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I got a slipped disk?
Friday morning i woke up unable to move, the pain in my lower back was unbearable to cut a long story short i went to the doctors he said i have slipped a disk.

He has pescribed me Diazepam and Co-Codamol they are making me sleep but are not doing anything for the pain, sometimes i feel like im going to crumble into a big heap on the floor! he has told me to back in a weeks time (next Friday)

Has anybody had this before and what did you do to help releive the pain, ive tried putting heat pads on the lower back but still no good.

My buttocks and legs hurt is that normal, when i see him on Friday i wasnt feeling pain there but i am now.
Additional Details
sorry if your eating, bowels not moving either. The pain in my bum and legs is dull the pain in my back is peircing will literally stop me in my tracks, the peircing pain is not constant but quite regular

I had a prolapsed(slipped) disc about 7 years ago and despite of using a Tens machine and being on Diclafenac Sodium and Pethidine, could not really control the pain until I visited an excellent physio, who instructed me in controlling my core muscles. I also purchased an inversion table.
My first visit to a local physio trapped a sciatic nerve. This is what gives the pain from buttock to heel. I had to wedge myself between a door frame in order to cough or sneeze, as this was the only way I could do so, without giving me excruciating pain.
If somebody had said they could cure the pain by taking my leg off, I think I would have said yes.
At it's worst, I borrowed a magnetic pillow, magnetic mattress and near infra red duvet. These all helped to a degree.

sounds like what i had your dr is right
mine lasted three months
i was given tons of tablets the diazipam is just a muscle relaxent and thats whats making you sleepy
i got to the stage that i felt so sick from all the tablets i started to reduce them and do light exercize (after two months) the pain your going through i know is hell
just take your time and get everyone to run round for you untill you have the guts to try for your self i did and it worked

I suffered a slipped disk about 12 years ago and still occasionally suffer with discomfort and pain with it.
After experiencing another accident, which inflicted more pain on my back a few years ago, I eventually was sent to see a physio. Best thing ever!
I wouldn't recommend any physio, until you can walk around without crippling pain - but the only way I ever got through my painfully times, was to at first take a shed load of painkillers and rest up; but then eventually to start moving about. It will probably hurt, but it isn't a "bad pain", as in that you're not damaging anything further. You have to do that to keep your back from freezing up.
When you feel up to it some gentle exercise is the best thing - I wouldn't recommend what I was told, as I'm not a doctor! However since all my misadventures with slipped disks I've found that after an aerobic workout, my back feels fantastic - which perhaps is something for later.
I wouldn't worry about your bum and legs - again it isn't a "bad pain". Try relaxing baths and elevating your legs may help if you lay out straight.
Hope this helps!

If you break your arm and take pain killers, is the break fixed. NO!!

Pain killers only cover the symptomatic response and will NEVER cure your problem. They only cover the pain, which is not the problem. The disc is your problem.

Seek chiropractic attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dave n kez
Up to recent years it was always thought that bed rest was the best treatment for sciatica and sciatic nerve pain. However this advice is no longer recommended, in fact the very best advisers recommend you keep active, as best as you possibly can.
You should start an exercise program, of which combines non impact aerobic conditioning, such as a stationery bike, or swimming and combine this with a lower back strength training and stretching program, which strengthen the muscles that support the spine.
Sciatic nerve pain and back pain in general always responds quickly to a lower back pain exercise program. In fact exercises and stretches are becoming the number one choice for the initial and ongoing relief from back pain. However, it should be noted that not all exercise is good for sciatic nerve pain. In fact it is possible that you could do more harm than good if the incorrect exercises are chosen or the exercises are not performed correctly.
If you are unsure, always consult a professional physical trainer who has knowledge of rehabilitation or back injury, or alternately a physical therapist that is up to date with current back relief techniques.

Because of your legs and buttocks hurting, I would suggest that you see a neurologist. If you have a disc that is out of alignment it could possibly be irritating the nerve(s) in your lower back (Im assuming lower back because you said your legs and buttocks hurt). You can be experiencing something called radiculopathy. Have them do a X-ray or a MRI on your back first to see the extent of your slippage.

