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 Why was Michael Jackson taking pain killers 20 years after his burn?
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 i took 15 tylenols at once.. its been 12 hours and i dont feel anything.. what is gonna happen?

Bill L
Is it possibly to numb your taste buds so you could eat anything?
like something really sour or hot.....

Kaitlin Marie Hubbert
Burn your tongue with something hot or with acid. Or hold something extremely sour/bitter/spicy in your mouth for a few minutes a few times a day.

its actualy not good for you because it feels to sour or hot because it burns your insides and you could do some serious damage

there is actually some kind of african fruit i saw on csi that makes bitter foods taste sweet

Block your nose!! You need to smell to taste!

I have just got back from Fiji and there is a drink there called Kava and that certainly numbs the mouth if You drink too much! However it also numbs your body as well!

The Donger
The best way to do that is to clog up your nose real good. Your sense of taste comes more from your nose, than from your tongue. That's how you can taste so many different flavors of food.

Peachy Pumpkin Pie
nipple gum

an ice cube...lol

theres this special herb in india...
i was watchign a documentary on it..
wait lemme look it up http://gymnema-sylvestre.101herbs.com/
anwyays this herb blocks sweet taste so when you eat like sweet foods it tastes odd
.. i dont know about sour or hot
but if you eat somethig hot drink milk/dairy products cos water cant dilute the taste of chilli

absolutely it is

Mr. Malevolence
Sure. You could scorch them so that they would stop functioning, and you would lose feeling.

there is a plant foergot what its called rbut its the plant they use to make novacain with u eat that it will be really bitter then u wont taste or feel anythign in your mouth for aouple of min... dont eat too much of it tho not sure if its bad for u to eat liike that i only ate like 3 peices 1 time they r small tiny looking seedes

Jessica R
I dont think so but its a good idea to pass the brussel sprouts. (beurk)
theres tastes buds that are really every where.

i doubt it.

i don't kno about sour or hot but if you eat other things they will eventually taste good. Sort of like alcohol. It is an acquired taste. That is why kids are so picky, their tastes haven't adapted.

smoking kills your taste buds.

there are several otc oral medications that can and will numb your toungue thus eliminating taste...

you know those Listerine breath strips? well i once put a whole 24 pack in my mouth at once and my tongue was numb for a good 10 minutes or so

The Miracle Fruit plant (Synsepalum dulcificum) produces berries that, when eaten, cause sour foods (such as lemons and limes) consumed later to taste sweet.Miracle fruit is available as freeze dried granules or in tablets - this form has a longer shelf life than fresh fruit. Tablets are made from compressed freeze dried fruit which causes the texture to be clearly visible even in tablet form.

The effect of Miracle fruit is made possible by contact with the tongue, not through digestion. For this reason, tablets must be allowed to dissolve in the mouth. The most pronounced effect can be achieved by coating the entire tongue in a paste of Miracle fruit for up to 30 seconds.

Joe cool

idk that would be cool

Michelle W
your taste bud are amazingly tough....

when i was younger when i had to drink yucky medicine i will plug my nose and drink it fast..i couldn't taste a thing. later on i did that with booze lol

of course once you unplug your nose you will taste it.
sorry won't work for sour or hot stuff

best remedy though for hot is milk :)

I'm more curious about why you would want to do this....and what you will eat?!? LOL

anesthesia, but I think you need a doctor's prescription to get that stuff,..that stuff can numb both sense of touch and taste

Actually yes, keep icing your tounge, I've done it before... And NEVER use Dry ice, it will burn and stick, warm water will not be able to get it off.
Theres also some throat medication out there that numbs your throat. No perscription needed, but it works great, really helped me during strep.

Drink hot chocolate!! it numbed my taste buds for 2 days!! and it is still numb!!!!

Have happy gas for ages!!! It works too well

Madam Radams
All of your senses exist to protect you. Extremely spicy or sour things can cause structural damage to your mouth, esophagus and stomach. It is not a good idea!

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