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I'm 17. Is one Vicodin safe for me?
Hi. I pulled a neck muscle and I have never used Vicodin before. I'm a little scared to take it because I don't know what it's like or anything. I plan on taking one. I was wondering, is that safe for me? If anyone has done Vicodin, what does it feel like? What can I expect? Will anyone else be able to tell if I'm on Vicodin? Thank you very much for any answers. =)

Peaches McGee
I Vicodin is nothing, usually. Depending on your body size you won't feel too much different. I'm 160 pounds and if I wanted to get high i would need 3-4. You feel kind of tired and lighter. As long as you don't stare at things you won't be noticed.

Don't take any before doing activities though, it will screw you over. Also don't drive. If you are still paranoid split it in half.

If perscribed then your ok. But seriously do not drink. a kid at my school died from drinking with some of that in his systerm. Be smart.

It will probably make you feel drunk or something, I know from what my friends have told me.

i'm fifteen and i actually just got off taking vicodin for the first time because i just got my wisdom teeth removed. i know that it affects people differently; my sister for example loved it and said it made her feel really awesome. it doesn't really do anything for me except what it's supposed to (aka take away the pain). it makes me a little drowsy and a tiny bit light headed (but only if if i take two). i've heard from some people that it makes them nauseous, but the only time i experienced that was when i didn't eat when i took it. i think you'll be fine. in general, i think the good outweighs the bad in terms of what it does to you. don't worry about it.

p.s. if you're really concerned about it, unless your doctor explicitly told you to take vicodin for the pain, you could probably get away with just taking ibuprofin or tylonol or whatever.

it's best to check with a doctor or pharmacist. most of us here are not in the position to give you proper medical advice. good luck

I've taken like 989385933.
You'll be fine.

You'll be fine, just don't drink too. Alcohol that is.

as long as it's prescribed to you. either way, one will be fine. however, that stuff can get addictive if you don't actually need it.

Any drug use can adversly affect liver function. Do you really think it's necessary enough to take something that can reduce your life expectancy? Think before you take.

Donna Marie
one won't hurt you unless you happen to be the 1 in 10 million people who have an allergy to it. It makes some people a bit hyper active when they take it and some who go into slow mo but taking one if you are in pain probably will just ease your pain.

May Kadoody
Well it all depends on how many milligrams they are and how much you weigh. You will start to feel a little drowsy and maybe dizzy. Almost as if you were drunk. If these pills are not prescribed to you I recommend you do not take any. There's no telling how your body will react to it especially if you've never taken it before.

You should only take it if a doctor prescribed it for YOU. If it is prescribed by a doctor, then it should be okay to take one. See how it affects you before you take another one. I have never taken vicodin before, but I know it tends to make people a little "loopy" so be careful! Hope this helps!

Life is a Beautiful Thing
Yeah its ok, usually it makes me drowsy and i go to sleep

I would not recommend taking it without consulting your local doctor first


They don't determine medication dosage on age basis. They do it by weight and, if you've taken any other medications in that category of medicine-in this case, opioid-how well you responded to it.
People respond to medication differently. You won't know how you react to it until you take it. Expect drowsiness, a common side-effect of any opiate. As for anyone noticing, you can always say you're tired b/c you didn't get enough sleep. Most non-medical people don't know the difference between extreme lack of sleep and being on vicodin.
If you feel any of the following symptoms after taking the medicine, discontinue use and seek medical attention: numbness and swelling of the tongue, difficulty breathing, breaking out in hives or a rash.

First of all, you should NOT take it if it was not prescribed to you. Taking someone else's pain medication is ILLEGAL.

If it was prescribed to you, dosing instructions are on the bottle, and they usually prescribe it as one every four to six hours as needed for pain.

But again, if it was not prescribed TO YOU, DO NOT take it.

Take only as directed by your doctor and dont ever take more than you need.

Darth Sidious
it's a prescription medication, and to get a prescription you need a doctor, so instead of asking strangers why not just ask your doctor????

If your doctor prescribed it to you then it should be absolutely fine.If not, I wouldn't take it.Not to mention taking medication not prescribed to you is illegal.

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