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Allana ♥
I fell down 5 flights of stairs this morning.?
And my leg is killing me. Should I go to the doctor?
Additional Details
Actually, I did land on my head. That was a doozy...

You Know Me
Yes, Your leg is most likely to be severly bruised or even worse..broken!
I'd recommend that you go to the doctor if the pain is persistant

Ouch. yes to ER or urgent care if it is after or before hours, and to MD immediately you may have internal injuries or fractures. Call 911 if there is no one to take you.

ummm yeah...what u waiting on>?

If it feels like a muscle, I suggest you invest in a cream called Arnica - the stuff is amazing. Also, Advil will probably be sufficient for cutting back on pain.

If it seems like a sharp pain, like something broken, the hospital is probably a good plan to get it all splinted up and such.

Ouch. Yeah, get an appointment for ASAP, and take some pain killers while you're waiting.

Very much so. 5 flights is a long way to fall.

Definitely! Good luck***


♥ ineffable ♥
of course you should!
don't waste your time on y! answers asking ppl what to do.

Miss Fish
I would go if you are having a lot of trouble walking on it.


yes go as soon as u can, somthing could be broken

live ur life
you should do it again and time your self

no, walk it off dont be a wimp

Lyndsi R
u landed on ur head after falling down FIVE FLIGHTS of stairs????? or five stairs????? if it was five flights how did u not break ur neck????? anyway take some asprin and ice ur leg if its still killin u tomorrow and isnt showing any signs of getting better go to the doc
actually going to the doc today might be a good idea just to make sure everything is ok

HAHAHA .... breathe ... HAH !!!! well that was foolish of you wasn't it lol

Nah, seeing as you're not already in traction you're obviously Superman. They couldn't help you anyway.

Five FLIGHTS?! Are you sure? How did you manage that one?

Can you walk on it? If you can it's probably fine, just bruised I would imagine.

that must have hurt.
yerr you should!!!
5 flights?? O:

Did you fall down five stairs or five flights of stairs? If you fell down five flights, I am surprised you lived to tell about it.

Go to ER and have it checked out.

Luckily, you landed on your head.

advice guru and mom
As a nurse I am going to tell you absolutely GO now....do not put it off because you can break or fracture a bone and still be able to walk on it.. but bones have a short span of about 24 hours where when broken they are a kind of sticky (to explain it simply) and it is set during this time it heals very nicely if you continue to walk in it and something is broken or fractured and decides to shift say tomorrow you could be screwed and at that point could need pins to set and heal it good luck

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