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I think I'm addicted to prescription medications, what to do?
It didn't use to seem to be that bad, I would go for days without taking anything. But now, I can't go a day without taking something.
I have a painful diesase and I do need the medication. But why do I feel like I rely on them so much? Is this wrong??

My partners, when they have a headache, I always, ALWAYS, make love with them for relief. Sometimes they initially protest, but thank me later.

cesar patrick
it may be true that you are an addict, but it may just be a crutch for something bigger. my question is what have you done so far, talked to someone, anyone. I feel you should tell your main doctor and get a shrink. you may have more than just pain, for instance it sounds to me like you are suffering from a lack of friendship or liveliness. you should try and do something new every day that will take your mind off the drugs. Examples would be to visit some one you haven't seen in along time or visit a community center for the elderly or something along those lines.

I know what your going through and you can get through this. First, evaluate your condition. Does it need Rx pain killers, or will an OTC medication do? If your answer is the latter, stop taking the Rx pain killers.

You will go through withdrawls. I'm sorry, I wish I could say they were easy, but they are not. You're going to have some sleepless nights, pains, sweats, horrible fatigue, mood swings, and general flu like symptoms. But, like the flu, it will get better.

You know the saying, "Once your an addict, your always an addict."? It's true. But, keep yourself away from the things that keep you addicted. If you have to go to the doctor, tell them up front that you do not want any Rx pain killers, then tell them why. It will end up saving you from yourself when you get thought of turning back to the pills.

You have a long road, I won't lie. I started taking pills for the same reason. A medical condition with a lot of pain. I even asked for pills that were non habit forming. I was told to take Ultram. Non narcotic (BS!) Non habit forming (BS!) With no euphoric feeling like get with vicodin (that one they got right.) Before I knew it...i was right where you are now. But, I got through it and so will you.

Good luck and be well.

You just need help from other people who have/are experiencing your addiction...

go to a Rehabilitaion Clinic (usually your neighborhood hospital has information on it) for help.

Or find a narcotics anonymous meeting in your area...

its not your fault its the meds. when i had hardcore surgery on my hand i was given pain meds , but when the pain went away i would still take them . it was like "well it has been 4 hourss better take some more". maybe talk to your doctor and tell him to lessen the amount of pills per perscription,that way you will have to ration them so you arent without them when need be.

You have t try to decipher what is actual pain, versus the pain of withdrawal, both are really intense

Have you tried alcohol to stim the side affects? That's what I do, and it's been working for me for the last 16 years.

Fatimah A
follow your heart. :D

Lock yourself in your room with a blanket and go cold turkey

one or 2 days later

your back!

no one except you can say if its wrong or not, because we dont know your exact situation. if the pain is bad, and you need the drugs to carry on with your normal daily life, then, no its not wrong, but if you just take them for any other reason, you may have an addiction. honestly, i would talk to your doctor about your worries. explain why youre worried, and he/she will give you an expert medical opinion, and you can take it from there. good luck.

1) Talk to your doctor
2) Find a rehab clinic in your area that deals with prescription drugs
3) Go to rehab

You should talk to your doctor about it. She may be able to prescribe something else instead, or maybe suggest some other means of managing your pain.

Jesse D
get addicted to something else like: this game


need help please
Hi! If your doctor tells you that you have to take the meds everyday and you follow the doctors orders exactly how he gave them you should be fine. If you are supposed to take one a day and instead take 2 or more a day than I would first talk to your doctor about perhaps perscribing you a medication that is "non habit forming", but again if you are SUPPOSED to take them everyday and you do then you should be fine, but if you are taking more than you are supposed to DEFINETLY have a talk with your doctor, dont let it go and get to deep in the addiction ask for perfessional help from your doctor. Hope that helps! Good Luck!

yes, let your doctor know. what medication is it? some of them are pretty easy to come off when they are taken away.

It is sort of wrong, because they might (proberly will) but might not work. You need to have faith in something else, maby get a hobby to pass the time, or go out and see some friends or family

Mmmmmmm..... Vicodin.

Talk to your doctor for a non-narcotic alternative.

peter g
Prescription drug addiction is just as bad as illicit drug addiction in its devastating effect on a person. Seek help now.
One place to start is either detox (though you need the meds so maybe that isnt an option) or go to Narcotics Anonnymous meetings. They sure helped me. I've been clean 4 and a half years and counting.

talk to ur doctor... Thats why they are prescribed...

Talk to your doctor right away.
It's bad to be addicted like this, and he may be able to give you something else, or rotate medications, so you don't get addicted to just one.

Please listen to Bradley R.

What Bradley said about pain management when you have chronic pain, and the paranoia that comes with the situation, is absolutely spot on. We live in this society that says "OMG! Drugs! BAD!! ALWAYS!!!" and there is no room for the simple fact that some of us need pain medication for pain management.

If I were you, I would recommend asking myself some simple questions. Are you using more than you are supposed to? That's the first big question. The other big question is are you using them to get high? If the answer to either question is yes, then please talk to your prescribing doctor immediately.

