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Yesterday around six, I had got in a fight wiht my mom, so I went too my dads house, I was so angry, i was being stupid, I am fourteen and wishing for the best, I took about twenty pills, seven advil, and 12 headache things. i can not go too the doctor, an ambulance game too my school, i just ran away, found my mom, and i am scared, do you honestly think something is going too happen too me, am I going too die. ? BE HONEST ! anything i can eat or drink ?
Additional Details
If I go too the hospital, I will have too leave my family, and I have a good life.

Sarah L
Drink about 2 things of Gatorade. Eat maybe about 3 cans of Chicken Noddle soup. Trust Me you will be sick but you will not die. Lay down watch some TV. Sleep for maybe about 3 hours and Try your best not to take ANY pills till maybe 2 weeks.

Here are some ?????

Is you stomach upset? (If so Drink about 4 things of Gatorade)
Do you have a fever? (If so Sleep)
Is your Stomach and Head not felling well? ( If so Drink water and Gatorade and eat apples and some Chicken Noddle Soup)

OKay there you go

Hope this helps

drink milk that should help you a little but 20 pills you should go to the hospital

daniel R
go to the hospital

laura e
Go to the hospital ASAP and tell them EXACTLY what you took... pills can cause liver damage so please get to the hospital and they will be able to treat you asn check you over.. you will probably be okay if this was yesterday and you aren't in any pain now but please just go and get checked over it's important, ask your parents to take you!

Vocaloid lover <3
I think you should go to the doctors just to be safe, we wouldn't want anything to happen to you
Hope you'll be alright

Katie Pysher
I agree go to the hospital...you may need your stomach pumped especially with the headache medicine and advil...you can feel fine but hours later you can die

Lizzard M
are u kidding go to da friggin hospital.
ur gonna like die.
r u high.
i once did dat.
but not so many as u.
after i took them like 10min. my boyfriend came over n he saw dat i took them n he made my throw them all up.
u should of done dat yesterday!
btw im ur age. n i get into fights all da time with my mom.
when dis happens just try to calm down. go outside or something. it works for me.
good luck hope u feel better(:

if it was you would be dead already most pills work after an hour of taking them, i dont think theres any harm you didnt take anywhere near enough, just drink plenty of water to flush your liver, n dont do it again, theres always someone to talk to...

you might not die,but you are silly and stupid, do you not have any regard for your parents,or yourself, if you have not put yourself in danger, you can also damage your inner organs, get a check up, and don't be so silly again, you only get one life,so don't waste it,

Kendra B
I'm going to lecture you first: You are a raging idiot and not only did you endanger yourself for no good reason at all but possibly dying would totally destroy your parents and friends. What a selfish act.
Second of all, you need to go to the doctor. I mean it. Any doctor would tell you that the less pills you take in your lifetime the better you are, and honey you just took enough to last you a year and a half, which is stupid. You could have also started to cause major damage to major organs, and going to the doctor to start a treatment to help your body after being a total retard is the only thing you can do.

well i think if you where going to die you would be dead by now.
you can however get very sick and damage you stomach, bowels and liver.
you may have liver damage and not know it so go get checked by a doctor.

Jack Mehoff
well if its already been more then a day i think your fine, amazingly.

drink strong salt water it makes you sick....

Dan D
ur stupid, well if ur still alive than u'll prob l;ive but ,try not to do it again

maybe not, but if really abnormal things start happening; vomiting blood, peeing blood, frequent vomiting, heartbeat abnormalities, severe pain, ect. you really should go to the doctor.

Simon P
You need to see a doctor really. But along time has past since you took them if you were going to die you would have an hour or two after you took them. You still might have done yourself some harm so see a doctor. Drinking plenty of water will help.

you are fine, your stomach was probably sore about 3 hours after you took em but by today, look for a porcelain fixture in your bathroom
does water spin in it when you press the handle?
thats where the pills are atm
also if you want to flush out your system, caffeine makes ya have to pee more(its a dieretic, makes ya have to pee) so coffee or tea
but just eat/drink as normal and u'll be fine
also dont be a retard and do it again, especially if you dont know what you are taking

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