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I lost the ability to be able to swallow pills/tablets, what do I do?
3 weeks ago, literally I learned how to swallow pills and tablets for the first time ever and I was able to do it for all those weeks until yesterday where I just couldn't do it.. and today.

What do I do? I need to take these tablets twice daily and I cannot crush them.


stick them up your anus .

i was going to say crush them.

Will they dissolve if you put them in liquid?
Maybe you should try that.

Jessica E
i have the same problem they just don't go down it took me forever to learn and once i did i week later i couldn't do it again. but what i do now is that i cut my pills in half or fourths, they actually sell pill cutters in c.v.s and Walgreen's and stuff like that, they are super cheap too! also you can crush them and put them in water, wait till they dissolve and then drink the water. might taste nasty though

swallow them with food or lots of water, or try to find liquid medicine that you can take instead.
Good Luck!

break them in half and swallow with lots of water. sometimes depending on the type of medication it can come in different forms so ask you pharmacist wha other forms can you ge this particullar medication in if you can get it in a liquid form that would make it much easier for you to take or see if you can get it in chewables. also tell the pharmacist the reason why you need it diferent they should understand.

try getting you mouth almost full of your favorite drink then put the pill in with the drink then swallow it all together that works for me. if not then you should put it in your food.

Dependent on the tablet, there possibly could be an alternative in ORO_DISPERSIBLE form you just put the tablet in your mouth and it dissolves speak to you GP, do not be put off if, they are available the GP will ensure you have them if the other method is causing you problems. Happy Christmas

TX Mom
Can you eat some bread and just before you swallow it, slip your pill in and swallow it all together?

A milkshake might make it easier...

My daughter is a speech therapist. They teach old people to swallow again after a stroke. Maybe you should find a speech therapist.

TX Mom

Mark P
Ask your GP for Linctus my friend, this is nerves people cant take pills orally,try and relax before you take your meds but yeah most drugs are available as suspension now.. Good Luck.

Dan S
probably just a psychological thing right???, just try to imagine eating food, or eat them with food, like in a cake or something

how crude the answer above might be, this could always help

eat like a banana or something anything and make sure its thoroughly chewed and stick the pill in your mouth and make sure you put in the middle of the chewed food in your mouth and swallow1 Tedda the pill is gone! i hope this helps it did for me

You are thinking about it too much. Just take a drink of something, to make sure your mouth is wet and put the pill in your mouth and keep drinking until it goes down. If you stress too much about it you will never get it down.

Good Luck

You are able to swallow the tablets, its a mental block which is stopping you from being able to swallow them. If you think about it logically, you swallow mouthfulls of food which are much bigger than the tablets, so you need to find a way of overcoming the mental block.

I do know how you feel, though, I am useless at swallowing pills. Some of the things that I find helpful are to swallow them with milk instead of water, and to take the pill in the middle of a meal, the idea is you have been swallowing anyway, just pop the pill in your mouth with some food and swallow it that way. If they are big you can split them in half.

PS - the longer you have the pill in your mouth the harder it is to swallow - try getting some milk in your mouth first, pop the pill in, throw your head back and swallow without hesitating, thats the trick! Good luck.

i just learned too and just put it in your mouth and swallow with water.

ps practice with small candy like mini m n ms

Put the individual tablet in a spoon of yogurt or ice-cream, easier to swallow and no after taste or convincing yourself the tablet is getting stuck in your throat till it does.

Amber P
When I was in the hospital. I had to learn how to swallow pills and i had a bad gag reflex so one day my doctor came in with pudding. Well he had put the pill in the spoon of pudding. and it worked because i didn't even know it was there. which was great. and now i can swallow pills on my own. try that just get a spoon and get a spoon full of pudding then put the pill in it where your unable to see it.

Here are some tips I've found on various websites...

-Ice water. Your brain will be too busy trying to stop the ice from getting in your mouth that you wont even notice that you've already taken the pill. Plus, the cold water distracts your mouth and tongue from feeling the pill inside your mouth.

-Marshmallows. Stick it in a marshmallow and swallow it like that.

-Jell-o. Get some jell-o on a spoon and stick the pill inside and it will glide down your throat with ease.

And if that doesn't work, just keep telling yourself that it's MIND OVER MATTER. I know that probably isn't what you wanted to hear but I too had this same problem when I was younger but now I am over it. I personally didn't try any of these tips myself but from what I read on the website, they have worked for other people.

There's quite a lot of tablets that should never be crushed, either because the coating is a protective lining that needs to be dissolved in the stomach, otherwise it's an irritant in your oesophagus, or because a delayed action in the stomach for absorption is required.
So always ask the doctor if you can crush or halve tablets or not.
A lot of medication is in liquid form - ask about them if you are having problems swallowing tablets. Suppositories might also be available.
Lots of people find swallowing tablets difficult, it is a psychological thing, and as you discovered, it can be overcome. I would definitely talk to your doctor or nurse about these issues. Good luck!

Candy Kisses
I have never ever gotten used to them, so I ask the doctor for liquid medicine. If its antibiotics they can give you liquids. Not sure about other treatments though.

Jean Claude
OMG i hate tablets lol i can't swallow them,i have a fear of them i hate them sooo much that i insist on medicine.

~*team edward+jacob*~
well that's normal..ok my sister is the same way...you can you are Just scared because everything your body does you are making it do it so you CAN swallow it you are scared....what i do is i put it in the back ok my throat then i act like it not there and just drink my drink and there it goes...just don't be scared because your throat goes down and that pill will go straight down with your drink...Just try it i know you can!!!!

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