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Kim S
I'm thinking Gallbladder?
Does this sound like a gallbladder issue? I'm thinking it is, but not sure, have been told by doctor years ago that it was NOT my GB....Huh. What do y'all think....

1.steady, severe pain in the upper abdomen that increases rapidly and lasts from 30 minutes to several hours

*started 2 hours after eating -Yesterday "episode" lasted 8.5 hours - brutal - The pain will bring me to tears and is pretty close to being unbearable.

The spot is right under my ribcage on the right side and it actually appears to swell and is VERY tender to the touch or even movement.

2.pain in the back
3. nausea
4. abdominal bloating
5. belching
6. slight Indigestion
7. little dizzy

I am scared to eat, cause I don't know what sets it off....

Additional Details
Thanks everyone!, I appreciate the feedback

Erin B
I'm not sure if it's your gallbladder or not, but sounds like it to me. A good way to figure out, you know eating/food sets it off, but what kind of food is it your eating? Does it have a lot of fat in it? Try cutting way back on your fat and see what happens. You liver is the main organ for working with the fat you eat, but sometimes you eat too much for the liver to handle and it overflow goes to the gall bladder. That's what happened with me, it was pizza basically and now I don't eat more than 30 grams of fat a day and for the most part that takes care of it, but it also depends on the concentration of fat. For instance, I can't even touch mayonnaise (even light mayo) without getting sick, but I can eat a poptart. Why, light mayo and poptarts both only have about 5 grams of fat? Because the calories from mayo are 100% from fat, but the calories from poptarts make up only about 20% of the total calories.

It's been trial and error to figure out what I can and can't with without getting sick, but the best way for me to go about doing that is to record everything I eat until I'm able to find a pattern of what triggers the attack and cut it out of my diet. Also, it helps to eat much slower. If you have a plate of food and you're not sure how it will react, eat only 1/2 of it, let it digest and give some time and if after a while, everything is ok, then go ahead and have more.

I would also suggest you go to a gastroeneterologist because some of the symptoms you said sound like it could be gas and/or gastro esophagaul reflux disease (GERD - which I have as well).

definitely...go to the dr. and have them check it. sounds like the same thing I went through before i had mine removed.

Your symptoms to me do sound like you may have a gallbladder problem, but these can also be symptoms of an Ulcer too. the only way to know for sure is to go to the doctor, he will run some tests, to rule out upper gi problems. hope this has helped out a bit. good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

for the acid pain try Zantac. you can only take 2 per day. one in the morning 30-60 minutes before you eat, and same in the evening, before bed.Tums has also helped a little bit.(with the zantac, not on its own.) so that way you don't have acid in your throat all night. that's helped me. I too may have a gallbladder but I am pregnant so I can't have anything done about it. My due date is in 5 days, so after that I can get my tests done too.

Margie C
I had 3 gall bladder attacks. I didn't want to go to the doctor because I knew that it would require surgery. It hurt between my ribs at the bottom of my bra. I didn't have the other symptoms that you described. When I got to the hospital emergency room, I was given an ultrasound that showed the gall stone was blocking the duct to my liver causing my liver enzymes to spike. I had emergency surgery. Now that it is over, I'm glad I finally got rid of my gallbladder.
Hope you feel better.

PS You know this sound like morning sickness!!!

It definitely could be. I've been through that and had mine removed and they discovered a huge stone. Ask your doctor for an ultrasound. After surgery you'll be more miserable than they tell you you'll be for a while, but the stabbing pains are gone. Ask for Aciphex or a similar stomach drug because if it's gallbladder, then bile won't have a place to go and will get dumped right in your stomach.

Sandi Beach
It sounds like gall bladder to me. If your Dr disagrees get another opinion. Did the do an ultrasound? Also have them check for ulcers. I had ulcers & gall stones at the same time & my ulcers were so bad that they had to give me medication to heal them before they could do the cholecystectomy (remove gall bladder).

Get to a doctor or ASAP! Do not delay. You need to find out what it is and get this taken care of.

Cari W
Go immediately to the hospital or your doctor! I suffered ALL your symptoms 2 years ago and it can be triggered by what you eat. I had smaller episodes on and off before "the big attack". I waited 12 hours before going to the hospital. I couldnt take it anymore. When I got there, a gall stone was trapping my bile duct causing the bile to back up and poison my system. The doctor flat out told me had I waited 6 more hours, I wouldnt be alive. I had to have my gall bladder removed because it was so diseased from the backed up bile and it was twice the size it should have been. In fact, they had to give me 2 incisions more than they usually do just to get it out. Please go get help. If you go to your doctor with your problem, you can forego the ER visit and then they can give you meds til they can schedule you for surgery. I'm no doctor and even if it isnt gallbladder, you will be better off knowing but its not something to delay.

Aaron C
The gallbladder produces enzymes that help digest fats. When eating, eat no foods with fat in them and see if your symptoms are still present.

please go see a dr. who will ultrasound it. I spent 10 days in the hospital and was very ill. Gallbladder symptoms also is heart attack symptoms. I had stones in my liver ducts. you have to go to the doc. i had the incision operation because mine got so bad. time is important.


YUP! That's what it sounds like.

Usually a doc will schedule a surgery to remove although it doesn't always work. Many people still suffer the attacks you describe after.

An alternative, if you're in to that....Liver Flushes. People who have had their gallbladders removed end up doing these to 'clean' the system and stop the pain. There is an interesting forum Liver Flushes at www.curezone.com

GOOD LUCK! Sorry you are hurting! ;)

yes, it could be your gallbladder. i used to call mine episodes. i had mine taken out about 10 months ago and haven't had an episode. i did have dumping syndrome but i am fine now.

For Heaven's sake see a doctor.

It's either your gallbladder or your transverse colon. Maybe you have diverticulitis...? It could be both. That's what happened to me in 1989. They couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. A YEAR later, it ruptured and I had to have emergency surgery to remove 70% of my colon and my gallbladder. Thank God I don't have to wear a bag.

Could be a Hiatal hernia. Symptoms are very much like your description.
Try a bland diet, get some Pepto Bismol or Tums. See if that helps.

I do ultrasounds and from your symptoms it sounds like it may be your gallbladder. The only way to tell for sure if you have gallstones is with an ultrasound. They can also do a nuclear medicine test that will determine if your gallbladder is functioning or not. That could be another problem if you don't have stones. I would suggest going to either another doctor or to the emergency room to get some treatment.
In the meantime try bland foods because spicy, greasy foods will cause a gallbladder to flare up.

Get a second opinion because this matches my symptoms when I had my gallbladder out. I went to the emergency room one night, was medicated, went to doctor on day two, went to specialist on dday three and had my gallbladder out on day four - and he said I was lucky because it was all dead shriveled up and black!

Yes, I had the same thing for 10 yrs. Get yourself to the DR you don't want it to rupture inside of you. Most attacks come on after eating, it could be stones too but it sounds like you need to have the whole thing removed. It is not that painful of a surgery and it takes 2 weeks to recover from lapo. Good luck :) The tylenol pm will help you sleep but the doctor can give you better meds, please get to a dr it can dangerous if you don't.

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