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Just Another Nobody
I just took 7000 mg...?
i took 4325 mg of tylenol this morning, and almost 7 hours later i took another 7 pills (500 mg each) which equals 7 825 mg.

what should i do ??

die apparently...

U wouldnt be able to right this dumb*ss question if u took that much....... :|

Dodge B. Harrison
You could try vomiting and replacing the fluids in your stomach with a salt-baking soda-water solution.
Teaspoon of salt, teaspoon of soda, quart of water. Sip.

That should return homeostasis to your stomach before it eats away at your stomach lining.

i dunno
you should be fine though..
many people will tell you to call a doctor,
I would suggest the poison control center.

Drink a 6 pack while taking them, you'll die alot faster.

okay why? what are you trying to do? kill yourself?

Sam P
take morphine

Apple Jacks
start planning your funeral

Call for a kidney transplant as early as possible. I mean right now.

Blue Haired Old Lady
Stop being so stupid. You know better than to take that much Tylenol.

Go to the hospital..

Juan Guerro
hope to god you do not get BLEEDING ULCER

believe it or not, but unfortunately you will live. this is not an effective suicide.

WOW!! go check with a doctor!

you should stop taking so much d*** tylenol
it hurts your liver (or is it kidneys) at the best of times, and in such huge doses you're bound to be doing some damage

you're not going to die...didn't take enough of it to die...

Austin B
Yeah, you need to go to the hospital right now, preferably by ambulance. Symptoms of Tylenol poisoning can manifest up to 24 hours later, so just because you feel fine now doesn't mean you aren't dying. How much do you weigh? Did you take them with Alcohol? Either way, if you don't want to risking taking the dirt nap, I would reccommend you get to that ER ASAP.

Jason B
I think at that point you're alright. Avoid any alcohol products, and cease tylenol consumption.


Phone for an ambulance. NOW

Once you've done that write a note to your nearest and dearest in case you never see them again

I'm not joking

get your stomach pumped asap. you are going to die.

You should read the label and take the correct dosage.
But you should go on with your normal day to day routine and eat.
Youre not going to die, just may have some unknown liver damage.
Stop taking too much Acetaminophen, its not going to kill you. If thats why you did it, go see a psychologist.

toxic dose is about 7 grams. if im not mistaken you have taken a toxic dose today. the 7 grams is at a single sitting, but i would still either make yourself throw up (wont damage your throat like some chemicals) or go to a doctor. asap. And for god sake get some real pain killers.

Please call Poison Control ASAP! 1-800-222-1222

Kiss your liver goodbye and don't do that again.

Brittney :D
Call up poison control and they'll tell you what to do.

You'll get a spot in the Darwin Awards for sure

you could...
stop making up **** on yahoo

Christina J
Your Liver and Acetaminophen
The Negative Effects on Our Most Vital Organ
~ by Jo Jordan

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), over two thousand new chemicals are introduced into our lives each year. Currently, there are over seventy thousand potentially toxic chemicals that have made their way into the air we breathe, the food we eat, the personal care products we use, and the medicines we take.

So what happens when the very thing we rely on to feel better ends up being toxic to us, and actually damages our vital organs? Scientific research indicates that one popular and supposedly harmless over-the-counter drug – acetaminophen – is doing just that.

Experts Report Negative Effects of Acetaminophen on the Liver
The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reports that when given the maximum approved daily dosage of acetaminophen – a substance present in a range of common medications including Tavist Allergy/Sinus/Headache Caplets, Vicks DayQuil Multi-symptom Cold/Flu Relief Liquid, and Tylenol – test subjects developed early signs of possible liver damage.1

In the JAMA study published July 5, 2006, lead researcher Dr. Paul Watkins of the University of North Carolina reported that between thirty-one and forty-four percent of the 145 volunteers he tested experienced maximum ALT (the enzyme known as alanine transaminase) levels – more than three times the upper limit of normal – as a result of recommended daily doses of acetaminophen.

Significantly, none of the volunteers in the study who received a placebo (did not receive acetaminophen) had ALT elevations of this level.2

What Consumers Ought to Know About Acetaminophen’s Effect on the Liver
So what does all this mean for people who are concerned about their health, and who want to protect their liver? Well, ALT is an enzyme that helps metabolize protein. When the liver is damaged, ALT is released in the bloodstream, increasing ALT levels, and indicating a host of potential liver problems. The fact that so many of the volunteers in Dr. Watkins’ study had extremely high ALT levels is clear evidence that acetaminophen causes damage to the liver.

The human liver contains thousands of enzymes, special types of protein cells that help necessary chemical reactions to take place. Enzymes trigger activity in the body’s cells, speeding up and facilitating naturally occurring biochemical reactions, and maintaining various metabolic processes within the liver.

The liver performs many important functions to keep us healthy. It makes enzymes and bile that help digest food; it converts food into substances needed for life and growth; and it removes harmful material from the blood. From circulation to digestion, the liver continuously processes the blood used by the rest of the body.

While the liver is capable of regenerating itself, its capacity to repair itself can be seriously impaired by repeated or extensive damage, such as that perpetrated by the negative affects of the supposedly safe, recommended daily amount of acetaminophen.

How Can You Protect Your Liver from Toxic Damage?
According to the Harvard Women’s Health Watch, 56,000 emergency room visits and approximately 458 deaths from acute liver failure each year are attributable to acetaminophen overdose. And acetaminophen-related liver failure seems to be increasing.3

The results of Dr. Watkins’ study indicate that even the recommended daily allowance of acetaminophen can cause an overdose, resulting in liver damage. With this in mind, the obvious solution to avoiding becoming a statistic would be to stop using acetaminophen.

However, this is not an option for everyone, and since there are a myriad of other potentially liver-damaging toxics being ingested by people everyday, it makes sense to implement a multi-pronged health regimen aimed at detoxifying not only the liver, but the rest of your body as well. But first, here are a few tips for practicing safe acetaminophen use.

Tips for Avoiding Acetaminophen Toxicity

Read the label. The maximum recommended adult dosage is 4,000 milligrams per day (i.e. twelve regular or eight extra-strength acetaminophen tablets). Always use the lowest dosage first, and proceed from there without exceeding the daily maximum.4a

Use caution with combinations. Many over-the-counter combination medicines and prescription painkillers contain acetaminophen. Make sure you are not exceeding the recommended intake when taking a variety of medications.4b

Take alternate painkillers. If the recommended daily dose of acetaminophen doesn’t control pain, talk to your health care provider about alternating acetaminophen with a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, such as ibuprofen or aspirin.4c

Be careful with alcohol. Most labels warn against using acetaminophen if you have three or more alcoholic drinks each day. Remember that everyone metabolizes alcohol differently, so it’s safer to avoid a

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