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I've accidently taken too many Ibuprofen, will I be ok?
I have had the worst headache ever and have just finished a nightshift. In my pain and tiredness i have been swallowing Ibuprofen 400mgs thinking they were 200mg tabs. At 1 go I took 3, ie 1200mg at once and I think in 24 hours I've probably taken 2400mg along with Paractemol. I felt a bit dizzy an hour after taking them but feel fine now and will take nothing else for a few days. Thing is, I've still got a bloody headache! Will I have done any damage with my stupidness?

try neurofen!!

You should be ok just dont take no more

yep you'll be as long as u drink loads and loads of water.

Dont worry I take 4 at a time, if your concerned though ring the nhs helpline and they will adise you, Oh an I suggest you go for an eyetest its one of the biggest causes of headaches!

ChrisandSheila L
You have to be extremely careful when taking Ibuprofen make sure you look at the label. Ibuprofen can over time destroy your liver or kidneys. If problems persist call your family doctor immediately for other treatment options. They will know your case history and family history. I hope this helps you.

i always take 2 and i'm probably not as old as you..
read the bottle depending on your age

Fred Flintstone
Should be OK if you dont take anymore. Try drinking lots of water as you could be de-hydrated as it can cause headaches (will also flush you out a bit)
Good Luck

the worse you will do is to your tummy, you may get tummy ache etc if you get this and its there in 24 hours check with your doc, If you have any symptoms not associated with the headache ring nhs direct on 08454647 but you should be ok as they would issue this in hospital under supervision tho!! i would also presume you not got any kidney or stomach problems. As for the headache, try mint fresh air or sleep!! good luck hun

You'll be fine. I have had a prescription for 800mg ibufrofen before and been instructed to take two at a time tice a day by the doctor.

The rule on ibuprofen is, You can take 4 tablets threetimes a day, or three tablets 4 times a day. These are of course 200mg. tablets. My brithers eats about twenty a day to battle migraines, He's still alive.

It's unlikely that you'll have any serious side effects from 1200MG assuming that you aren't allergic to the medication and don't have any other health issues. I'd hold off on more medication for at least 6-8 hours though, to give the ibuprofen time to clear your system. Try a cold or warm washcloth on your neck or head, depending on where your headache is...it may help alleviate symptoms for now.

Pippa H
dont worry you should be fine. They administer that in hospitals ! so it shouldnt be a lifethreatning thing ! as for the headache drink lots of water and have a sleep, and get some fresh air. I hope everything turns out good

You should be fine as it was a 1 off. You would benifet from drinking some milk so that your stomach has a lining and this will help protect against some off the worst side effects from the tablets. Good luck. If you are still worried then phone your GP or NHS Direct.

Seek emergency medical attention if you overdosed because it can cause damage.

Symptoms of ibuprofen overdose include nausea, vomiting or stomach pain, dizziness, drowsiness, headache, ringing in the ears, blurred vision, seizures, sweating, numbness or tingling, little or no urine production, and slow breathing.

If you have had these things happening to you i suggest you go to a emergency care, or a doctor.

Things u shouldnt do when u take ibuprofen
Avoid Alcohol, Dont stay in sun too long

For more information on Ibuprofen just go to the source i have put down below. It contains all the information you will need to no.

Good Luck

It's bad for your digestive tract and liver, and you can actually get a headache from too much IB.

If it's not helping, stop taking more! And don't take any more acetominophen--that's much more dangerous to over use.

Call a pharmacy or your doctor if you feel worse!

Generally, the oral dose is 200–400 mg (5–10 mg/kg in children) every 4–6 hours, up to a usual maximum daily dose of 800–1200 mg. Under medical direction, a maximum daily dose of 3200 mg may sometimes be used.

I don't know what the other med is, but as for the Ibuprofene, you'll be fine. I was prescribed 800mg of ibuprofen every 4-6 hours, as needed for pain and inflammation, after surgery. I took that for over a year... I hate to think what my liver looks like...

Hi, i know i am allergic to the ibuprofen so i would probably be in agony on the floor in pain, but if you feel ok then i think you will be ok. But it does say even if you feel well and you have taken to many pills then you should go and see a doctor as you could have delayed liver damage. But im sure the once wont hurt. If you worrey go to the hospital.

go see a doctor if your headache persists. read the lable on tabs

If it was me i would check with a Dr at the hospital or my own GP.
i would phone straight away.
Your headaches do they seem to get worse after you have been up late or on the PC too long as this can cause it.
Your GP will probably do some checks like they have for my son,
if it is bad too often. Good luck getting rid of the headache .

You will bo OK, you havent really hit the overdose range of ibuprofen. The max daily dose for ibuprofen is 2400 mg a day. The max dose of Paracetemol is 4000 mg a day. Just make sure you keep it in mind. If you do it everyday you are running the risk of damaging your liver and stomache. You should see a Doctor about your headache though, maybe you have a migraine and they will be able to give you something that will work better.

naaa, they give you more than that in the hospital and I have done it too by acc. It will make you feel funny/bad until it gets out of your system though. Drink a lot of water and do not take anything else that could thin your blood for 2 days. You know what you could do next time is take 400-600 mg of IB then 2-3 hrs later take a reg dose of Tylenol.

Mikey ~ The Defender of Myrth
Go see a doctor for your headache and learn to read the label before ingesting the contents.

i would go straight to the doctors because it could be very serious, they should run some tests on you

Joseph K
the worst that will happen is you'll puke.

Well there is a medical condition called:
Ibuprofen overdose

This is poisoning from taking an overdose of pain medicine containing ibuprofen.

Alternative Names:
Advil overdose; Motrin overdose; Nuprin overdose; Pedia-Profen overdose; Rufen overdose

Poisonous Ingredient:
Ibuprofen, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is sold over-the-counter and by prescription.

Where Found:
Note: This list may not be all inclusive.

maybe you have this condition?
Good luck

Drink plenty of water, it sounds like a migraine you've got.

yes you will be fine...just drink loads of water!! take care xx

If you post another question tomorrow, then we will know your ok. Or you could call NHS direct.

If you are in the Uk Phone HNS Direct or NHS 24 NOW.

Ask them.

DOn't take any notice of any answers on this board.


I would at least phone the N H S helpline or a duty doctor. You do not know what damage you may have done.

Bud's Girl
I wouldn't call it stupidness, I would call it trying to relieve terrible pain. Don't take any more for now, call your doctor and make an appointment with him. It sounds like you need a stronger, probably, prescription medication to relieve the pain. Please don't endanger yourself any longer. You just need something differerent that is not dangerous for you.

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