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 help I'm in pain?
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 will taking 8 extra strength tylenol hurt you?
i ask bc i just did that...and now i'm a little scared that something might happen 2 me......

 What is the worst physical feeling in your opinion?
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 My wife hit the side of her head & now getting very sluggish, do I left her go to bed, now?
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 whats the best remedy for a headache?
i went to sleep about 6 pm to try to get it to go away but i woke up about 11pm and still had the headache. i thought it would help but it didnt. i also already took 2 advil.

any ideas?...

 What's the worst pain you've ever had?

 what time did you wake up this morning?

 do guys htink visible hip bones are attractive?
cuz i love my hipbones so much
Additional Details
they aren't like anorexic visible, but ive just lost 10 lbs...and they look great on me......

I just took a twelve year old Tylenol?
Any concerns?
Additional Details
It wasn't meant for a 12 year old kid, It was physically 12 years old. In retrospect I should have done this before taking it.

too late now, lets go philles!!!

Mond R
Why do you ask after you did it?
Better tell us.

That's why there is expiration dates to get the most benefit from the medications. Some past their expiration date has no effect and then there are others that some the the "by products" turn into something else and make you sick.

Always throw out expired medications, vitamins, etc...

One of my clients had used expired contact lense solution and ended up with an infection.

take the roses
o.O is that safe....doesn't medicine turn into some other medicine after a whileee

I don't see why there would be. Nothing in tylenol is reactive enough to form something hazardous. It just may be ineffective.

naw they might not work...

Dwight S
i don't think it's going to work.

Medicine for a 12 year old or the medicine is 12 years old?

Anyway, if you are an adult, it's fine either way. Just not as effective.

No. Take another newer one for pain relief.

my only concern is why you have a 12 yr old tylenol to take in the first place.

it won't hurt you, if that's what you're asking.

I don't think so from what I have read. It may not work for your problem but it won't hurt you.

Just Me
you're gonna die man... no seriously, it probably just isn't potent anymore... won't work.

The only concern is that it might not do any good. All it's strength might be gone. It won't hurt you.

12 years? wow
No i don't think so.. probably won't cure your headache though

Bridget (:
Nope,I do it all the time

So you took an already weak drug that may have expired and become less effective.

Why would that be a concern again?

It won't do anything

horse luver xo
don't stress it, im sure nothing too bad will happen. it just probably won't work, but i doubt it will hurt you, Tylenol is pretty harmless, so it shouldn't do any damage. just don't take anymore...

wait a few hours and you'll know.

Jenn Brewers ∂ Packers Girl
No, probably doesn't have much potency anymore.

Why do you have Tylenol that has been sitting on your shelf for 12 years ?

its not gonna work

It's way past expired but it might still work. Don't do that with anything stronger than Tylenol though because it can be deadly!!

hmmm I dunno. Call poison control and see what they say!

not really....i dont know you so my mind is free of concerns...good luck on that one...oh yeah try cleaning more often cause if you can find a 12 year old tylenol dam your house must be dirty.

ive heard of taking candy from babies, but taking medication from tweens? that's just low. Give it back to the poor kid.

Foreva Fly Child: C.E.O of P & S
lol no, it probably won't work if you really aren't twelve because it's not as strong as adult tylenol Tiny Tim

See a physician fast! Your body will experience reverse-puberty if you don't get your stomach pumped in 12 hours. You've been warned!

This Guy
Probably won't work. As long as you didn't OD on them, you're fine.

probably wont help you out.. just throw them away

Blue Haired Old Lady
I'm not concerned at all.

you'll be fine,,, but you really need to throw old meds away.

No concerns, it probably won't do much for you.

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