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I know I should go to the Doctor, but right now finances are low, can someone help me?
I have had a bad pain in my neck for about 5 years now. I am only 18, and can't figure out why I have this pain/ Im too young for this! lol
But, I have a terrible pain in my neck and shoulder. Its ALWAYS and ONLY on the left side of my spine. It hurts when I sit for too long, when i clean, and if i bend or twist alot. It burns and is VERY sore. It hurts EXTREMELY and feels like "shooting pain" when I bend my head downward, and when I turn my head to the left./ Sometimes I also get a shock like feeling, like im being zapped on the shoulder, and it hurts, and makes me jump. This has been goin on for too long, and the only time it doesnt hurt is if Im laying down or walking. Someone please help me out/ Could it be a pinch nerve maybe?

Alym E
Neck pain or cervicalgia is a common problem. Anyone for some point in his or her lives can experience neck pain. It can be chronic that last for weeks or just a sudden occurrence.


Heat and Cold Compress:
Reduce inflammation by applying cold, such as an ice pack or ice wrapped in a towel, for up to 20 minutes several times a day. Alternate the cold treatment with heat.

Eat raw pineapple, its helps in reducing the pain and swelling

Turmeric Powder:
Put one-half teaspoon of turmeric powder with warm water twice a day.

Turmeric Juice:
Put one teaspoon in hot milk, drink before bedtime, it helps reducing pain

Almond and garlic oil:
Apply topically, massage evenly in affected area

Anti-Pain Ointments:
OTC ointments can help reducing pain, use as directed

Make a paste by combining one teaspoon of lime powder and one teaspoon of honey and apply in the affected area.

Warm the outer leaves of a cabbage in hot water and bandage around the sprain using a piece of cloth to hold in place.

Put a salt in a piece of cloth and tie the piece of cloth around your neck. The salt must be in neck area


* Take frequent breaks if you drive long distances or work long hours
* Adjust your desk computer monitor must be at eye level
* Avoid tucking the phone between your ear and shoulder when you talk.
* Stretch frequently if you work at a desk..
* Avoid sleeping on your stomach. This position puts stress on your neck

maybe its something wrong with the curvature of your spine. That or stress. I had neck pain before but it dosnt return.

I would suggest you look it up on webmd.com

sounds very serious.. please get some medical attention ASAP..

Brandi B
It does sound like a pinched and inflamed nerve to me. I know that you said that finances were low but the doctor is really the only one that can truly help you. However, I had an inflamed nerve in my arm and my doctor told me to take vitamin B12 every day and one Aleve two times a day. This will not completely make things better. However, it will help reduce some of the inflammation to the nerve. But you really do need to get to the doctor as soon as possible.

PS A pinched nerve lasts as long as it remains pinched. What technically occurs is the nerve gets pinched between two bones. If the nerve is not moved then it continues to get pinched and it can occur for many many years, and usually only goes away after having been fixed. You could also try going to a chiropractor. He can often adjust your spine to relieve pressure off of the nerve.

sounds like it will be an expensive doctors visit if you do go... they'll probably want to do an MRI of your cervical spine. Do your best to keep good posture & gently do stretches everyday & most importantly, make sure you are sleeping in a good position... make sure your pillows give you the right amount of support. It's possible that it's a pinched nerve or slipped disk. Sometimes when that happens, the doctor will tell you that it will go away on its own if you don't strain it more. It doesn't sound like it's meningitis because you've had the pain for a long time, but definitely see a doctor if you are ever unable to touch your chin to your neck!

Lonnie M
It is more like a strained nerve or a nerve that is under tension. If you know someone that knows how to relieve the tension, they can fix it. This is something that I have fixed for many people. If they can find the swollen nerve and massage it properly the pain will go away in about an hour. Other wise it can take several days. Give it plenty of rest and try not doing anything that causes you tension.

sounds like an atlas wedge to me, go search google....you need to find a chiropractor who will deal with you, but go look it up for real......shouldent cost too much for that!

♥ Xite ♥
Look, finances may be low right now, but you can't let stuff like this happen. You might even get paralized in a few years. It might be serious, so get a loan or something, and go get some treatment.

The best of luck, and I'll pray for you.

sounds like a pinched nerve try some light exercise

Chris R
Of course you should see a doctor. Have you tried having someone massage that area? Have you tried a heating pad? Or tried an ice pack?
You say that you have had this pain for five years....that is not good. Why haven't you seen a doctor?
I would try the heat first and if that makes it worse or doesn't help, then try putting ice pack on it. Just make sure you don't leave the ice on more than four mins at a time if it is directly on the skin. Do not want to add frost bite to your other pains.
I understand about money being low, but can you go to the health department? You need to see a professional doctor, chiropractor, or massage therapist.
Pain is the body's way of letting you know something is wrong.

Lisa W
Call a doctor near you and try to make out some arrangements to pay them. Some doctors will charge you a flat fee, you pay and they treat you. Call a chiropractor and see if you can make arrangements with them to pay.

