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I want to get a tatoo but does it hurt?
I want to get a tatoo on my wrist, like a cross or under my stomach on my hip bone?

Were do you think its better to get it?
Were would it hurt less?

John S
it really depends where you get it. if its on your arm its not that bad but if its over a bone like on your leg then yea it hurts really bad

it will hurt less in places with more fat between the skin and the nerves/bone

Rock and Roll Preacher
The inside of the wrist would be one of the more painful places to put it. The shoulder Would hurt less, but it's gonna hurt. You're poking your self with a needle a few hundred times after all.

well wmone usually take tattoo pain better then men.. but any where u have more fat at would hurt less.
ur wrist and ribs hurt most cuz its just skin and bone right under.. also depends on how big the tatttoo u want is

Its going to hurt no matter what. If you get one, make it symbolic, something that is special to you that you never want to forget. If you dont you will just look at it 30 years from now and think "Why did I get this" Think hard about what to get.

Good Luck.

from my experiences with tattoos-the fleshy parts are the less painful. If you do it where there is bone it will hurt more. I have 3 tats, and the only one that hurt was the one on my ankle. have one on my shoulder and one on my upper arm. Good luck

Andy K
I just got my first. I have done things that felt better, but I have also done things that felt worse. I got mine across my spine. It took about 45 minutes but it wasn't so bad. I'm not really a big tough guy either. I am sure you can take it, either place will "hurt" but either one will look good. I think you should go for the wrist. Don't base your decision on pain. It won't feel great either way, but it won't be the toughest thing you ever did either.

Its supposed to hurt less if its in an area with more fat..becuz the nerves are not so close to the skin surface.

I don't have a tattoo, but my friends who have gotten them say that it's not that actual process that hurts, but that it's WHERE you get the tattoo. If you get it on a place that has a lot of meat/fat on your body then it doesn't hurt as much. If you get it in a place that has little meat, and more bone/skin, then it hurts like a ***** (like on your foot). Hope this helps!

¸.•*´`*♥ ♥Misty Owl♥ ♥*´`*•.¸
Dude! I was seriously about to ask the same question!!! I am planning on getting two little paw prints on my lower back. But I want to know where is the less painful place to get one... hmm...

So i have a tattoo on my wrist it didnt really hurt but its a weird feeling. Its not as bad as some people say. And as far as the hip not sure about a tattoo but I have my hips and my strnum pierced so I guess i just enjoy pain its really not bad. the best part is is you get addicted.

I got one on my upper arm and it did not hurt at all. I would say if your skin is sensitive then go for the stomach for least amount of sensation.

RT 66
Of course it hurts!

A tip of the trade, FYI. You don't have to take my word for it. But, if you are going to get a tat. try to avoid your belly region...think about it. It seems young women have a bad habit of getting their cute belly tats, then down the road they get pregnant and the tat is UGLY! Sorry. I just had to get that out.

O-Kay. Tats that are around alot of bone hurt worse than tats that are done around soft tissue. Also, you become desensitized as the tat process continues...so you won't be in constant pain. However, don't forget there is pain involved in the healing process.

After all is said and done, I hope you are happy with whatever decide. Just one last thing, make it tasteful...something you wouldn't mind your grand-kids to seeing.

anywhere where the skin has a thin covering hurts (near the bone) but its not unbarable and dosent last long!

Physical pain is not as remorse. I've heard so many guys, specially gals who really regreat about it, then it is even more painful to remove it.
However, if you are convinced that it is what you really want, go for it. As they say: No pain, no gain. Just enjoy it.

Hon, anywhere near the bone DOES hurt (imagine a sewing machine needle going up and down) I have one on the back of my neck, and it was soooo painful. If you do decide to get one, remember, tats are for LIFE, and if I were you I'd get one not too close to the bone area. Good luck!

Hi. It depends on your level of pain tolerance. I had a tat' done on my wrist, and it was not too bad, until the needle got to the bone, and then it was mild discomfort. I thought it was like being clawed by a cat, but not a playful cat.

It hurts less on the more fleshy parts.

Obvious bit now, but actually watch the tattooist unpack the sterile needles.

And enjoy your new tat'. ;-)


Well I've always told everyone that asked me that question that it doesn't tickle. Arms generaly hurt less as long as it's the outside of the arm (skins thicker) the inside always hurts more. I have a friend that had one put on his stomach to the left of his b-button and he said it hurt real bad and he had multiple tats

personally, i don't have a tattoo, but i do know some people who have gotten one. They say it hurts only to cause a few tears to roll down your cheek, but then it's not extremely painful.


Chris B
All tattoos hurt but the closer to a bone the more it hurts. The degree of pain also depends on how large the tattoo will be and if there is a large area that has the same color within it. That's what hurts the most...the constant going over the area with the needle and ink. It feels raw after a time, but you get over it.

eenie meanie
The pain is really all about you. Are you pain sensitive? (this is a good question to ask yourself) I have a few tattoos and the hip bone didn't hurt at all...however my rib piece did. The wrist doesn't hurt much either. The question is do you want everyone to see it or not. Tattoos are personal so take the pain out of the equation and decide where you want it to be for the rest of your life.

Yes, tatoos do hurt to get, but not so much as to be unbarable. Areas dirrectly over bone and areas that are thin tend to hurt a little more. So getting one direcly on a hip bone may hurt more than say an inch or 2 over.

I Have A Brother -He Said It Hurts Like A Snake Bitting You But It Get Better

On the wrist I think it would hurt a lot, because you have so many vulnerable veins there. I disagree with tattoos because I think they're so stupid, but just make sure the artist shows you the needle inside the package so you can see that it is sterile and that you have been the only one it has been used on.

Brett H
Bones / shading hurt ..

Oh yes! Tatoo's are more painful than childbirth! Some people DIE from getting tatoo's, and alot of people go blind on account that their eyes explode!

Nah i'm joshin with ya!!! Lol. No its not 'really' painful! Just.......uncomfortable really!!!

grly grl
bones hurt! it all hurts. try scraping yourself with a needle since that's what it is.

I only have one, a smiley face on my breast. It didn't hurt hardly at all, I was pleasantly surprised. I have heard that meaty areas hurt a lot less than areas with bone.

Laurence C
I am sure it hurts. Just think long time. Will I be happy with it in 20 years time?

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