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chicken soup
I have a ring stuck on my finger and it wont come off PLEASE HELP! im in pain!?
Well last night i found my old ring and i put it on and took it off several times and then i left it on
and fell asleep yes it was a little tight on me but didnt hurt and it did come off but
this morning i woke up and my finger was swollen and fatter then it was last night
and i try to take the ring off it looks like its impossible like what should i do it doesnt hurt when i keep it on but its unbareable pain when im taking it off my finger is reddish pink not purple purple blue or green
incase this makes a difference its my ring finger on my left hand the one between the middle finger and the pinky
i tried taking it off with soap
lotion water slipery stuff...
so PLEASE if you have any advice tell me

ok so your circulation is cut. keep slowly taking it off with oil, liquid soap, and water. keep your hand up so that the blood can go down

Hope i helpred.

Good luck... and if it doesnt work go to the hospital

Ha try vaseline

katie c
WINDEX! Yes the window cleaner!!!
msg me back tell me if it worked!

just wait til later in the day when you finger goes back down and then try!

Mona J
ummm... i dont want to scare you or anything but you really need professional help because if it turned fat and red your blood is stopped in that place
this is serious...try to break of the ring off or you some oil that has been warmed and put it on there (it worked like a charm for me)

John Galt
Try this it will work.

Get some kite string and start at the top of you finger. Wrap the string around and around so that the string lines up next to the previous wrap. Do this al the way down to you ring. Do so that it is pretty tight. You should force all the fluid down your finger and reduce the diameter of your finger enough to slide the ring off. Depending on how bad it is you might be able to just do it from the knuckle down. Let me know if it works.

dont pull it off try slowly twisting the ring upwards and idk put like butter or oil on your finger..good luck!

run your hand under very cold water for a long while and then twist the ring round a bit to ease it it off a little bit.

If it doesn't move keep running it under the cold water (cold as you can get) to help the swelling

If it moves then use your mouth to twist it off, the moistness of your mouth will help a lot, its a great trick sliding it off with your mouth.

If you can't budge it please don't try and pull it off, never pull it never works when the ring doesn't fit because it just pulls the skin off your knuckles back which gets wedged into the ring and OW, it hurts! Just go to a hospital straight away if this doesnt work

stick your finger in your mouth.
this will warm and comfort the nerves and eventually they will relax and the ring should slip off.

Sometimes your hands, feet and fingers swell for different reasons. Maybe if you run your fingers under water put some kind of lubricant on it then it should come off. Otherwise you need to get it cut off. I had that problem once and cut the ring off. Thank GOd I didn't cut my finger. But still with one of the rings I wear regularly, it does get a bit snug when my fingers have swelled up. I think it happens ify ou sleep on your hands or something...it's wierd.

If your finger is turning colors, you may be having an allergic reaction to the metal in the ring or you may be cutting off the circulation. Put your hand in Olive Oil and the ring should come off. If it doesn't, you may have to go to the hospital to have the ring cut off.

I'd try using some kind of lubricant to see if that would make it come off. If you can't get it off, and you're in pain, I'd go to the Emergency room because it could cut off the blood supply to your finger.

getting ur finger wet is 1 step. if u havn't twisted the ring and pulling it off at the same time, that should do it.

the swollen-ness, i'd say ice you fingers, if its serious, get them looked at.

Wrap string or dental floss around the fingr to create like a corset the ring should be able to come off then. You can do iy in segments if you want. remember though the more you mess with it and pull an tug the more swoll ittl get. if all else fails cut it of with wire cutters.

go to the hospital you its not safe it sounds like your not getting oxygen and blood to your finger. keep twisting and slowly lifting with soap and grease butter

Try rubbing some oil over the affected area. Relax the hand with the ring on it, and slowly wiggle the ring off. If that doesn't work, use more force. The oil should help loosen it.

Kack M
soap... or you can try a band saw

first off CALM DOWN; if you panic your fingers can swell for some reason. Just relax and run your hand under cold water and use some kind of oil and slowly work it off.

Thomas T
You might try running your hand under cold water for a while, it should reduce a little swelling enough for the soap, lotion, or any other slippery stuff trick

Hold your hand up when you try to take the ring off, and if you are cold that would be even better as your fingers will be slimmer then.
If using soap or vaseline doesn't work, and you are in pain and the finger is discoloured then you must go and have the ring removed asap as it is interfering with the blood supply.
Good luck.

Try to put ice on your or run your finger under cold water finger to help the swelling go down then use some veg oil and try to slowly pull the ring off. i hope this helps hun. if this dosent work you might have to go to the hospital and have the ring cut off. good luck!

Try placing an ice pack on your hand or putting your hand in cold water, that may help the swelling go down. If it doesnt and your finger starts to turn differnt colors, please get yourself to the ER so they can cut if off, not worth damaging your finger because of loss of blood flow.

Put A LOT of lotion on, and keep rubbing it around the ring. Hopefully that helps, and good luck! =)

Try vegetable oil. If that doesn't work, put your finger on ice for as long as you can stand it - it will reduce the swelling and then you can try all the slippery stuff again. If it's on that tight, I'm afraid you may have to get it cut off. Good luck.

wrap an ice pack around your finger. it'll make the swelling go down and then you can take it off. sometimes it works to put your finger in your mouth and use your spit to get it off.

Let your hand soak in cold water for a bit. Then try getting hold of something oily, like vegetable oil or mineral oil, something like that. Go slowly, and when you pull the ring, try to push the skin that's bunched up back underneath the ring. Slowly and patiently, that should get it done. Good luck!

Use a lot of soap and COLD water. When your hands are warm, they swell a little. The cold water will help the swelling go down, and the soap will help it slide off a little easier. Good luck!

Sassafras and Mustard
Try chilling your hand with ice to reduce the swelling, then use some cooking oil and try to slide it off. If you still can't get it off, you're going to have to cut it off - it might be safest to go to the hospital for this.

Julius C.
A soak in cooking oil and trying to 'screw' it off -

A chill in ice water until your hand is numb and then dry it before repeating step one -

A trip to the ER to use their 'ring splitter' a small wheeled hacksaw specifically designed to remove rings.

Hopefully one of the first two works - but the third is guaranteed.

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