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If someone has a broke neck, would they show signs? What would be the signs?

Tiger Lilly
probably in agony pain, tilted slightly to the right or left...or dead

well, technically if u break ure neck, it would kill u,

but if some1 has a injured neck, some sighns would be that ure neck coulkdnt support ure head, and ure head would feel as if u want to lie it down all the time if some1 elses neck was hurt it could affect ure back and it could cause u to slump, (lean over).

U could also see some1' head a bit wobbly if its really serious

well wat do u mean by "broke"
usally it really hurts and u cant completely move it
to look to the other side

they'd be dead. if they happened to live, they wouldn't be able to keep their head up. they would be in a lot of pain, probably the worst pain imaginable, and they might also be paralyzed.

they would probaly be paralized in atleast there legs and in alot of pain!!!!

Parlays and extreme pain in neck and back

If your neck breaks you either become paralized or die!

[email protected]
it would be so intense they would be hurt so bad they might die right on the spot. or would lay flat saying something or saying nothing because there neck hurts so bad and if still alive rushed to the hospital.

you might be a tad bit dead

Sailor Jupiter
If someone's neck is broken, I think they would be dead.... Like if it is detached from the spinal chord then it would be fatal. BUT I am NOT a doctor!!!! I am pretty sure from all grey's anatomy I have watched and bio classes and my uncles a doc. my dads a vet. that a broken neck would be fatal

extreme pain
and possible paralyzation
maybe not a lot of of movement of the neck if any.

if somebody had a broken neck you would be able to tell

Peter C
Their head wouldn't be screwed on straight.

it hurts to move....they are dead...or they have lost control of their body (paralysis)

They would have neck pain. Often they would be quadriplegic, if there is compression/damage of the spinal cord. They could die. Some people with a broken neck without much spinal cord damage are able to have a halo brace put on that has to be worn for months to allow the neck to heal. Once the break is healed, these lucky people are able to live normal lives for the most part.

Xo K8ey Xo
They would be in a lot of pain & most likely not be able to move there neck at all.

Angela R
they would be screaming in pain

ummm they would say their neck hurts if they could with all the screaming in the background and holding of their neck but they probably wouldnt survive


Yes they would be showing signs like unresponsive, partial loss of sensation, complete lose of sensation or even death.

Harrison C
The person with a broken neck could not breath very well. If not broken bad enough, they would cry. If somebody broke there neck, call the emergency room! ASAP!

90% of neck breaks result in paralysis/death


I don't know...
Maybe their head being a little crooked?

It depends on where the neck was broken.

If you break the C3, C4, or C5 vertebrae, the nerves that come out of the spinal cord in that area enervate the diaphragm and control breathing. Breaking C3, 4, or 5 will discontinue the patient's ability to breathe on his/her own.

Most breaks result in paralysis, usually from the injury site downwards, resulting in quadriplegia.

However, in rare cases the spinal column remains aligned until further trauma or movement. This is why after an accident with severe trauma in which the neck may have been injured, it is important to protect the neck and spine until doctors can be certain that the spinal column is not compromised. It's happened before that someone in a car accident thinks they're fine and gets out of the car, only to twist or bend later on, misplacing the break in their spinal column, and resulting in paralysis.

If you think you or someone you know may have broken or injured their neck, even if it's been a little while, go get checked out immediately.

More than likely they would be dead with a broken neck. It's rare for people to live with one.

Swelling of the head and neck, inability to move lower portions of the neck and body. depending on brain damage and if the spinal chord was seveard, lack of neur activity ie: pupils will be dialated, body will be rigid, no response to sound etc.

Dead or paralyzed.


One Armed Scissor

Diane A
The answer is not that simple. You can have many kinds of neck fractures as you can break the spinal processes, the bodies and the connections in different areas. You can also break the neck at any point along the 7 vertebra and the results are vastly different. Finally, you can break your neck but not damage the spinal cord (this is the vital issue), you can have a partial transection or a complete one. SO, signs would range from death to nothing and a full continuum in between. Some signs might be: unable to move legs, unable to breathe, pain at the neck, swelling in the front of the neck area, difficulty breathing, unable to move arms, etc. Not all neck fractures are dangerous however; some do not even need treatment,

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