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I get a ton of headaches! what could this be from?
I get a lot of headaches. this week especially. i get tension headaches and migraines. I can usually tell the difference but this ones different then the both of them. my jaw started hurting when i would open my mouth yesturday. now i have a headache along with it and when i open my mouth my headache feels alot worse. what is this from?

just samm
you could have eye problems or be dehydrated or just tired sooooo drink water and if that doesn't help take a nap and if that doesn't help talk to an eye doctor

Jack be quick
You could be misaligned in your spine or neck...you can fix by visiting a chiropractor.

You could be allergic to a certain food. Record what you eat and see if your headaches coinside with a specific food you ate.

It could be stress. Try yoga or get a massage

It could be your eyes. See an opthamologist

I would say you need to get more sleep, drink more water and relax. Do everything you can to reduce stress.

Hope you feel better soon sweetie.

Good Luck


C dawg.
i started getting really bad headaches too, but it might be your eyes or something else! I'm getting my eyes checked soon to see if it was that...

Stress, dehydration, lack of sleep, you could be sick.

So, relax, drink more water, sleep more, go to your doctor if it gets really bad.

Meanwhile, ibuprofen.

Sean F
You could be dehydrated, are you drinking enough water.

If you usually drink a lot of caffiene, and have cut back, you might have headahces from caffiene withdrawal.

If the headaches continue for a week or more, you should go to your doctor.

Tense? But when those muscles near ur brain on the side of your forehead have been tensed too long, the pain would start going along with the jaw. Or if you've been chewing heaps or bit something really hard, you would have strained those muscles. That's why i can't chew gum for long :P

Need glasses?

migraines from too much salt, msg, or maybe ur tired

Not enough rest,tired,thinking too much or a lot of stress.

If you're stressing, the muscles around your jaw, may become very tight and cause headache pain. Doing exercises to strengthen and stretching these muscles could help, as well as trying to relax:)

But there might be other reasons for your pain.

your hair is to long (heavy)


you need your wisdom teeth pulled

Busy Lady 2010
Could be a toothache or sinus.

Maybee u need glasses?

Try 4Head

for tension headaches it acully works

:] x
I'm the same :(
People have tried to tell me what this is down to and it's ranged from needing glasses to having chronic fatigue syndrome, although this depends if you're tired all the time like I am.
Google your symptoms :)


Erica E
i just asked the same question yesterday i think.
i was told to drink alto of and dont keep using the same Medicare because your body gets used to it and it stops working.
and i was told to go to the doctors just in case!

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