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 HELP im really worried?
hi really hoping sumone can help me here.
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 is surgery painful?
it freaks me out!

but i know i'll need surgery some time in my life!...

 What is strongest pain reliver?
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 Why was Michael Jackson taking pain killers 20 years after his burn?
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 I just took 7000 mg...?
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what should i do ??...

 does it hurt to have your footranover?
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 What hurts more - giving blood or having a tooth taken out?

 what do IVs really do?
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what exactly do Iv's do?
when i got 4 teeth pulled they gave me a gas mask and also an IV (well the stuck a ...

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 I have a migraine what should I do to stop the migraine?

 what's the worst physical pain you've ever been in?

 i have this weird high pitch in my ears what is it ??????
please help me i am so scared its so annoying its not a click its like a high pitch in one of my ears and i need to know whats wrong with me i have had this for like a week or ...

 Weird, my throat hurts?
Okay, first off, I had a cough. (hehe that rhymes) . Currently my throat is sore, like scratchy but not a dry feeling. Is there any strep going around or some sore throat thing?...

I found a lump in my neck, what could it be?
It's behind my ear on my neck, about two thirds down. It's about the size of a dime, it doesn't hurt. I've had a really sore throat, it hurts only to swallow, I've got swollen glands on my neck I can feel them. The lump is behind the gland and down a little further, I've had body aches, and I believe fevers too. There is none on the other side also. What should I do? I'm only in my teens.

Charlotte :D
I think it's an unusually large wart.

mabye a tumor, get a doctor to look at it if you just let it go it will grow and possibly kill you

ITS A TUMOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jk jk i dont know you should call your docter

cut it open.......find out what it is and either keep it or cut it out and fry it up....


to young for cancer......a blind pimple maybe?.......or a pulled muscle or neck spasm

Bug bite, Fat roll, Pimple. Otherwise, go to the doctor...

go to ur doctor and ask if you could have thyroid cancer... that would explain the lump

☠Envious ☯of☮ Rose☀
it could be a swolen lymph node. i dont know wat it is but i had one once. i was afraid it was cancer but it wasnt

you might have mono (and you dont need to get mono from making out with people...i got it from sharing a drink)
thats called your lymph node...if its swollen it just means your sick
go to the doctor and youll be fine

for the win.
this happened to my neighbor i was an ingrown hair and it turned in to the size of like a quarter so they took him to the doctor and it was an ingrown hair but go to the doctor i would have to see it to know.

I think you should go to the doctors.

mad man
Ask the doctor not us!

Oui Je Suis
If you have more lumps then it could just be your vein.

Now i suggest you tell a parent first, and then if they don't know what it is, go to the doctors. They will be able to help you.

ITs best not to leave it behind ebcause you never know what it could be <3 good luck

that always happens to me chances are it is a sist that is a commen spot for it it should go away in a week or so

It's a lymph node.
They swell when you are sick - although I can always feel mine.
You can go to the doctor for whatever you are sick with - but the lump is normal... Feel the other side - it'll be there too - maybe smaller, but it's there.

We have them all over our bodies.
Good luck, feel better!

Probably just a product of your swollen glands. Go to your doctor if its still there after a week.

Get to your physician as soon as possible. It could be something completely benign, or something very serious. You won't know until you have it checked it out.

the only way you can find out is by going to the doctor


my friend was operated 2 years ago of that lump behind his ears. he said he was having terrible headaches for more than a week then when he went to see a doctor the doctor told him it was benign tumor. he went to 2 other doctors (for 2nd and 3rd opinion purposes) and the findings were the same.

let's just hope your case is not like his...

It's your lymph node.

It is normal when it gets inflamed because of an infection.

go to the doctor

The lump you have on your neck is a Lymph Node. If you want to remove it, have sugery. If you want to learn more about the lump on your neck, go here:
I hope this helps! :)

strep throat i think go to a doctor you will probably get your tonsils removed

you've got a major problem, its called glankaetis, to find more about this disease, just google it, and then go to the doctor...

I would go to the doctor about that... perhaps some other part of your gland, an infection, I'm not sure.

Nik W
My Brother had that. check to see if your glands are swollen up and if so go to the doctors about it

Any time you find a lump, ANYWHERE that wasn't there before or, shouldn't be there...GO HAVE IT CHECKED. Do this right away.

That sounds like a swollen lymph node. It is imperative that you have your parents take you to the doctor right away to check it out. Swollen nodes can cause big problems if left untreated.

It sounds like a swollen lymph node, due to your soar throat. Either go to your doctor to get antibiotics, or continue to take cold medication and vitamin c should help clear it up. If it gets worse you should really see a doctor.

sarah d !!
you need to go to the doctor.

it could be nothing, just strep throat or broncitis, which you can take antibiotics for, but it could be worse.

one of my really good friends is only in her early twenties and she had swollen glands, and thought it was just really bad strep throat. she went to the doctor and found out that it was lymphoma, which is cancer of the lymph nodes.


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