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Ashley M
I have migraine every day and have to take pain killers... hould I go to the doc? I'm 14 by the way...?
I have to take pain killers... should I go to the doc? I'm 14 by the way... I was just wondering f i should tell my mum or not... I get them all the time and I don't wanna complain but it's kinda weird to get migraines all the time... isn't it?
Additional Details
I already wear glasses and no my prescription works. Thank you for your help!

Where are you getting the pain killers from? You need a DR appointment. You could need glasses. It could be something else. Tell your mother. Their are medications over the counter and prescription medications other then pain killers to treat Migraines. GO TO THE DR.

Yes you need to talk to your mother and see a doctor. They may recommend you see a eye doctor, you may need glasses. If not, your doctor can do some tests to see what is causing them. Things such as stress can be the culprit. Good luck. :)

A co-worker of mine kept having migranes every single day, she went to the doctor and discovered it was a hemorrage behind her left eye. You should always consult with your doctor, they know best. I hope you feel better soon.

well since your young, its probably best to go to the doctor - cant hurt.
and yes do tell your mom cuz it could get worse if maybe u dont get the help u need and moms know best!

that is a serious medical problem and you definately should let your mother know

i have had migraines all my life now i am now 19 ...i was finally referred to an MRI lab because i was getting worried...i will find out about the results next week...you should go for an MRI ....even if you are ok it's better to be safe than sorry

Max R
I have the same problem. Up until last summer I never found a cure until a friend suggest medical marijuana. Your only 14 and would be difficult for you to get one especially since I dont know if the state you live in allows it. I am proud to say medical marijuana has a lot of benefits, especially for headaches.

it could be a sign of many different things, but at your age it is most likely your vision, get an eye test.

Have you been diagnosed with migraines? I'd definitely go to the doctor again. Why would you not want to tell you mom? She'll only want to help you! It could be something else...a sinus infection, or eye strain. Taking pain killers every day for something when you're not sure what it is may hurt your stomach. Better to get a real diagnosis.

Go see a Neurologist. It can be a lot of things, don't mess around.

Interesting how you got pain killers without going to the Dr.
Yes tell your mother, and stay away from chocolates.

yes huni by all means tell your mom. so you can go to the docs and hopefully find out what may be the cause behind them. it is NOT normal by any means to have em every day.. also to actually get a prescription that may help better then anything over the counter, since you are getting them everyday and that just should not be happening. you are far to young to have to deal with daily migraines. there can be other reasons that cause it...it will pay to go to docs, get check up and even blood work...

headaches can be caused from many things...stress ( tho you are very young for that..diabetis, high/low blood pressure and more)

sooo talk to mom...and go from there...

good luck and i hope you feel better,


too kenston it is NOT normal for any 14yr old ( for anyone of any age for that matter) to have them everyday..period..and to take pain killers that often can only end up making things worse sometimes, hurting your stomache and you can and will become imune...

My daughter suffered from migraines. With her it was a problem with her palate. She had to go to the orthodontist and have an expander and braces. Her migraines went fully away. Migraines can be from many different causes. Talk to your mom about it and get it checked out. You may find that it is something easy to fix (could be food allergy's, dental problems etc. )and you can have relief from your pain. Take care.

Yeah definitely go see a doctor I suffer from migraines myself and the best thing you can do is go to a doctor they have all kinds of different medicines some that you take everyday and others that you only have to take when you get a migraine. It really does help start with your family doctor and they will lead you from there it really will help. You shouldn't have to live with migraines all the time.

Auntie NikNik
doesn't sound like migraines to me. You really need to ask your mom.

Shane J
You have a right to complain! I get migraines once in a while, and they hurt like hell. If I were you, I'd get to the doctor fast.

take two aleve, preferable the one that as the (blue) colored pill. Not the gel caps!

Justin W
yes, not a good sign and eventually the pain killers effects will no longer work the same way because your body will grow immune to it or develop withdrawls and become dependent on it

i had this too...i went to the eye doctor. try that and see if you need glasses. it helped me instantly. its so nice to be able to see and feel good.

it might be one of these things:
Diet low in sugar- try eatting a banana/fruit
Not enough water- drink more- carry a waterbottle to class

That's defin. not good. If they DONT stop you should let someone know. hope you get better ;)

The Lion of the West
yes i recomend you tell your mum

Yeah you need a doctor, it could have something to do with your cycle.

ya he can at least give you better meds thats when i started getting headaches

EVERY DAY ???????

of course you should tell your mom and see a doctor.

Nicky R.
Definetly doctor. Thats very unusual. It may be a serious problem and normal medicines might not help.

Relax, I'm here now.
You may need glasses.

Baba O'Riley
Sure they're migraines?
Regardless, go see a doctor

yes you should

It is weird to get migraines all the time, yes. When I was younger I used to get them every day as well, and my mom took me to the dr.'s to get a blood test. They were initially testing for Kidney Disease, which can manifest itself in the form of migraines. In the end they discovered that it was just an iron deficiency causing the migraines, and I've been taking iron supplements ever since. I don't usually get migraines anymore, unless I've forgotten to wear my glasses. Definitely tell your parents thought, because it could be something serious...or it could be something as simple as an iron deficiency. Good luck!

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