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is it?
and why not?
wat happeneds if you crack it to much?...

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I take Nurofen PLUS....

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 can anyone describe how it feels

 i have a terrible head aches last couple of weeks, does stress cause headaches?
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I am starting high school and need advice!!!! DD:?
okay, broad subject, right? well, basically i know the answer i just need a few opinions to help explain things to my father.
a friend of mine just gave me this really pretty, yellow bike. i love it, no questions asked. but....I'm starting high school (sophomore) next year and i don't think it'd be such a hot idea for me to ride it to school the first day. or maybe even the first year. it just smells like i'm asking for someone to beat me up or wreck my bike. Help? Oh and my dad think's it'd be just dandy. ugggghhh....yeah, help.

Tell your dad what you're telling us! He definitely doesn't want you to get beaten up, nor does he want your bike to get stolen. If this has happened to other kids at your school, use them as examples.

Nicky Meow Mix
who really cares what people think? If you like it, then ride it to school!

Everybody's different these days...

Liza P
why??????????????? shoudnt be pretty or need help

Claire S
Darling dont worry about what people think. Im happy that you love your new bike. If kids make fun of you tell them your saving the world by riding your bike and not polluting the air with gasoline! You go girl.

No one is going to beat you up for riding a bike to school! Especially if your a girl! You're being ridiculous! Ride your bike to school on the first day of school, nothing will happen, I bet no one even notices! The only thing that might happen is that you might gain confidence because you'll be showing everyone you don't care what they think! Don't wait to see if anyone else rides their bike too, if you're lucky you'll be the only one and you might inspire someone else to do the same. Be strong enough to do what you want! Don't ever let some else stop you from doing something you want to do or you will go through life missing out or many opportunities. Do what you want! And again I promise you no one will beat you up or think any less of you. After all High School is just a joke anyway, doesn't matter one bit once you get out. Do it! And prove to your self and everyone else you don't give a damn! HaHa!

And don't listen to Katie up there! She's afraid of what others think of her. Don't let people have control of you. One of the most popular girls in my senior class took her bike to school. No one cares! Really, it's even cool sometimes because it's different!

you should get a ride on the first day and see if anyone else rides their bikes to school.

if so, go on a bike and if not try to find a different way of transportation

Gulianne Nicola
who cares? one thing I learned in high school that takes girls forever to understand, is you need to stop worrying about what all the other people think and find your own style and likes/dislikes..go for it, always try styles and accessories, if people make fun of your bike, screw them or never use it again..plain and simple

Donkeypuncher P
just put out and youll be ok

Ride the bicycle; your friend would appriciate it, especially if you love it.

Of course, it may be a little embarassing to ride a bike to school, especially when a lot of people either get driven/picked up from school or have thier own vehicles. However, a plus to riding your bike is that you'll get a lot of excerise.

If there's a bike rack on campus, use it.

It's better than walking... grow up, stop worrying about what people think, and be thankful. If you like it, that's all that matters.

no offense, but when you ride a bike to school at this age you look strange. most 10th graders have cars already.

get a ride from a friend and pay them gas money.

I would say ride it to school. You shouldn't care what others think of you. Im about ur age and i don't care what anyone thinks of me at my high school and no one bothers me about it. I'd say just ride your bike if you really like it...No one should wreck it or beat you up for riding a bike.

ride your virtual bike through the fifth demonsion of the alderrnan galaxy while traing for the red wine drinking competion by doing pushups and injecting urself with morhpine in the punjab of india not pakistan cause you know those muslims are crazing mothers

well me i wouldn't trust any of the losers at my school if i had a bike and was close enough to ride it and the road wasnt dangerous.
soooo yeah.... its ur choice tho...

Riding a yellow bike to school is so '80s and early '90s - isn't that's what's in style right now?

For security, chain up your bike with a lock that is fart-activated. Meaning you have to fart, and the device has an infrared DNA Methane tracking chip that recognizes only your fart.

Seriously, riding your bike to school is better than riding the bus - especially since you can't drive yet.

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