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I am lying down and im having sharp pains in my chest/ heart area, inside when i breath.? Help Please.?
Im sixteen, female,
Had no major heath problems,
What should i do?
Additional Details
It happened 2 mins ago and lasted 2 mins, now my chest just feels slighly heavy and little uncomfort.

Sounds like a panic attack. Talk to our doctor. In fact call him right now to see if all is well.

ive had those i forgot what it was called, but it happens to some people, it isnt serious, it goes away, if it continues go see a doctor.

Pau A.
It may be bronchitis. the problem might be in your lungs or trachea. Talk to your parents or the person is in charge

Does it feel like your ribs are poking your lungs? If so, I don't know exactly what this is but I have had it a million times. Take short small breaths for a bit, and SLOWLY try to take deeper breaths.

Soon it will go away on it's own. I think it is chest pain maybe caused by anxiety, but I have never checked it out, I always thought it was a freak thing, but it hurts.

It could honestly be anxiety so I wouldn't worry, but if it continues I would definitely call a doctor, because I am not a doctor and you need to be safe!

Mason K
It was a muscle ache. I used to get them. You're still growing. I had sharp pains right near my heart and the doctor said it was nothing.

Shane H
Don't know your medical history but is important to tell your parents. Could be anything from Heartburn (indigestion) to panic attack to a serious heart condition. Let someone know immediately!!!!

Boatin' in VA!
NOBODY, and I repeat NOBODY, here stated that they are a doctor.

YOU need to speak to yours NOW.

DO NOT WAIT for chest pain is not something to fool around with.

I know for mine turned out to be a clogged artery 12 years ago.

GET TO YOUR DOCTOR ASAP and get it checked out.

♥ Łαrỉ ♥
believe it or not...you could be constipated. you'll get sharp chest, arm, and possibly back pains. it's teh gas in yoru body.

Alex V
Possible heart attack.

Call a doctor/parent

You better have someone take you to the ER just to make sure. I work on a cardiac floor of a hospital and I see people your age there more then you would think. Never mess around with chest pain and heaviness





Tell your parents or your legal guardians right away. Call the emergency room and talk to a nurse about your symptoms. Try to get to a hospital asap.

Liza D
Could be asthma attack or stress/anxiety. Best to phone your nurse to diagnose and set an appointment, if symptoms worsen go to hospital, never underestimate pains in chest. I knew a young healthy girl who died from a asthma attack at my school. Get off your computer and do something about it.

Go to the doctor, especially if it happens again. Our bodies are usually trying to tell us something when weird things like this happen.

Tell your parents and have them take you to a Doctor! Chest pain is nothing to ignore.

Susan C
sit up...may be heartburn...try an antacid...

May just be stress, indigestion, whatever but if you haven't seen a doctor about it you should definitely get it checked out.

the geek
go to the doctor. u could be having a panic attack. or some thing or even a broken rib just go to the doctor or if it hurts that bad go to the e.r.

You still have your wits about you ,
You are on-line and waste time probing the universe for answers.
Guess what ! THIS is not the place to find a directiion.
Call 911

Tell your parent(s)

Patricia M
And you're still on line?

I was diagnosed with costochondritis at first, but then they figured out that it is chronic myofascial pain (which is very similar to fibromyalgia). You probably have a trigger point (a knot in the muscle) - most likely several if you have had this for some time. The trigger point is most likely in your pectoralis and intercostal muscles and the only way to relieve a trigger point is to put pressure on it (Use a broad tip marker on the pointy end - I like those fat sharpie's and consider buying a THERACANE - it is a great tool for the back!). Your external intercostal muscles are responsible for expanding your ribcage when you take a deep breath. It will hurt when you press on the trigger point at first and lots of times they refer pain (you will press on the trigger point and feel the pain else where). The pain will be felt at first but then it should gradually get less and less. You have to work out the trigger points (consider seeing a massage therapist who does myofascial release - I tried electro-acupuncture but it was NO-WHERE NEAR AS EFFECTIVE as massage therapy) and you also have to stretch your back, neck and ribcage (do a pec stretch). Remember that anything affected in the back will also be affected in the front and vice-versa. To do a pec stretch (which stretches your pectoral muscles, sternalis, and intercostals) stand in a doorway with your arms against the door frame in an "L" position (and keep your bicep at shoulder height and lean forward. You should feel a stretch in your upper chest. To stretch the neck (re: sternocledomastoid and scalenes) sit in a chair with the feet flat on the floor and arms by your side relaxed. Tilt your head to one side and hold when you feel a stretch. then do the other way. Also for the scalene muscles in the neck tilt the head to one side while seated in the chair and then at the same time turn your head upwards to the ceiling and hold. Also you should try to avoid chest breathing as this will weaken your Sternocleidomastoid Muscle in your neck (it assists you when you need to get extra air when taking a deep breath) - Make sure you try to abdominally breath - even if it hurts! Also make sure you sit with feet flat on the ground and your back straight and not slouched as this can lead to developing trigger points in your back & neck in the scalenes (re: neck) and in the rhomboids and trapezius in your back & other places. You may also have trigger points in the sternalis muscle (the very middle of your chest). You should consider buying the the book by Claire Davies called "The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook". Trigger points can also create sattelite trigger points.

Good luck to you. I got my diagnosis from a Thoracic Surgeon, but you can also see a Rheumatologist. BUT MAKE SURE YOU SEE A DOCTOR SOON!!

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