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 the best way to stop cramp once it's started in my calf muscle? thanks?

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I've got a really thumping headache and nausea. Would hot or cold water in a hot water bottle help?
Had the painkillers, but they're not touching it. Is heat or cold applied helpful or would it make it worse.

Aunt Karen
Heat should help. The hot water bottle is a tried and true 'cure.'

Take a hot bath, it helps me.

Try sticking your head in a bucket

ice to the head, warmth to the tummy.

ice shrinks the blood vessels and reduce pressure on the head to stop the headache.

warmth to the tummy helps it relax. If you have vomited, eat or drink nothing for 8 hours, if you are only nauseaus, drink sips of only clear liquids for 8 hours.

wierd and wounderful world of me
have painkillers with coffee as this boosts the pain killing effect get a good brand like adadin extra, i feel better in minutes when i have an hangover

‚ô•‚ô•The Queen Has Spoken‚ô•‚ô•
Sounds like a migraine. Heat would be best... To dilate the vessels... but they ones causing the headache are probably too deep to be really affected. When you first feel a migraine coming on it's best to immediately take naproxin, Naprasin, to get the anti spasmodic into your system...

could be a migraine my hubby suffers very badly with it...try filling a spray bottle with cold water and spray all round your head my husband swears by it

won't get rid of it but willl relieve it

(heat makes it much much much worse)

Dolly Blue
You could try a cold compress,BUT GET OFF THIS YA IT GIVING YOU A MIGRAINE !!!!!!

Psssst! wanna send a letter?
Depends on what is causing it. Sinus irritation is a very common couse and I fing that hot wheat bags on the forehead help. Best of all is Sudafed to clear you sinuses. Painkillers like paracetamol help a bit because they are anti inflamatory.

I use cold around my eyes and on my head. It helps sometimes

Most definitely cold. Get an icepack on that head and try to keep movement down to a minimum. If you can lay down in a dark room while you ice your head, even better.

Well if you have a stiff neck, cant look at bright lights and have a pounding head and rashes that dont blanch when you roll a glass on them, get to hospital now as you could have meningitis.

A warm flannel would be best. Cold will constrict the blood supply to you brain , and most headaches are caused by lack of oxygen to the brain. You should really turn off your computer and go and sit in the garden with a warm cloth on your head and do some deep breathing exercises for ten minutes. Guaranteed to get rid of most headaches.

T Leeves
try drinking the water instead of putting it in a bottle

~ Floridian``
I use a cold wash cloth ( cold compress) over my eyes for cluster headaches.

try cold compresses while sitting in a warm tub

Sounds like you might have one bad Migraine. Painkillers such as Tylenol won't touch it, but Excedrin or Advil will. If you arent allergic to them,Take two, NOT LESS THAN 3 HOURS AFTER YOU HAD THE PREVIOUS ONES. Lay down and try and relax in the meantime. After you take the Excedrin or Advil Try to take 1/2 hour nap. I only had a migrain once where I got sick to my stomach. Felt like I wanted to cut off my head. Good luck.

theresa c
try steaming , a bowl of water boiled from kettle and a towel over your head about 15 mins should do it take pain killers and then go to bed.

windy miller
being on here cant help, take an early night

When I get real bad pounding headaches I lay down with a heating pad, hot wash cloth, hot water bottle, what ever hot I can find at the time. I found this thing called the Sinus Buddy at a Walgreen's, you heat it up for like 30 seconds in the microwave and then I lay down and rest it on my forehead for about 10-20 mins. It seems to work well.

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