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lanie j
I'm addicted to pain pills. Where I start to stop taking them?
serious answers only pls.

Eric T
take about 5 of them and think about it long and hard

stop taking it NOW you idiot, what are you nuts?

Try to get them away from you replace your addiction with something diffrent like cheese its or gummy bears gobstoppers something to help you not think about them

First you write down my address. Then you gather up every pill that you have. then you label the box with my address on it. wrap the pills in a washcloth or towel put it in the box and mail them to me and I will dispose of them in the right way!

uʍop ǝpısdn
chew gum. then you cant take pills when you are chewing away. hope i helped and just do things to take your mind off pills

try like reducing the amount you take, slower and slower, and your body will get used to not having any in the end. this is wayy better than withdrawl i think.

I was also addicted to opiates. I went to a 7 day detox. They ween you off with Methadone. I wouldn't recommend a clinic. You'll most likely become a lifer.
After detox, I went to a rehab for 9 months. I would strongly suggest it.
Or, you could check out a Suboxone program. Not all doctors are certified to prescribe it. So, you'll have to hunt around.

Nick N
Go to the doctor and they can talk to you and get the right program to help you get off of them. You will go through withdraws but it is worth going through your whole life being addicted you will lose family, money, jobs and become nothing which in turn will make you want to be on the pills more. GO SEEK HELP. Best Wishes!

From one addict to another. I had to enter rehab to get off of them. But it was the best thing I ever did. I tried out pt but it didn't work. I played the system. Inpt didn't play my games!! LOL Anyway, while in pt they give you meds to help you taper off the addictive meds and make the feeling of withdrawal so much easier. They can also give you Suboxone. It helps with the cravings while you are detoxing plus if you do slip up and take pain pills, there is narcan in the Suboxone that blocks the opiate receptor site in the brain so you can't get high even if you did take a pain pill or ten or twenty. So you start to not even care about taking them anymore. They lose their power over you. I have been clean over four years. The first year is the hardest but it is so worth it. Life still has trials but I can deal with them with a clear head and I feel so good. Life is worth living!

Hang in there.

OH YEAH!! DUH!! 12 step group, sponsor, the whole nine yards. It doesn't work without the entire thing!!

ॐ Plea for Peace!
Talk to your doctor.

You could always go cold turkey, as opiate withdrawals don't kill you. This is extremely difficult, though... people say it's the most hellish thing you can go through.

But if you see your doctor, you can go into a rehab which may offer certain medication that will help and also emotional support.

good luck.

Watch my video's part one; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vRGBbK4DjQ

part 2; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=br2jRaIobqk

Brandy S

thanks to our brave troops,
tell your doctor he can start to when you off of them slowly or you can ask to go to rehab ,

You can't break addiction alone. You need intervention and support from another being; like (rehab), peer pressure(freinds), family, God.
(looks like jaydot43 is not addicted to anything)

be honest with your doctor and tell him what is going on ,
he can get you into rehab or

i got addicted to percocet unintentionally, i was given them for a severly pinched nerve in my neck area and i only took two every night and when i tried to stop taking them my legs felt like i had things crawling in them i felt so restless and i didnt want to look at or talk to anybody, when that happened i called my doc and told me to go off slowly, i dont know how many you take but my grandma was taking 8-10 of em a day and she was told the same thing as me whatever youre taking now go down by a little every few days, whole pills, half pills depending on what you take, in a few wks as long as you decrease your dose slowly you should be fine, you will probably still have some withdrawal symptoms cuz i did with just two a night but they only lasted a day, i just stayed in a room by myself and tried to keep my mind off of it, movies reading whatever holds your interest

Cali Gurl :-)
Well, that is bad you know... I mean, you should def. stop. Just try not to take them for one. If that doesn't work, then you should try to get this thing that will help get you not addicted. Maybe go to a session and talk about your addiction and talk to other people that are addicted and/or people who were, and who stopped. And if it is really serious, you know, there's always rehab. idk what else to say for you. I hope it works out for you and your addiction. =]

you need rehab. If your addicted then you wont be able to stop by yourself. Throwing them away wont work, you will just find more. Im not trying to be mean, just keeping it real. Find a place that is geared towards your addiction and make a promise to yourself to stick with it. The first step to getting clean is realizing you have a problem. The second step is doing something about it. Good for you for wanted to seek help. I wish you the best of luck.

Mar Dizzle.
You might want to talk to your Dr first. If he/she feels the need, he then might suggest rehab. Stopping by yourself could be dangerous!


Queen Jesh
Go and see your doctor. Admit your problem - only they will be able to properly assess your problem, and give you the help you need.

Best of luck.

Lots of answers, but I'll give it a try, since I do Occurring Counseling and I'm in recovery.
First are the pills prescribed by a doctor and what are they? Obviously Rehab/Treatment is the best possible answer but short of that you can do afew things-IF you are otherwise in fairly good health.
Along with the pain pills do you use anything else even alcohol?
First thing start cutting back with the pills, if you need to give someone else the pills to hand out to you so you're not tempted to use more. Once you are down to a normal prescribed dosage, stop taking the pills,
Be ready for feeling like you have a case of the flu. At that point treat the symptoms, diarrehea, naseau, and headaches. You'll get through it. Meanwhile if you won't or can't afford rehab. Meetings are free. Go every day if you can and get a sponsor to help you stay clean. Good Luck and you can e-mail me if you read this

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