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 should i go to the doctor?
for the last 5 days or so ive been having these weird symptoms:
extreme headaches (to the point where sounds and lights hurt
light headedness (got dizzy almost fell over 3 times)

 please dont judge me but if i too 10 paracetamol could i die?
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I need to get rid of a headache FAST!!?
i'm going to a party in like 30min and i have a headache, I've taken advil, and put a cold wash clothe on my forehead, but I still have a headache, can someone please help me!

cut your head off

chug 5 monster energy drinks

Marisa S
you need to come down first.
then you need to lay in bed for just like 4 minutes.
and close your eyes and put a nice cold was cloth on your head.
and try to take a bite of something to eat cause maybe that's the problem.

i always get headaches.

Dmytro G
Go to a dark room and lay down for 10-15 minutes if you can.

Hannah B
go sum were play sum nice music lay there o and get sum water or lemonade or milk sum healthy drink and every now and then take a drink

if u lay down it helps and mabe put a warm rag on ur forhead it fels a lot better

rub ur temples really lightly

take tylenol its better. when i have a headache it goes away in like 20 minutes.

take another advil and lay down till you have to go

Shredded Cottage Cheese
squeeze the fleshy area between your thumb and fingers on one hand using the thumb and fingertip of the other hand. Hold for 15 seconds, then switch hands. Do this for a couple of minutes.

It sounds goofy, but is actually related to Chinese acupressure points. really works.

take a shower

kenzie :)
Maybe laydown for a sec.

Drink something like a hot tea to make the advil dissolve and get into your system faster.

got surf?
drink a cold coke or pepsi or some drink with carbonation and caffeine

sTArgrL jENnY‚ô• luv is on my side
take an advil and lay down. do calming and relaxing things.

take something called BC powder and then go to the party and have fun and forget all about it

I am always right.....!
This is gonna sound funny, but take your thumb and your middle finger of your right hand and rub the area between your thumb and index finger on your left hand. it sounds funny but it works for me

Take a shower and relax yourself. Drink some water and make sure your hydrated. You have everything else right. Also, stay away from the computer and TV for a while.

drink water that usually help me, I was a migraine suffer and I have allergies. I was tested for this so I know that water is the best. Also try to avoid coffee and sodas today.

squeeze between the thumb and pointer finger it should relieve the pressure from a headache also Excedrin is best for a headache relieves it in like 15 min

Now all you can do is wait for the advil to kick in. doesnt it take like 20 mins.

You've already taken pain medicine which is good, however make sure you stick to the packet dose. If your going to a party with alcohol, try not to over do it as the medicine can reduce your alcohol tollorance.

Could you be dehydrated? If so drink WARM water.

Another common cause of headache is hypoglycaemia (not enough sugar in your blood). To counter this eat something sugary like chocolate or cake.

Have fun tonight - hope this helps.

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