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I fell asleep on the beach; and now I'm wicked burned. :(?
It's everywhere, and it really really hurts. I was out there for ay LEAST 5 hours, I didn't use sunblock, I know, stupid, but aloe isn't helping much. Does anyone have any ideas?

P.S. I'm 17, :]

Leona DiGiovanni
aloe. lots and lots of it.

Laurie K
I did that once, hurt like h*#@! The best thing for you to do is go to the hospital and get treated as soon as possible. There could be serious skin damage that needs to be dealt with. In the mean time, keep yourself hydrated - very important - and try a very soft cloth ( old t-shirts best) soaked in vinegar gently draped across the burns. Yeah, it will smell, but it sure takes the sting out fast. You will need to repeat this several times, but it does work.

Hope you feel better soon!

aloe vera

[email protected]
You must be using liquid aloe that you buy in bottles.
A better choice would be to buy an aloe plant and break a branch off. You rub the end of that on to your sunburn and it feels tons better! I promise!!
Good luck!

I just did the same thing & I'm a little bit older than you. See it doesn't matter your age you still end up doing forgetful things. What I do to take care of my sun burns is I use aloe to heal it, but for bad sun burns you do need something a bit thicker to seal in the moisture. I like to do coats of aloe then follow up with Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Lotion with Aloe (you can find it at any drug store, Target, or Walmart). I also take an asprin at night to keep swelling down & to help me sleep. Try to not take a shower or bath or get into water as water tends to dry out your skin again and will cause you to peal later. Just keep up with those layers of aloe & then skin cream. If you start to feel sick to your tummy then you've got sun sickness & if it gets really bad & you start to shiver and your skin blisters then you might need to see your doctor. Good luck with the burn!!

Dixie Wrecked
Fill an old sock with oatmeal and bathe with it. It helps. Use aloe vera after.

Brandon J
I've got a suggestion.... Lay around for a few days and hurt... and keep putting that aloe on it... Refrigerate the aloe and make it cool.

Jimmy J
Ice water spritz, and stay out of the sun.

Ouch! That happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Go to any grocery or drug store and buy "Solarcaine" Medicaded spray. I like it because there is no pressure on the skin from rub in aloe. Good luck, hopefully the pain goes away soon.

My husband says use plain yogurt all over as it takes away the pain and soothes it. GLuck

I did the same thing today. The only thing i can think of is aloe... but its not helping me much either. Sorry i can't be much help.

Dermoplast works well if you can find it. Also, taking like ibuprofen would probably help.

The mom
Sorry dear, but you are just going to wicked suffer for the next day or so. The best things to cool it off are cold aloe gel and the sunburn preps sold at the stores. Solarcaine can help take some sting out temporarily. You can also try sponging on cold vinegar and water for some relief. You will smell like a salad, but it can cool you off for a while. Otherwise, it's mostly as few clothes as you absolutely must wear, Tylenol for the misery, loads of liquids, no alcohol, and time. The worst of it is usually the first couple days. If you blister, leave them alone and don't go trying to break them. Stay out of the bathoil as well, until you start to peel. For right now, lotions will just hold the heat in. Sorry, the only remedy for a burned birthday suit is time.

Elmo watches you at night
they have after sun lotions at drug stores

Jesse C
any kind of lotion with aloe

Dark Phoenix
Fill a bathtub with cool water and put in about 2 cups of vinegar. It will reek, but it usually helps. Anything to pull the heat out.

Take some Tylenol if you are not allergic and keep laying the aloe to it, it will make a difference.


Sebastian M
ice stick with the freezer yah!http://www.essortment.com/family/helphealsunbur_sztp.htm

Take a cool bath with water and vinegar.

Blu Eyes
Luke warm water bath with Aveeno oatmeal in it... Very soothing

Try using a cream to heal your skin burning ... like Bebantine or something ... it helps is regenerates the human cells faster..

Taryn K
Take a cool shower or cover your burns with cool cloths. You could also use burn cream instead of aloe. If it doesn't get better, then you may want to make a trip to the e.r.

awww kayla so sorry poor you! if aloe vera isnt working try this page it has a few remedys all in the home already

Noxema if they have it where your at. Then get to a doctor

put some lotion to keep it moistened and keep applying more sunscreen or have a shower. or stay in a shaded /covered area

Kourtney M
Cool baths and some Tylenol should help. Sun burn can cause sun poisoning and cause you to have a fever. Drink lots and lots of water. Water will help keep you hydrated. If you get any blisters, go to the hospital or ER. If you think you do have sun poisoning, go to the ER.


Here's the solution. Start immediately taking a pain killer, e.g. Advil, Tylenol or aspirin if you can tolerate it. Get in a cool bath to lower your body temperature, not cold but cool. After the bath, put aloe or non-alcohol moistuerizer on the burned areas. You should feel better in 24 hours if you take the pain killer and periodic cool baths over that time period. Good luck and don't do it again!

Oh darn,Im sorry.
Aloe Vera always helps a bad sunburn feel at its best.
Apply it everyday,Right after your shower.
About twice a day,And you should get to feeling better.
Also,you might want to take a fever reducer,
It could stop the horrible aches that come with a sunburn!

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