or soda and see if that alleviates the pain! It worked for me!

Ol' Sasquatch
Yup, It could be related to stress, hunger, sleeping habits, what you ate for lunch, any number of things!

Suggest keeping a diary of your habits before the headaches. Stop or change one thing and see if that helps. Next change another if the first did not work.

You could also see a doctor for some scripts that could help!

Hope they're gone soon!

The Ol' Sasquatch Ü

Are these classes that you like and do well in or don't like and don't do well in? It may have something to do with your headache if you are dreading those classes. Other causes could be something in those classrooms that you are allergic to or something that is causing a glare or impairing your vision in some way. I urge you to discuss this with a parent and visit your doctor to find out what's going on.

tension stress u need glasses

Headache is a pain in the head, scalp or neck. Headaches can be
caused by minor problems like eyestrain, lack of coffee or more
serious reasons like head injury, brain tumors, encephalitis and
meningitis. Taking painkillers continuously can have harmful side
effects, so it is better to modify your lifestyle. More information
available at http://tinyurl.com/q8696

Helen T
Are you drinking enough water? Eight glasses a day might help, also, your blood sugar level may be dropping. Try eating a little something every two or three hours. I keep a box of cereal bars in my office and try to have one in the morning, and one an hour or so after lunch.

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