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How do i get rid of a gall bladder stone from home and with no visit to the doctor/hospital?
I think i have one right now and i wanna punch a whole in the wall! I was laying on the floor kicking and punching its hurts so much!

i think u gotta sh*t it out

A hangar and a flight of stairs

my dad said he had one once,
and what a guy told him to do is....
jump up and down on your heels
and pee in a bucket.

im being totally serious.
it made his come out really easily and he could
hear it when it hit the metal pail.

i know it sounds stupid, like a joke,
but it should work.
trust me on this.
i know you're in alot of pain.

I've heard passing a stone is worse than having a baby.

Try straight up cranberry juice... but chances are you'll need to see a DR.

open married couple
lots lots lots of water

in Europe ()Germany they have medicinal herbal teas you can drink
for gall bladder containing Dandelion 480mg,flax leaves,480mg,chamomile flower 420t javanese turmeric 340mg, fennel 280 mg.
you should be able to buy over the internet just look up liver-gallbladder tea ( leber und galletee)
not readily available in the States because of political reasons

very safe and effective in europe. just not here in the states
takes away business from doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies

good luck.

the sex
plenty plenty plenty of water water water

Claire R
i dont think that is possible.

You might want to go to the doc now.

Im pretty sure you dont want to wait for the stones to block the bile ducts and turn yellow all over

ouch!! sounds really painful! ive never heard of any remedies at home for that. my dad had it and he said it was very painful!! u should suggest seeing a dr =]

you cannot get rid of it on your own you must go to the doctor
if you have a stone it will cause major problems later
for example it could cause a blockage of bile along with an infection which could kill you
better to get it taken care of now

Donald's Chick
There is no way, u have to go see a doctor or the pain will just continue. The sooner u go, the sooner they will take care of it. Go it will be well worth it!

Go to the ER right now!
This is a life threatening event its not anything you can take care of at home, if you cannot drive call 911. NOW!
p.s. it could be a kidney stone, you never said exactly where the pain is located, in either case you need to go to the doctor now you could die.

Since you don't know for sure that you have a gall bladder stone, PLEASE go to the hospital. For the sake of your own health...

Tabitha S
it will pass and you'll probably be fine. but if it's more than one stone you may have to get your gall bladder removed. I would just ride it out and maybe take some advil. If you start bleeding or the pain gets unbearable you should go to the doctor.

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