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A :)
I have a huge fear of needles and I have to get a shot next week. Any advice?
I've always hated needles. In fact, my ears aren't even pierced. The last time I got a shot was about 10 years ago, and I was so little, I don't remember much, except the awful pain.
Any advice?
I'm terrified.

i love needles but that doesnt help you,
you could be asleep when it happens,
but you need another needle for that,
so that doesnt help,
honestly needles never hurt,
they have alot of bad publicity,
trust me, youll be ok

tell the doctor to put you asleep or laughing gas

1) ask them to numb it with liquid nitrogen so that you don't feel the needle poke you and 2) keep your eyes closed til you are done.

peoplegocrazi =]
on monday i have to get like 3 shots
and i really dont wanna go!
but im trying to think positive about it
and just think of good things instead

mr idol
Hi my Dad has same fear what he dos is tell doctor about fear so the doctor is informed and then look in a different direction from person how is giving the injection. He says when he dos that he doesn't even notice the needle.and he is Phobia level with the fear of needles.so i hope that helps you out.

Ask your dr. for a skin numbing cream or disc called EMLA.

"Emla Anesthetic Disc"

I myself am not afraid of needles, but here's some suggestions. Look at something else not the needle, don't tense up b/c thats the worse thing you could do, think of something else other than the needle, etc.

Kelsey D
If your mom or dad comes with you (this is gonna sound really kiddy but hey, no one else will know right?) bury your face in their arm during the shot.
Tell the doctor not to count to three before she gives you the shot.
Take deep breaths: In 1,2,3 out 1,2,3. Count it out in your head.
Relax your muscles so the needle doesn't make them sore.
Hope this helps! It works for me : ]

take some one with you and just breath.......I have a needle phobia so bad i will pass out.....but just recently i had a baby and that phobia went out the window......So i know how horrible it is to have this problem....I took my mom with me burried my face in her arm and just breathed. I had my mom talk to me too about things that were caliming to me. think of things that are calming to you. also tell the doctor or nurse that you have this phobia and it is really bad. lots of people have it so they are used to it.

me too; convince yourself to just take the pain. its never as really bad as all the tensing up leads you to believe it is. make believe your taking this one as a matter of life or death; in retrospect you may be

Gail C
Its alot worse in your mind than it actually is.. perhaps do some deep breathing exercises before to try calm your nerves.. i always find it helps if i look away and close my eyes so i cant see whats going on.. good luck! If your phobia is really bad you could try hypnotherapy.

Steven L
well u can just close your eyes andthink of it being a nice dog about to leap into you arm. or just go to a happy place think about someone u like. but i prefer the dog one.

I give others shots every day and myself one every other week. Rather than telling my patients to ignore it's happening, having them fully aware of it seems to help more. My best advice is to keep in mind that the needle is sterile, the damage to your flesh is purposeful, beneficial and superficial and the pain is only temporary. (And very short lived, at that.)
Personally I find it more comfortable to slowly push the needle into the skin rather than "playing darts" like nurses are taught. I don't know if your healthcare provider will do it, but you have the right to ask if you wish.

Note - Pain is our "early warning system" and actually helps us prevent our bodies from suffering worse injuries. (Like the people born without pain receptors that suffer terrible scarring because they can't tell when to pull hands away from hot utensils, etc.)

I'm scared of needles and pokes, too. I just got 4 shots in one day recently. The best thing to do is to not look at the needle and to just get it over with. Don't think about it too much. Try to distract yourself with a joke. Before you know it, your shots will be done.

Hope this helps!! :)

I have to get a shot next week too, and I'm scared out of my mind. My friends who have already gotten the shot have told me to look away from the needle and think of something else to take your mind off of the shot.

Happy Thoughts

To tell you the truth the first time i went to get a shot I was scared, but I remember I looked right at the needle as it went in and saw how little they actually penetrated the skin and it wasnt that bad. Now every time I get a shot I always look directly at the needle go in and notice that it barely goes in and its fine. If you can get the courage to look right at the needle you might just find that there is nothing to be scared of. Good luck, i know this can be a terrifying moment for some.

Gabriel D
From my experience, most people's fear of needles comes from childhood. Some people have not having a shot or blood drawn since they were a child. As kids, shots/needles are traumatic for us, especially since we are so little and the needle is so big.
As adults, shots/needles don't hurt, but it is our memories of childhood shots that fuel this fear. I wouldn't worry too much, just don't look at the needle or watch them administer it. Consider it an accomplishment.

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