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 Why was Michael Jackson taking pain killers 20 years after his burn?
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 I just took 7000 mg...?
i took 4325 mg of tylenol this morning, and almost 7 hours later i took another 7 pills (500 mg each) which equals 7 825 mg.

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I can't sleep because my toes are to cold! help me!?
My toes are too cold at night, need help to warm them up!

cut off ur toes then....

Mr. Ed
try socks

Iron Maiden

Wear socks

wear a blanket

toss a blanket in the dryer for 10 minutes before you go to bed, put it over your feet, and cover the blanket with your bedspread.

get a heating blanket for your feet

caaath :)
try using some bed socks and use a hot water bottle :)


put socks on.

You can put a heater in your room,

Or you can wear socks,

Or you can bring alot of blankets to cover your entire body,

Or you can just cover yourself with a big warm cozy blanket.

Last suggestion : Do all, like i do, XD

wear extra warm socks with uggs and put a blanket over your legs

Thats like me! lol i cant sleep when my feet are cold.
Try socks and extra blankets

Put on some socks.
Or a few pairs.

wear really warm socks.

Wear socks. And make sure your body is warm. My fingers used to get so cold at night that I couldn't type anymore. I finally figured out that if I lie with a heating pad under my back, my fingers (and toes) stay warm.
When your body senses that it is cold, it draws as much blood as possible to your organs in order to sustain life. This means that your extremities (toes, fingers, ears, nose) are often colder than any other part of your body. If you heat up your torso, you can trick your body into thinking that it is warm enough to put the blood flow back in your outer parts.
Mostly, wear warm socks.

Andrew Green
put socks on then walk around for a bit. thats what i do

put them in warm water for a few seconds

wear toe socks! you can get them by searching the web, here is one website.


Music Loverrr
Socks have always helped my feet, but you could always try using a thicker bed sheet.

Richard B
Put on some socks.

Aqua Princess
put on extremely thick socks silly.

"Toes" not "feet" people. I had this problem a while back and it was very bothersome. My toes would become numb even! I didn't find a cure until I invested in a heating blanket! Socks never helped. You can double up on some socks but that is uncomfortable.

You might need to see your GP to see if there is anything that must be done about circulation. Exercise might help, thermal socks might help, Use a hot water bottle. Put a heavy blanket over the foot of the bed.

put socks on and tuck your feet!

Turn the heat up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wear socks.

An electric blanket might help too.

Get a pair of really fuzzy, warm socks. It's amazing the difference they can make.

Invalid User
Put On Some Socks, Buy A Dog, Or Marry A Fat Chick.

Buy a sheep dog and let him sleep at the foot of the bed on top of your feet.

Bilabong H
Hey, at least your not up with a stomache ache with nothing to watch but Dragon Tales.... But put socks on or use a heating pad, also you can try sleeping with your slipper a on :)

Stick them between someones thighs

my toes are cold too !!
well im wearing socks and its not working at all.
put your hands over your toes and curl them a couple times.
it should get the blood flowing through them and warm up.
it sounds really weird but it works for me.
hope i helped !!

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