If your answers are no, then maybe it's time to examine the dynamics of chronic pain. I know that for myself, being in constant pain is a bummer. This isn't exactly what I'd planned on doing with my life. It's easy to feel discouraged. At the same time, I am constantly questioning my pain, my amount of medication, pretty much my sanity. Sometimes it's hard to keep taking the medication when it works fairly well - because then the pain level goes down and I start to forget that without it, I'm laying in bed bawling into my pillow. I think humans are genetically coded to forget pain that they aren't currently experiencing - if we didn't, most women wouldn't have more than one child.

It's good to keep in mind that there is a difference between DEPENDENCE and ADDICTION. The best definition I've found, the one that helped the most, is this: Addiction is a behavior of seeking the drugs - you're taking more than you are prescribed, not taking it for pain, looking for the high. Dependence is simply your body needing the medication (and having withdrawals without). You can be dependent without being addicted. And that distinction isn't one that sits easily with everyone. It takes time to understand it.

My understanding is that dependence among chronic pain sufferers is common and often goes hand in hand with treatment. Is it a danger? Yes. Does it make you a bad person? No.

I hope that you're just experiencing the fear and paranoia that Bradley mentioned. If not, please do talk to your prescribing doctor immediately.

Taylor. Teylir. Teylur.
If you think you are addicted or that you rely on them so much, i would consult a doctor or a psychiatrist as soon as possible.
There is a chance that you may not, and that you may only feel like this because you have to take them so often (if i am assuming right) but despite everything i wkould still see a doctor. He or she could help you figure out if you are or not and then go from there. Good luck :)

theres a difference between abusing and using. if u need them then take them. Dont feel guilty about treating your illness. i def think that you should talk to someone esp ur doctor mayb they can switch u to a diff drug that u might not beso dependent on.

Good Luck and God Bless.

As long as you aren't taking more than prescribed, it doesn't sound too bad. However, if you are worried, set up an appointment with your doctor sooner than later and talk to him about it. Addiction is not something to take lightly.

well whatever you do dont go cold turkey. your body has become used to/dependant on those medications to function, i would recommend you saw your PCP (primary care physician) and maybe talked with him about seeing a pain management physician. My father has CPS and he became pretty dependant on prescription pain meds to survive, he began seeing a pain management specialist, and they decided the best therapy for him was a pain pump, which gives the body a small dose of medication every hour, continuously, you have to get it filled every 45 days, but ive seen a huge improvement in him since he has had that pump put in. and no it isnt wrong, when your in pain the you just want to illeviate it, which is normal, I dont think you have some problem that you cant get over. I wish i could give you some better advice but I dont know what I could tell you, i do however wish you the best of luck in getting the help you want with your problem

I dont think it is wrong. If you are in pain everyday with a diesase, than you need them. It would be silly not to take them and be in pain. Im sorry you have such a bad diesase, my prayers are with you always.

Bradley R
Bekah, I have gone through what you are going through and I'm terribly sorry you are in this position. I also have chronic pain so I have firsthand experience with these issues of medicating the incessant pain and worrying about accompanying issues like side effects and addiction.

There is A LOT of misinformation out there about drugs in our society and maybe more so when it comes to prescription painkillers. Many think they are safer than illicit drugs and don't present the same dangers (they do) while others things that taking necessary medications will turn you into a dope fiend (it won't).

First off, what and how much you are taking is key in evaluating if there is a problem. 30mg a day of vicodin is a world away from 600mg of morphine and both are doses given to chronic pain patients depending on a lot of factors. Do you get a high or euphoria when you are taking these drugs? A lot of people NEED pain relief and they may get high or sedated from their meds and like any other side effect, that effect has to be weighed against the pain relief. For others, they are taking these drugs to get high and its no longer about pain relief. If you know you are doing this then you need to address the situation before it becomes unmanageable. The fact that you are questioning your use makes me very skeptical that you are taking pills just to get off, but I am not there with you.

When I started to take prescription narcotics for pain management I was very paranoid. I thought that I need to stop taking them as soon as possible and take as little as possible. In my mind there was like a magic number or amount of doses that after you hit, you were addicted. That idea is ludicrous, when someone gets addicted to medicine while they are following doctor's orders it is called iatrogenic addiction and it is EXCEEDINGLY rare!!! People get addicted to morphine, vicodin, oxycontin, heroin (which is prescribed for pain management like the others in Britain and other countries) but by and large those that do have pre-existing drug abuse patterns or addictions and most doctor shop or buy black market pills. People who legitimately need these medications and take them as prescribed very rarely get addicted to them.

Are you running out of your meds early? Are you taking extra? Are you taking them to stop pain, prevent pain or to get high? This can be a serious issue and every poster before me that thinks he knows if you are addicted and/or what you should do is ridiculous; based on what you said they can't know. There isn't a simple formula for if you are or not and what you should do.

I have a lot of experience with chronic pain medicine, I've known a handful of strung out prescription junkies and to better understand all of this, I've been studying these topics in school also (I may decide to go into medicine but thus far it is just to better understand my situation, I'm studying political science and writing primarily).

I don't know if you would feel comfortable doing so, but I would really like to talk with you further about the situation and help you as best as I can. Please feel free to email me because there is no way for anyone to accurately answer your question here; its too complex a situation with too many variables.

I truly wish you the best of luck with these issues and continuing to manage your pain. I hope to hear from you and if not, I hope something I said helped a little. Take care.

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