I had two slipped discs and my back didn't hurt at all, it was my thigh and bottom. I literally had to crawl around the house and lay in the bottom of the shower across the floor to wash my hair. I'd make an appt. to go in earlier if it gets worse...I had surgery a year and a half ago and still have to be careful but can walk without pain. Don't continue to put up with the pain, seek medical advise before it gets worse (((hugs)))

FYI: I went to a chiropractor who 'worked' on me and I literally could not move without screaming the next day. If you do seek a chirporactor, be VERY sure that they know what they are doing...

mad keith
i had a slipped disk in my lower back for years all i got from the doc was pain killers it got to a point were the pain killers given were no good as my body had got used to them like you i was getting bad pain in my bum and legs one day i found that i was wetting (peeing) myself because i was unable to feel that i needed to go to the loo when i told my doctor this he immediately sent me to hospital for a mir sac which clearly showed the disc had slipped
i was asked how long it had been like this and i said at least 7 mths the hospital could not understand why my doctor had left it so long
after an emergence operation that day i felt a lot better yes it took 3 months before i was better but i now have no pain and i am leading a normal active life
all the very best to you, look up slipped disc on the net for more info

k p
i have 2 messed up dis L4 & L5 in my lower back sence 1996 from a car aciddent . i was giving pain meds. that helped lortabs and xananx . which was good for my pain at the time but i became addicted to them which now i had to go to rehab & now im still battle pain im in out patient program . i go to sleep with a heating pad i use bengay and take ultram , but yes it makes your butt hurt going down your leg its your a nerve thats hurting you. they wanted to do surgery but i wouldn,t let them i hear you have more trouble after. so the only thing i can tell you that you can do is really ask him for some lortab but don,t stay on it a long time like i did it is so easy to get get hook on but it does help. and use alot bengay lol . my back is hurting at this moment cause i fell in my bathroom the other night and got it back hurting again. so i know what you are going through . i wish you luck because this is something i been dealing with a long time. i wish i would of never got in that car that day with my freind she was driving. my body has never been the same. so with this good luck and ask god to help you get though this. cause yes it does hurt really bad when the cold weather comes the most. ok freind i will close take care ! kimmy

Think you will need physio too. i had same as you and had intensive physio for 2 weeks. Am a nurse so had to be back on my feet asap. I paid for a private physio 38 pounds for half an hour as i would have been waiting 12 weeks plus for an NHS one. Not worth risking making your back worse is it.

lavender oil in your bath and maybe some Chinese herbal remedy "Lockwood oil" rubbed on your back will help.

It is also not unusual to experience bowel problems with back trouble. I would urge you to ask your Go to prescribe you a gentle laxative such as Lactulose.

The lay term of 'slipped disc' means a Herniated Nucleus Pulposus. The disc between vertebraes ruptures and the disc material compresses a spinal nerve root which innervates the buttocks and lower limb.

Ice is the preferred method of alleviating your discomfort (outside of the medications you're taking). Bedrest with the legs bent (like sitting in a chair while flat on your back) will straighten your spine.

Minimize your movements. And ICE, ICE, ICE!!

yes it is normal. I had 3 collapsed disks and the only thing the Dr could do was prescribe tablets too. I went to a chiropractor but they could only try to help stop the muscles going into spasm too much. I'm afraid you will just have to wait it out! Try to always sit with your lower back supported and the rest of your back straight. Learn to put your socks and shoes on in a half lying down possition. Get on your hands and knees to get out the bath. Your arms and neck will get tired now because they take most of the strain. You WILL get better it just takes ages! Try to keep active though as sitting around will make it worse.

Got home from hospital yesterday. Neuro surgery for Laminectomy. Pinched nerve, slipped disc, herniated disc.
Pain is caused by lumbar vertabrae pressing into spinal nerves due to slipping or movement of the vertabrae out of its natural alignment with the spine.

Sometimes pain can be reduced or made to hide by cortizone shots, chiropractic adjustments, herbal medicines, or Chinese Needle Therapy, or by lots to exercise to strenghten the muscles around the injury allowing them to support more than normal. Everything will work for a period of time.

Once everything else failis find a real good neuro surgeron and set up your laminectomy. I was in hospital 4 days. day one prep and cut and slice and dice.
Day 2, recover, learn to to make you urninary and bowels function again and if you are good , you go home.
Day 3, Hope the fever breaks or your are here till it does.
Day 4, It is a holiday and nobody wants to work, send the bugger home, fever or not.
Day 5 pooped today, and now to let the healing begin.

Cherokee Billie
I find that only through chiropractic that back pain gets relieved without drugs or surgery. I recommend you see a chiropractor as soon as possible. It's always good to get another opinion and if you don't like the chiropractic opinion try acupuncture. Please try these treatments before you get into any type of surgery.

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