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 ouch, help help help!?
I have a pain in my lower right quad [my appendix area]
I had it like a month ago and they said it was "constipation"
it's back nopw, but it's a whole lot worse:/

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 please help me my head hurts!?
im alone and i have a headache im 11 and we dont have headache medicine i called my mom and her phones turned off is there anything i can do besides get ice because i dont have that ...

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*le sigh* It came back todayy.
I couldn't sleep all last night after it appeared just before I went to bed. I kept trying to roll over and stuff and wasn't very comfy. I couldn't ...

 Lower back pain wont go away!?
I have been going to physio therapy and its still not helping! Its my lower back, right in the middle by my tail bone! I have a strong core, and have no history of back injury. What do you suggest!?...

 my stomach hurts!!!!?
the lower right side of my stomach hurts really bad!!! this part of my stomach hadnt ever hurt before. what can it be? and what can i do to stop it?
Additional Details
maybe i pulled a ...

 my friends eye hurts?
okay my friends eye hurts and its a little pink.i thin its pink eye but i always thought pink eye was for itching and watering.

if you know what it may be PLEASE tell me. :) thank you !!...

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In ...

 Why do i have a headache?
Okay i know this sounds like a stupid question, it's just a headache.
Hear me out. I never get headaches, only once in a blue moon. I went to the gym this morning and decided to try one of ...

 what would happen if you took 20 500milagram tylenol pills?

 My 7 year old Son gets cramp / growing pains in his legs at night.....?

 does any1 know wat is wrong with me?
I keep feeling really sick at any time of the day and keep gettin really bad stomch pains (usually worse at night)they get so unbareable at times ive been to the hospital and they just send me home ...

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 Does anyone sleep on a 'memory foam' mattress? What are they like?

 Picking my nose addiction help.?
I pick my nose way too often and I think its all scraped inside because of my sharp nails ( I cut my naild so that they have points at the tips) I think it has too much dirt up there. How do I not ...

 Biggest headache of my life...?
I've just had the biggest headache/migraine of my life.

Whenever I get the constant pain, it feels like my head is being hammered. But the most painful one is just too indescribable. ...

I have violent throbbing pain in my forehead followed by dull pain that doesn't go away. Any suggestions?
This has has happened 4 times in last 3 days. I must stop any movement when the "episodes" begin. I can see/feel the vein that is causing the pain. Do not feel like I have a sinus infection, but I do feel spacy or dizzy.

This is easily the scariest, most intense pain I have ever felt but it only last for a few seconds IF I am able to stop all movement immediately. I literally feel like the vein is about to explode in my head when it happens. I do not have health insurance so I haven't gone to a doctor - if the pain did not diminish so quickly I would probably be better motivated to go. My biggest fear is that I am at risk for stroke.

Diet problems- perhaps you are eating too much sugar or food with empty calories that overloads your liver. Also you could be dehydrated so make sure you have your 8 cups a day! Headaches can also be symptoms of any number of diseases so I recommend that you get it checked out by your doctor.

Most headaches are caused by not drinking enough water throughout the day. So drink up

there is such a thing as a comunty medicine in ur county.

f s
Sounds like u need to see a doctor...so quit banging your head against the wall and go to hospital or call someone to drive u

You may be experiencing a cluster headache. However, you should see a doctor and describe everything you feel or experience.

Check out the website below and see if any of the other symptoms of a brain tumor are present. The site is a comprehensive survey of symptoms by people who have had brain tumors. It's a fairly comprehensive list and not for the hypochondriac! Chances are, though, that you have cluster headaches which, like migraines, no one knows their cause.

How's your teeth? Have a history of TMJ? You might have an irritation of the trigeminal nerve network if you get "icepick" headaches.

But go to a doctor if your headaches continue.

Better consult a doctor/specialist before anything worse can happen,,if not have a counsel

bryon p
SEE A DOCTOR NOW this is very serious dont hesitate just see a doctor immediately

Go see a doctor. The pain is there for a reason and if it comes on so fast it must need immediate attention.

Kristin B
I could be any number of things. First, i would drink a bunch of water. Dehydration causes "headache" like symptoms along with nausea and dizziness. You can be dehydrated even if you drink water, you just might not be getting enough or your drinking things that will make you dehydrated like pop, coffee, beer, wine, etc.

If you fear having a stroke, you can take a baby aspirin which is 81mg. Aspirin will thin your blood which will help prevent strokes.

Listen, you need to get to a doctor. I think you are having a Migrane because they can last for several days. I get Migranes and my father does too. I haven't had one in some time and the older I get the less they come. My Father had to lock himself in a bedroom for sometimes three days at a time. It had to be completely dark, NO LIGHT, no sound, no movement. He would slowly walk to the bathroom with his eyes shut and feeling his way along because any light would cause hard core pain to shoot through his head.

My migranes could not stand movement, especially movement of my head as it would just increase the throbbing. (I can feel it just remembering) Dont get yourself worked up into thinking you are going to have a stroke. You cant know whats really going on until you see a doctor. I know it's spendy but it's better than just not knowing.

Zachary B
a asprin

Sounds like a clot or a stroke, get to a doctor, life may be on the line.

Go to a doctor. Your life is more important than your money. Isn't there a free clinic close to where you live? This sounds serious to me. You might have a tumuor. A friend of mine died from this; another live but had to have a piece of her brain removed. (This is a worst case scenario, but it's better to be save than sorry. Go to a doctor A.S.A.P.) Just in case.

Headaches can have a couple of causes. Irritation relating to the nerves in the area and irritation of the blood vessels. Sounds like a rapid change in the blood vessels. Often headaches are triggered eg if blood vessels vasoconstrict (narrow) then dilate (open wide/ relax) you can get a pounding sharp pain. The whoosy/ dizzy feeling could be caused by impaired circulation to part of the brain (temporarily).

Food intollerance/ reaction can trigger such a reaction (eg. caffiene, chocolate, MSG, cheese).

Cluster headaches can be a cause and you really must get medical advice ASAP to get the right treatment. You'll kick yourself if something serious could have been prevented.

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