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[email protected]
I'm 14 and I need to swallow a small candy coated tylenol pill, i really can't do it, any advice?

Additional Details
i've already tried it with water

Put the pill in peanut butter.
ADD: Of course you don't do that if you are allergic. Our school nurse always kept a bit of peanut butter handy because several kids took their pills at home that way.
Also, eating a banana before you take a pill helps. Just take a bite and then swallow the pill. The banana smooths the way. Our grandson puts the liquid in his mouth first and leaves it there, while he shoves the pill through his lips and lets it all go down together. Many people have the same trouble you do, but don't feel you are alone. Also, all pills cannot be crushed or broken. They have to be taken whole, so check that out before you crush one.

cut it in half and swallow it in pieces or

you can put your head back, close your throat, pour water in your mouth, drop the pill in the water and swallow.

these two works for me because not only do i hate the tastes of the pills if it ever gets stuck on m tounge and i have a smaller esophagus than average people so its harder to swallow the pills

I used to break it in half. and swallow it with a mouthful of water.

dip it into a little cooking oil. olive oil tastes Little sweet, drop it in the back of your mouth and swallow or drink some water with it.

crush it or cut it in small pieces.

mix the pieces with applesauce
eat the applesauce

Ali C
Well, I have that same problem lol what I do is I kinda let the pll dislove in my mouth so it is softer. Then I drink water and it goes down.

If water doesn't work for you, doctor's often recommend pineapple juice because it's very slippery.

The Godfather
-Try it with soda or orange juice.
-You can crush the pill up.
-try all the strong drinks that are fizzy.

Swallow a tic tac first, to get used to the motion, thats how my little sister did it. When you do, drink it with your favorite drink and it'll go down on its own.

I know that this is going to sound weird, but many dentists have been using this technique with gagging.

You are going to tap the left side of your head in a clockwise manner while saying, "I'm ok swallowing this pill" Do this for about 1 minute.

Then tap the right side of your head in a counterclockwise manner while saying, "I have no need to spit the pill out". Do this for about 1 minute.

This should temporarily disengage whatever mental block you have for this and you should then be able to swallow the pill no problem.

Good Luck with this

Chew up a biscuit or something along those lines, swallow it with that. Your brain thinks it is food and it will go right down.

Well, first off, do not break it or chew it for the sheer fact of release rate. I suggest placing the pill on your tongue then take a drink of water and hold it in your mouth then tilt your head back and relax your throat. The water and pill will go down nice and easy.
That's it!

Hope this helped.

I used to have trouble swallowing pills when I was younger.
The trick is to place the pill on the back of your tongue and immediately drink some water, swallowing as you would normally. Try not to think about the pill and you wont even feel it go down, I promise. Once you realise how simple it is, swallowing pills need never be a problem again.

Get two spoons, and put the pill in between them. Use the spoons to crush the pill. Mix it up with a spoonful of honey or jelly, and just eat it as if there's no pill there at all.

Have you tried swallowing it with milk? That always worked with my grandmother and she really had a hard time taking pills. I have tried it myself and it works good for me too.

take a sip of water, ease the pill between your lips, then swallow it with the water. do it quickly so you don't actually taste any of the pill medicine

put the pill in your mouth then drink water normally. it will go down by itself

put it in your mouth, then take a big gulp of water. then it will just feel like you have taken a big sip of water.
well that's what i do and it works good.

I used to have the same exact problem as you...the way that i overcame it was merely with age and I just came to realize that it isn't going to kill me to swallow a pill even if it might feel like it. My suggestion is to put it on your tongue and then chug water and it should just slide right down. Or you might even put it in the glass of water and chug that and it should have the same effect. It also might be worth considering putting it in some sort of food and then not chewing the food completely but swallowing it and the pill will go down with it... if none of these work then just as you get older it will seem less and less daunting but i hope these work. good luck and even if it may seem like this will last forever don't worry it won't trust me :)))

Drink some water first so your throat is wet, pop the pill and drink some more water. If it sticks, eat a bit of bread to help it down.

Drink a little bit of water first. Then, PLACE, not toss it far back on your tongue. Drink a big gulp of water and it's over with!

If you really could not swallow a pill, crush it and mixed with any
pudding and swallow.

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