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Chloe Wentz
I Just Ran into a door head first, How can I stop it from bruising?
I'm Sad =[

The Big Fella
you can't bruise doors.

ed; thanks Benji.

Haha, best responce in here is from The Big Fella, hands down.

what your head or the door LOL

Put ice pack on it.

Ice baby ice

You can't really stop it from bruising. It will, but the ice will help it heal faster.

You don't need to do anything. Doors don't bruise :-)

Ice pack, take anything out of the freezer wrap it in a dish towel and place to injured part for at least 10 mins on and off.

Put ice on it, then a bit later put a warm towel on it

Teoria del Caos
to prevent bruising: don't run into doors
put ice on it? hahahha

bag of frozen peas on it will help.

ice, do it quickly though!

Russell C
Put something cold on t and apply gentle pressure.Try wrapping some frozen peas or ice blocks in a damp tea towel or cloth and apply gentle pressure. keep the affected area raised. a cool cloth on the back of the neck will also help.

Unfortuanately, you can't.
Bruising is on the inside. When you tell people why your head is competely black and blue, just try and picture yourself running into that door and how ridiculously hilarious you must have looked. Exaggerate it if you must.
Anything to laugh at yourself. That's the only wat to feel un-sad.

put a cold Flannel on it

Minna M
ice it..why the F did u do that?

Robert D
Wipe down the door with a damp cloth. That will remove any bruise marks from the wood.

It will be uncomfortable, but keeping ice (or a frozen bag of veggies) on it will help. Also, massage the area so that the blood continues to flow as normally as possible. Feel better!

Slap a steak on that puppy and call me in th' morning....

Susan C
a bag of frozen peas...

Don't run into a door head first would be the best preventative measure....

Shambo's Number 1 Fan
Doors dont bruise. It will be OK

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