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I hurt my ear with a q tip!?
I had it all the way down. the deepest it could go and then i forgot it was in there and accidently pushed it in. I'm nto sure if this is why but I feel dizzy nwo. this happened like 3 or 4 days ago. Is this why I feel a bit dizzy? IS THIS BAD?

Eddie R
u ****** hypocondriak how ever uspell it i cant believe u put that on here u vag hit me up

Stephanie C
well, why are you telling us this? the fact that you would do this u r pretty stupid! dont use q tips anymore!

Kitty Babe
i don't think its bad but don't push it in u could damage ur hearing if u do that.

your stupid for doing something like that...

i think you messed up your ear drum..

go see a doctor and tell him/her about what you did....


You will probably recover but don't do it again. I know a man who busted his ear drum. I have done it before but after hearing about him I stopped doing that.


Here is how you should be cleaning your ears for future reference (:

And about the hurtingg, just ice your ear, and let it be. It should be better soon, if not go to your doctors. dont worry, its nothing major!


Lol.. wow.. Never let that QTip anywhere near your eardrum. You probably punctured/broke something.

Go to the doctor (are you stupid you should never use a q tip to clean you ear you could go deaf) if you don't you ge worse

Jennifer E
You may have punctured your ear drum. This can make you feel dizzy. You need to see a doctor, but it is not something you need to go to the ER for unless you are having other problems like pus or blood draining from the ear or you are unable to function due to the dizziness. Call your doc in the morning and go in tomorrow if possible.

Marc B
I recommend you see a doctor but you may have an ear infection. sounds like you scratched your ear drum you can try to disinfect it with hydrogen peroxide. If the problem persists or gets worse SEE A DOCTOR. If you do go to the doctor for this, or anything else be sure to ask for free samples because 9 times out of 10 you can get out of paying for prescriptions by just asking. The prescription companies are always giving the doctors free samples because that's one way they make their sales. Always remember this it could save you a lot of cash.

It would be worth going to a doctor about....

stop using q tips

Yes, very. You may've damaged your eardrum, and you should go discuss and have a doctor look at the eardrum. The sooner, the better. (There is a chance for permanent damage.)

Ouda Dragan
You might have just tapped your ear drum, and given off a nasty vibration to your brain. Not too sure, but usually dizziness related to your ears usually means an ear infection. Check it out just in case, where's the harm in looking

you may have punctured your ear drum, best thing to do is go to a doctor

Go ahead and go to the ER tonight. Q-tips can contain harmful bacteria. You most likely just injured your inner ear, causing the dizziness.

However, go to the ER to get checked out.

Okay yes this is bad. First of all, q tips do not go in your ear! Nothing does! From the site: "Q-tips® cotton swabs are the ultimate beauty tool - perfect for applying, blending and removing makeup." I know everyone thinks its okay for cleaning ears, but its not okay to put /into/ the ear. Trust me, I've been to the hospital because a q-tip came off and got lodged in my ear, and a doctor had to pull it out because it was so far in!

Your inner ear has vital parts that keep your equilibrium. You may have injured some part of your inner ear. You should definitely see your doctor, especially since its been 3-4 days! Here's a site that has a lot of information on this: ( http://www.pneuro.com/publications/dizzy/ ). Good luck!

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