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Happily Taken!!!
In a lot of pain....please help!!!!?
I am sitting here in pain. My lower back is still killing me and now I am hurting in my abdomen on the left side. I do not want to go out to the hospital because they will just look at me and tell me nothing is wrong. I took something for pain 3 hours ago and it hasn't helped. I don't know what to do. The pain in my back is very sharp and has been going on and on for the past 2 weeks. The pain in my abdomen will not go away. Should I take another dose of pain medicine if it's not time for it? HELP!!!

Steven L

Go to the ER. Pain is a serious warning. You could even have appendicitis.

Doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor!!! If nothing else theyll give you a stronger medication. Did you hurt yourself, or did it just start?

Sweetie, if you are in that much pain you need to go to the hospital. Why do you think the hospital will say nothing is wrong?! It sounds to me like something is wrong and you shouldn't have to suffer like that.

Don't let anyone make you feel like you shouldn't get help for your problem. If a doctor tells you nothing is wrong you tell him that something IS WRONG and then you try and see another doctor. You are your own best advocate when it comes to your body and how you feel.

Please go to the hospital and get yourself feeling well. Don't suffer needlessly.

Good luck and I will say a prayer that your pain ends soon.

Umm...you sound really hurt and something could be seriously wrong with you. I suggest you go see a doctor. If you tell them the same things you wrote on here, then they should be able to run some tests on you. If it's been going on for 2 weeks now, then that means something serious is going on inside your body that's causing you pain.

I would go to a walk in clinic and be very specific. From the sound of your question you have had the run around, it sounds like this is an on going problem. If it is... see a specialist. I have similar issues and I just saw a gastrointestinal specialist. For myself, I got no answers and the next step is a pain specialist. I hope this helps. and for the medication, it depends what you are taking for pain and if you having any existing conditions that may be irritated by too much pain medication. If you are taking something with an anti-inflammatory included and taking double-triple the daily dose it is hard on your stomach and liver and longterm can cause more problems. I would get a referral for sure!

i woudl go to the doctor and if he won't helpyou i would see a speciliast and have them helpyou there is somethign wrng and you need it fixed.

dont take it. it whould be an od. if its lower abdomen on the left side it could be a apendixidis. i 4get if its on the left of right...but if it is u need to get to a hospital and fast!!!

Don't, go see your doctor, I know you said you don't want to, but it's the best idea, tell them exactly what you wrote here and everything they should know, it's the best thing you can do

Pam B
If you have a fever or decreased urination- you should see a doctor. You sound like you could have a kidney stone or a urinary tract infection. It is hard to advise you on pain dosages because you have not told us what you are taking or how much. If you don't have a fever, maybe a hot water bottle or heating pad to the tummy would ease your discomfort. It wouldn't hurt anything.

jeffrey c
It might not hurt to break the pill in half and take half of it because if you are not use to the pain medicine it might make you sick.If you haven't done anything to hurt your back and it has been hurting that long,you need to go to the Dr.I have had trouble with kidney stones 3 times before and the way it sounds thats what it could be.The pain in your abdomen,is it your stomach or near your stomach?

Rob D
You really need to talk to a doctor and find the cause, especially since it has been going on for two weeks.

Meanwhile, I believe Aleve is the best at long-term pain relief without upsetting your stomach.

please go to the E.R right now.

It depends i would say take no more than 400mg of Ibuprofen, if you have anything stronger take only one dose
also if this has been happening a lot try sleeping on the floor to keep your spine flat and aligned, lay on your back
if the pain is really that bad go to the hospital if it is safe to drive and if it is not have a friend or family member take you

I really think you should go to the hospital. They can't tell you nothing is wrong if you're visibly in intense pain. The least they could do is prescribe some sort of medicine.
There could be something seriously wrong. Go to webmd.com and click on symptom checker to see what it might be.
Otherwise take one pain killer and lie down, maybe eat something like a banana.

Memere RN/BA
You should see an orthopedic MD. I had back surgery because of he same symptoms and I had 3 herniated disc. Pain has a tendency to travel if nerves are involved. See a doc. They will order and MRI which is he best test for seeing what's going on in the spine. I know your pain and i wish you the best. Be blessed
Edit appendicitis is on the right side. I had that removed too.

did you hurt your back. if so one of your plates in your spine moved out of place and probably needs to be checked. a girl i know had the same stuff happen to her and she ended up have stomach cancer but i don't think yours as bad. just try to sleep

ok you seriously need to go to the doctor. sounds like you have a pretty badly pinched nerve to me, and i promise they will help. please go to the doctor (insert puppy eyes here)

This pain has been going on for too long for you not to see a doctor. It could be anything. Your spine, your kidney, ovary, colon...Pain medication will only mask the issue, not fix what is truly wrong. If you need antibiotics for instance due to a kidney infection, damage could continue and be harder to treat. Pain is a sign of a problem. Please listen to your body. Not trying to scare you, just want you to get this problem fixed ASAP.

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