Win S
you must call your doctor dear.
the pain has been there for 5 years. so don't wait.
usually when you carry heavy bags you get the pain, sometimes in cervical spondylosis, the pain occurs, but in that the pain occurs in the nape of neck.
so don't hesitate, confirm with the help of your doctor and get medication.
good luck.

u have to go to the doctor..
get X-rayed

Fire Fighter
This sounds like 'puter neck to me.
Seriously, it is probably a pinched nerve in your neck.
And looking up at a computer screen for long periods of time would irritate it even more.
Try some adjustments from a Chiropractor. That should help.
Good luck, sweetie.

Jennifer H
if your still in high school go to your school nurse she would be able to help you. she could have referrals and could possibly get the doctor bill written off if your family cant afford health care insurance. if your not in high school, research the Internet for free health clinics in your area.

Look on the internet to see if there are any free clinics in your area. You can at least find out what the problem is, and decide from there how to solve it.

Your problem sounds serious, and since it has continued for so long, you should get it examined.

If a free clinic isn't an option, save money for a doctor's visit. Save a little money every time you can, and save it only for an appointment. Save as much as you can, in case the problem is serious. Check and see if your medical insurance covers problems like this.

If none of the above are options, go to a library, and use medical books. (Medical dictionaries, textbooks, or encyclopedias.) Use your symptoms, and try and figure the problem out on your own.

Good luck! Get well soon!

why didn't your parents take you when you were younger? do you have insurance? or you could go to the county hospital. It could be a pinched nerve, or a strained muscle but it could be something worse like a disc or spinal injury. Only a doctor could really tell you..

This can be serious. You should really go to the doctor. I know you said finances are low but seriously. If your neck has been hurting for 5 years then something is wrong.

you should call a doctor and ask about this. You don't necessarily need to go to a doctor. Also it might just be constant stress on your neck.

Drew S
i had a pain like that i tryed every thing to get rid of it i whent to the doctor and i had sume ribs out of place and sum **** out of place in my sholder i would say save up like 100 $ and go to the doctor .

sorry to tell you....that you might need to be seen by a physician.

You see you have classic symptoms of nerve impingment (radiculopathy)....and it sounds that the nerve impingement is occuring in your cervical spine (neck). That requires further work-up that includes MRI of the neck to localize what cervical disc region is affected. From there, they cam make further plans.
If you don't have the finances.....apply for Medi-cal or Medicaid (depending on what state you're in ).
Remember....this is your health your putting at risk. Money is secondary.

the crusader
This is definately caused by some type of nerve problem. There's not much you can do for nerve pain other than medication. Because you don't have insurance and can't see a doctor, you may want to try an alternative, though. Try one of those pads that you wear that produces a heating sensation. That may be enough to stimulate other larger nerves in the area causing you to not feel your pain as much or as frequently. This is called the "gate-control theory" of pain.

pinched nerves don't last that long ... it has to be something with your spine. this sounds like something you really need to get checked out -- it's worth the money to get it checked out -- it could be something really serious and it's always better to find those things earlier rather than later.

you are only 18! That is awesome. No matter what state you live in you can get health insurance. It will expire when you are on your 20th birthday but will help with this. the link is below.
If they cannot help call social services they can help.
Then get to the doc.

Ryan S
Ice and heat that sore spot. Just keep switching between the two. And always remember that sickness and pain is 90% mental. The other 10% is cancer and heart attacks, and other nasty stuff like that.

Ashley F
I had a similar experience and suffer from chronic pain and numbness and tingling in both arms and legs. If you can't afford to see a doctor check out your local health department. They can help people who can't afford health care or don't have insurance. Otherwise sometimes clinics and hospitals can offer charity programs. Just give them a call and check into what type of program they have to offer. Sometimes you can get help for free or greatlly discounted. If it is a health department it is usually named after the county you live in. (example: I live in Indian River county so the health department is call Indian River County Health Dept.) Just for clarification. It never hurts to look into it. Otherwise you can also look into what type of programs the red cross in your area offers. Sometimes they have ways to help. Good luck!

Possibly a pinched nerve. But I think it's something out of place like a spinal disc. Do you sleep on your left side, that could be the problem if your head is to high. I have my oldest Son stand next to me. place one of his hands beneath my chin, the other the back of the head. I then have him lift as if to stretch the neck, and while it is up, have him turn it slowly to the left, then the right, then let his hands relax downward as he lets go. If that doesn't work go to a Chiropractor and let him take an xray and make proper adjustments. It won't hurt. You've had this way to long and should have had it checked way back when. Ice or moist heat may also help. Twenty minutes on, twenty off. Good Luck.

Justin is HERE~!!
it sounds like it could be.. and it wont go away on its own.. defiantely check into a free clinic...

You need to find a spine clinic in your area and contact your local County Medical Services office if you don't have insurance. You have all the same symptoms as I had did to a cervical spine injury. I don't want to alarm you but if you my child or spouse I would take you to the doctor and have them do a cervical spine evaluation. You might just have neck strain or something but if it is a nerve impingment it is something that only gets worse if it's not treated.

Here are a few links you should look at
You can look at any of them and just search 'cervical spine'

You can also go to the Mayo Clinic, Web.md and Discovery Health links for symptoms checking tools that will help you.

Your County Medical Services office would be the first place I would go. At your age and the type symptoms you are showing they will be able to help you get to an Orthopedic doctor to get dianosed

PS: Pinched nerves do last forever unless they are able to be relieved and they are not damaged. I have nerves that are damaged and will also be like that.
Good luck and I hope the links help

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