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I am so scared of getting my wisdom teeth pulled?

chaces are they wont pull them, they'll prbably split into sections and cut out. Or they'll grind them down so they can get something between the roots and pry them out.

but you'll be numb and delerious!! Cheers

When they extract a wisdom tooth, this is usually done in a hospital because of the difficulty that the dentist can have acsessing the tooth.

First they will give you a local anesthetic (to numb this area), may use sedatives to relax the over-anxious.
Then they will wait for the anesthetic to take hold.

Next the tooth a shattered, and then the shattered parts are removed piece by piece.

A piece of cloth like substance is put into the socket to stop the bleeding and then you will be told to take pain killers to stop the aching that may occur after.

Your mouth will remain numb and slightly paralysed for upto 5 hours.

You will also be told rinse your mouth with mouthwash to get the area to heal.

Sometimes, but not always; patients may be allowed to be put under general anesthetic.

This should clarify things.

i'm sure your dentist is capable. don't worry about it, the more you think about it, the scarier it will be. the pain will be less than you imagine and if all else fails, ask the dentist to prescribe pain killers for you :)
hope that helps!

Not to worry, Heather, it's nothing. The morning you arrive, tell the dental assistant or someone at the front desk that you are extremely anxious about this. They will probably give you a pill to take to help relax you. The once you're in the chair, you can ask for nitrous oxide. That will allay your fears quite nicely and put you into a giddy mood. At that point they'll numb the area by the tooth but you probably won't feel it much because of the nitrous oxide. Once you're numb, you won't feel the extraction whatsoever! Completely painless. Afterwards, you'll have some moderate discomfort for a few days but they should give you some pain pills for that. The worse part of the whole thing is the fear leading up to the procedure! It will go well, I'm sure so just relax. Hope this helps.

if you are in pain now you will defiantly be thankful that you got them pulled. I recently got mine done. i was skeptical about getting mine out too. But it wasn't that bad. The first day is the worst but after that no problem, you can't feel or see anything while they are doing it, and you get pain medicine when your done. I'd say the sooner you get em out the better.

They'll put you under if you want. Pain pills are standard for afterwards. You will need someone to take you home. Pain for maybe 2-3 days, then okay.

It was cake. I had to get all four taken out including the bottom two chiseled out b/c they were impacted. The pain was very mild. It' s a surgical "clean" cut rather than an injury, so it is not very sore. I went to the movies the next day.

Dr. Rodrigo Lisboa M.D. Ph.D.
Don't worry you wont feel a thing. They will apply Nitrous Oxide which is an anesthetic. You will be unconscious for the entire duration of the operation. They will provide you with some pain killers for the after time. Thats what you need to worry about. But it wont be much of a bother.

Mandy VZ
The person who said you'll be in the hospital is full of it. An oral surgeon is going to do this in his office. You'll go in a few days before the procedure and talk to the oral surgeon so he can get your medical history and talk to you about your options for anesthetic. Let them put you under. If you do, then you'll go in on the day of surgery, they'll give you nitrous to relax you while they start your IV. Then they'll give you the good medicine to put you out... you'll go to sleep and it'll feel like about two minutes later you wake up. You'll still be groggy and numb and will probably sleep the rest fo the day. They'll give you pain medication for any discomfort you may feel. Just make sure you don't drink through a straw, smoke, or eat anything chewy for a few days to avoid dry sockets, as they are extremely painful, and that you take all of any antibiotics that your doctor gives you to avoid infection.

I was too. But then I had three wisdom pulled and it didn't hurt. The only bad thing was that i had to stuff some gauze in my mouth for the first day. And i am a big baby about the dentist, so you will be okay. Don't take any aspirin the day before and the day of the teeth being pulled. That will thin your blood and make you bleed more. If you are scared to have them stick you with a needle then you can ask for and get laughing gas which numbs you and you don't feel anything.

Make sure you get them to give you some pain medication. You won't really need it but it's good to have just in case. And no smoking before and a week after, you will develop dry socket if you do smoke and that is the most painful thing i have ever experienced.

Is the question 'are you scared?' I guess only you can answer that.
Is it; "Should I be scared?" No way. Piece of cake. You are completely knocked out. It takes about 10 minutes from very start to finish and you sleep on and off for the rest of the day. I had it done in my 20's, my husband had it done when he was 40+, my kids had it done when they were teenagers. It's a simple rite of passage for almost everyone.

I had them done, and it wasnt too bad. My cheeks were a little swollen for a few days, but any pain I would have felt on that first day I had percoset for. I didnt even need it by the 2d day.

Contact the office before you go. Tell them that you have some fear over the procedure. Most dental offices are really nice, and may offer some advice or an explanation that will help calm you. So many people have their wisdom teeth pulled that they should be used to answering questions about it.

This is the honest to gods truth.....It is nothing,no big deal at all.You will come to and ask them are you about to pull my teeth out?And they will say its already done my friend and you can go home in a few minutes.And you will be like "really, its already done"? Yes really,just like that piece of cake,you don't feel a thing and there is nothing to worry about.I'm serious so please stop worrying o.k.?

Austin Ellis- Due May 18, 2010
I'm not going to lie- it did hurt. However they give you pretty strong pain medicine to help and usually the pain only lasts the first day. Good luck!

Don't be. The surgery and the immediate 24-hour period afterwords is usually the hardest part. In the scheme of life, this is only a temporal inconvenience.

I had all four of my wisdom teeth taken out at the same time. I felt human again the day after surgery.

If you still have concerns, please feel free to email me. I would be happy to help you anyway I can.

Wisdom teeth are no big deal. I had mine done two years ago and two of them were impacted, but I only had to take 2 pain pills and I would have healed quickly had I stayed properly hydrated. The main thing is to care for yourself afterwards and not worry about it too much.

Nothing to be scared of....I've had all 4 of mine pulled.

It's really not that bad

Don't be i am the biggest baby when it comes to things like that, i had mine out a month ago under a local, so i was awake and didn't feel a thing, i had pain for about half an hour when the anesthetic wore off then it was fine, my wisdom tooth extraction actually healed faster and better than my normal back molar coming out

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