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I have been troubled with a pain for two days and would like to know if it requires medical attention.?
The pain is in an areaon the left side of my body (about 6 inches to the left of my belly button in a direct line, just below the rib cage). It feels like muscle pain as opposed to anything internal or bone related but I really think it moved from where it was yesterday. It was more to the side then but seems to have moved a a little since. The pain is not intense but is permanent (nearly like the feeling of bruising) it feels like someone has kicked me really hard in that area. I have askled the wife and she assures me that she didn't do this whilst I was asleep!!
Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

carla s
It sounds like you are full up! Constipated, I went to the Doctor with a similar pain and was told I was blocked up with hard poo.

Lots more questions need to be answered before anyone would be able to help you. Where has it moved to/from? Diet and appetite normal? Are you still passing flatus/faeces (wind/solids from your back passage) normally? When you press hard on the area for a few seconds and then let go quickly which hurts the most, pushing in or letting go? Does the pain change as you bend and stretch the area? Have you tried taking analgesia (painkillers)? If so did they change the pain at all? Depending on the severity of the pain, and your answers to the above, you could 1 wait and see; 2 talk with a pharmacist at your local chemist shop; 3 see your doc; or 4 go to A + E. Though 4 maybe excessive as you have been able to cope for 2 days and write on this site. Good luck.

Annie M
You could be dying and you are on here asking people for advice about pain! Pick up the phone and call the doctor.

*SA Chick*
Could be your appendix.
Go get yourself seen to.

Andromeda Newton™
If its bearable and you can live with it give it until after the weekend and see if it fades, if not then call your doctor. If it feels like bruising most likely thats what it is and we don't always remember every knock we take each day (i know i'm always covered in unexplained bruises!) and it should start to ease soon.

Any pain is a sign that something is wrong..... Go to the doctor, on here people will only be guessing....

First of all I think you need some prayer to your creator.
Then do go to a doctor.

mark b
see a doctor, After two days of pain when you cant remember hurting that area that is in pain it is worth a trip to the Doctor. If the Doctor says that it is muscular try a choiropractor as sometimes your back can cause pain in other parts of the body. Doctor first though.

you problem certainly does not seem to be because of appendix
so lets rule out the option now.
your doubt may be right. you may knowingly or unknowingly caused some bruising on your body and because of that you may have strained some muscle.
well ti automatically heals to a certain extent.
but i suggest you see a doctor.

There could be numerous problems with a pain just below your rib cage.
Muscle tear
Ulcer in the stomach
Trapped wind
Twisted gut
Cancer of the stomach
It wouldn't be you colon or appendix as in the wrong area.

In any case of a severe pain in the stomach you need to seek assistance now. Call NHS direct if in the UK and a nurse will speak to you on the phone or visit your GP as a urgent case and they will fit you in asap. If you don't wish to do any of these go to A&E at your local hospital

yes...better on the saver side

Go and get checked - my husband had a similar pain that moved over a couple of days - eventually the pain got worse and brought him to his knees. We got him to the hospital and a quick urine test showed it was kidney stones passing through - hence the pain moving. Most pass through without any treatment - just drinking lots of water and walking to help it pass through quicker. An x-ray quickly shows the size and location of the stone and a decision is made on what to do if anything. It may have passed through already as the feeling of bruising can last up to a week. Good luck.

Filthy Lucre
...and going to a Dr. is not an option?

i have had pain for 24 years its called my kids theres no cure

Pain from your appendix sometimes does not localize until it gets ready to burst. If I were you I would have it checked out because if that is what it is, you don't want to take any chances. If it bursts, you will be in a lot of trouble...........tell her not to play so rough next time! hahaha

diane w
Could be a number of things, appendix is right sided, usually under the bottom rib on the left side can be trapped wind, and yes it can go on for days, the other thing is something where the bowels are concerned, could you be slightly constipated? Sometimes you can be constipated yet still go to the toilet, sounds daft I know but try eating bran every morning for a while and see how you go , obviously if it continues or gets worse go see the doc. Good luck.

Someone out there
Well, where the location of your pain is, I'd expect it to have something to do with your colon. Have you been having normal bowel movements, or has there been some changes? Any blood or mucous in your stools? It wouldn't hurt to go see a doctor. Especially if you're over 40 as you should be having a colonoscopy done every year, or at best a hemoccult.

take some prunes as it does sound like colon colic, if it persists after bowel movement then see your doctor.

If it was on your right side I might suspect a grumbling appendix.

On your left side in the area you describe the only problems I can think of are:
A Muscle strain
A Hernia.
Possible Urine infection
Referred pain from your pancreas
Referred pain from a kidney stone.

The fact is it I am not a doctor...but I would ask myself.

Have I been eating and drinking normally.
Have I peed normally.
Have I pood normally.
Did the pain start after physical exertion.
Is the pain getting worse.
Is the pain spasmodic, throbbing.
A general ache.
What makes it worse
What helps to relieve the pain
Have you been on a long haul flight recently.

The fact that your pain is moving is not odd...it may mean that the earlier discomfort is now centralising at the actual source of the pain....this can occur with appendicitis...but this would be on the right side of the body..

All the things a doctor would ask...so work things out logically if you want but please go and get professional advice.

Or if you will not....give us a little bit more info..

Good luck

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