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1.steady, ...

I have been experiencing an left upper abdomen cramp every time I run. It comes on very quickly into my run.?
I am an 18 year old male and I have been running for a couple months now. I am in good shape. The first time I got the cramp it was a mile into my run. It not comes almost immediately. At one point it came on even while walking. It is not a sharp pain. No other symptoms. It is not related to hydration or diet.. It is not a side stitch.

once you feel the cramp, keep running, you need to break your second wind!

I heard this on the Tyra Banks show, a doctor on there said to drink pickle juice or do a handstand for 30 seconds.

If you eat a lot before running, that may be the reason.

I agree with Courtney, you must warm up before any activity.

drink water and look into checking if you may have pulled something.

Stop run and ride a bicycle..U going to love it.

Its either you have a liver problem or an upper intestinal problem but if its the lower right stabbing pain its your Appendix have it checked by a Dr. A.S.A.P. before it could get blown up or get worse.

Oh that happened to me when i was running the track it went away after a few months to make it go away quicker is to dirnk like 10 glasses of water everyday and try your best to avoid running or it will make it permanet

Work your abs man! the same stuff happens 2 me. it just means that ur abs are good enough..... and you are not pacing yourself well enough

morg N
Hello most people get cramps from running although you did say it somes on fast so i dont know but i hope this helps but whenever you start to get that cramp dont keep running no matter what either slow down,walk, or if its really bad sit and give your self a break while drinking water once it starts to go away try it again hope it helps bye :)

I had the same exact problem in august and last year. I believe that it has something to do with drinking too much gatorade in a short period of time. I had two gatorades within 6 hoursand I chugged a good portion of each one and the next day I got a cramp in the same area bout 1/4 way through the soccer field. This went on for about a week and I only drank water until it was gone.

this could very well be caused by your breathing. are you breathing at a smooth, regular pace? in your nose, out your mouth, and medium-long deep breaths? don't even think about it while you run, and your breathing will regulate itself, usually. but in cross country, we're always told, "if you got a cramp, change your breathing!" also make sure your posture is good, balanced, and upright to allow for smooth blood flow. one great help is to raise your arms up behind your head (if you can stay balanced while running and doing this), and it will loosen up your muscles, letting blood flow to your abdominal muscles. as for posture, be sure not to slouch to one side (people sometimes don't even notice when they do this). stay loose, don't tighten muscles voluntarily, relax everything while you run, including your hands and arms, keeping them open, close to the body, and moving all the way back and all the way up -- long, light movements. get long strides with your legs, as well. all of this will also make sure your body gets enough oxygen and doesn't tire out too fast, or else anaerobic respiration begins and lactic acid fermentation in your muscles will bring soreness and pain.

another great help is bananas! they help ease and prevent cramps like that, loosening up tightened abdominal muscles. our cross country coaches greatly encourage us to eat bananas all the time, and before running (of course, no less than 45 minutes before, though, or else the banana will come right back up, haha). but, seriously, try eating some before you run.

hope i helped, and keep on running!! :)

try not to drink right before your run. start hydrating yourself the night before and a little the day of the run so that you wont cramp up.

I have had the same problem when I tried to run. Yes, always stay hydrated but do try NOT drinking any water for at least 30 minutes prior to your run, maybe even 45 minutes. It did the trick for me.

>"I have been running for a couple months now"

That long?

I'm afraid you'll live! It does go away, doesn't it?

maybe u are going thourgh a change.

Ron Brgundy
Sounds diet related. Take a multivitamin and try to get a better balance that includes potassium (bananas)

Are you running suddenly without warm ups?
What about your breathing, has that changed at all?

I know what you're talking about, I used to have it and it kinda went away by itself. Now I can run for miles without any problems.

Try stretching, different breathing techniques and try slowly taking off before you get into the long run.

drink plenty of water... you need to always be hydrated.. if you aren't fully hydrated that will cause cramps

A B C 1 2 3 ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫
See a doctor, there are only 6 nerves in the Gut and its very hard to detect what the problem could be.

I used to get the same pain about 3/4 to a mile into it. I thought it was dehydration, but no. Then I thought it was a lack of potassium, helped a little but no. I asked my coach about it and he said to stick a bead, gum, or something small and smooth under my tongue. For some reason it worked and I haven't had the pain while running or skateboarding since.

I have been running for quite some time as im in the army and I used to experience the same problem except mine was sharp. I tried everything. Drinking water, taking ibuprofen, etc. I went to the doctor and he told me I either needed to control my breathing better or do better stretches. So now before I run I stretch, do 20 pushups and 60 situps although what I really think is what helped my problem is the yoga breathing. I will take slow long drawn out breaths and exhale every other time my left foot hits the ground. I have had no more pain. Try the breathing and stretching and see what happens.

jump on it!
I know exactly what you are talking about!
I get the same exact symptoms... Keep Reading

Alright I am a cross country runner, run about 4 miles a night and then suddenly out of the blue I get the strangest cramp in the world and i can't run, thats exactly how bad it hurts. I asked all of my coaches and they didn't know what the heck it was. I tried drinking more water, everything, but that doesn't seem to effect it at ALL!

so what I learned that it was from was I noticed I didn't set a pace for my self and my breathing was not going at a stady pattern, I also had a cold that week too, so I was a little stuffy and it was hard to breathe.

The reason for the cramp is because I wasn't inhaling enough oxygen for my body and it started to hurt. Also because I was going at like 5 different paces and switching dramatically so that unregulated my breathing.

Also remember to stretch that part of the body EXTRA!
That helps too

And if my advice didnt seem to help, please see a doctor. They usually know what they are talking about!

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