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Momo Dagavone
I accidentily cut three fingers off on my left hand this mornin. Should I go to the drs or just use superglue?
I hav heard before that superglue works realll good with reattatching fingers and closing wounds. What do you think?

go to the dr duh.

It depends greatly on who u r.
If u are a robot from the 20th century superglue would be enough. But otherwise .............. OMG

Variable 46
I once worked with a Chief Petty Officer in the Coast Guard who actually did cut off parts of three fingers in a band saw back in the wood shop. He wrapped up his hand in a handkerchief and walked up to the front office and told the OD and Yeoman on duty what had happened, but they just blew him off...because it was April 1.

Then they saw the blood. Someone was dispatched out to search for the fingers in the sawdust bin, and the Chief was transported off for medical attention. But all the King's horses and all the superglue couldn't reattach those fingers again. He got out on a medical discharge, rated 33% disabled.

You should still have 7 hand digits left. What's the big deal?

duct tape is the best i have four fingers and an arm reattached with it.

What do I think ?

I think you're a windup merchant

If you realy did that (which I don't believe), wrap the fingers in something, then pack frozen peas or any frozen veg around that and get to hospital

sometimes they can reattach them

Gorilla Glue

superglue is good
but pritstick works betterr
but go to the hospital and ask for it, it's better quality...
good luck,hope you don't die :)

hmmm. u cud always sew it back on.

Doctors, then straight to a psychologist. Possibly to Mayview

I think you should use the fingers as fish bait.

Tam Lam
I wouldn't bother with either. Just put some BBQ sauce on 'em & grill 'em. Mmmmm...severed fingers...it's what's for dinner!

Lisa S.

Thats a stupid question
Super Glue works alot better than doctors

Super glue was used in the Vietnam War to hold body parts on the battlefield together so they could be properly reattached at a hospital.

If you physically cut them off, you REALLY should go to the hospital

take them into the hospital immediately! put them on ice and rush down there right away! Superglue reattaches them but you lose all mobility as all the nerve endings are severed. You have to hurry though, you can only go in within an hour or so of it happening!

Private <}:-})
If your typing this with your right hand.
You need to go for surgery to properly
re-attach your blood vessels.
Super glue is "hazardous" to your health, "Seriously."

No superglue. Dermabond is not the same thing as superglue. plus depending on where the cut is glue might not be the answer (do to movement it could reopen). Depends on what you used etc you might need antibiotic's and a new tetnus shot.

John B

Duct tape works better.

If ur bored like me,email me :o)
ehhh you'd probaly be alright for a few days but it will wear off after u shower a few times, i suggest using duct tape of sew it with spider wire fishing line( 20 lb test)

J O A N N E !
I think the doctors would be safest, for the simple reason of hygiene.

It would be pointless using superglue, because your nerves and stuff like that would need to be reattached properly as well if the whole finger was cut off.

If this is real, you are being very casual about this! I suppose bravery should be rewarded :D

If I were you I'd use some super glue and lots of duct tape. Nah, don't call the Dr. You'll be fine with the superglue. Just make sure to use at least 8 bottles.

well this is obviously a piss take, i suggest staples though they work far better than superglue

duct tape works best!

i think that is a very good idea x
if it was me i wuld have got high straight after so to forget the pain x
my friend tells me staples are amazing and cheaper seeing as we are in a recession x

Glue them onto your other hand. That would be cool.


you should use DUCT TAPE.. duuuhhhhhh

everyone knows that duct tape is the best multi-purpose tool ever made.

In fact, I know for a fact that it was sent down from on high as a gift to the human race. Jesus uses Duct Tape.

Bryce D
This is the greatest question I have ever seen. You should just leave them off. It will scare the children.

Props for typing all of that out with three missing fingers.

Liberal Girl
Soak in turpentine then use the super glue.

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